2018 Arizona Strip Archery Mule Deer Hunt Day 2! ( The Guide Life Series) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Yeah all right, good morning, guys day 2, I drove five hours last night to go. Get bread got about two hours of sleep sports drinks, sports dream. I only got sports drinks because I was going to get bread, so we’ve seen a lot of deer. So far, we just haven’t seen the buck. My herb ugh so we’re just getting to a glossing spot right now. We’re going to jump out do some Vossen and we’ll. Let you guys know what we see what we find into the top I’ma. Do it? I’m headed to the top imma prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and, like it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to be something all fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one at the touch. You can touch me [ Applause ], that was so close. We had him in 20 yards at one point and 36 at the farthest. The problem was, we just had too much brush and now we went back in the thick trees, so we’re going to back out.

So we don’t bump him cold air super cold, air, I’m just entertaining boys like the way she rolls. The Sharks lead all the ones that can swim dude. I drown myself. I would not want to survive this piece all right. I don’t want to. I don’t want to be cold anymore. I’m going to go on to my next life. Y’All. Don’t like me, videos, oh really, I don’t. How does that feel? Tell me who you are and what you’re doing here, I’m tisha start over hi. My name is tisha Fox and I am with Arizona Strip guides and my guide is Josh. I had to be wrong. 13B is Arizona Strip and I drew an archery tag, and this is the first archery tag I’ve ever done. This is my first time. Josh is blowing me up his pants, more comfortable, hey Josh. This is for you. This is Arizona Strip really loud out here. My partner won’t shut up, my hey and you got a nice and quiet in your truck, but look at this we got some deer. Oh, look at those see you later all right, we’re back to camp out through that pretty fun morning. Hunt was closed again had a couple. Another couple stud bugs just couldn’t get a shot on the big typical and the big non typical didn’t stop long enough for her to connect.

So we’re get some food in us. I’m going to get the video edited from yesterday, so I can get it uploaded today and make a game plan for tonight on Tisha and slay one tonight, hunky chef, Han tisha tisha huh plannin working on the NAG leaves just cuz. The cameras aim doesn’t mean you have to whisper we’re practicing for later start over. This is going to kill a giant honey show. I can’t figure out how to get all the video of the deer off the video cameras onto the phone, so I can load them onto YouTube. Why does it Mac or iPhone make a handheld camera?

What are you waiting on like like like a 4k video camera or a DSLR? You know something like that, something I can use that will accommodate the phone and the editing software it’s coming and stuff like that. That’s all that way can have all Mac. Oh Mac. Oh well, all Mac, you’re crap, make it right. I know your video on one ugly guy, so we’re looking at three by two that we want to take out of the gene pool. That’s our number one buck right. There HI a brutal death for being so little.

What we’re doing is we just check this card and we are checking it for deer coming in, and this is photos in a matter of seconds. The wide 124 hitless buck, the real one he’s wide. That’s a friend, could you add music to that was her talking about doing that I mean at 12:30. In the morning they came in. We could find him. Oh yeah, even bigger. Oh he’s well not be refrain but score point up he’s just too crabbed on top, but he’s got a awesome. Heavy heavy beams going frame and it’ll up and real wide everybody’s going to find out about your bodily functions. Hey teaser, don’t don’t be going too fast. Now girl hold on, we need to do some follow-up footage here. We are it ain’t buck time now. Now it’s now it’s time to take right time to eat. Yeah, let’s go ahead. I just hit yo, but my leg Baba.

It’s cuz she’s the good-good taller than me, but no, we did not see as many tears we did this morning. It was a little bit disappointing. I’m going to be blind. I know I can’t see we got like stars in her eyes, but tomorrow morning we got. We got a plan, we’re going to go, find going to big buck and we are going to put him in the dirt cuz. How goes it bourbon? I have spots in my eyes. I can actually yeah okay use SD cards check some SD cards check. Have you given them a rundown, a camp, you guys already seeing the camp. I really like this. I think we should get one of those. It keeps everything nice and organized and you can still keep it out, but it’s just like all they’re nice and then this shelving system somebody keeps leaving cream on out. Where are they at there? Any big bucks that we can show everybody? I know that was like the coolest pull-up. We didn’t even get to do something cool like hey, I’m ready, cuz you’re on the Forbes list, kuiba my kind of sitting at the salt house, dank he said he had a big buck. Computer bug full slides typical, Oh wingnut wingnut, he was thirsty. Did he look like yeah yeah? He said be him he’s got a big orgy for ya. I don’t think he’s in line this one, the other one really dad just as wide as he was Judy. Our kickers no kickers nice fun about this one. This one did on both sides, yeah the other one May go j4. On that right side, yeah looks like I’m on this bad one, a little look at that Jeep or something one with the inline. Where was it coming off?

What’s this is the fun part, come back and analyze the whole day and talk about it and decide we’re going to ? Do the next one have plan and go execute? You know we bet. You got him on camera, which, what’s the end of that water, do they come in right? Will you drive in on that side of the water or from the berm from backside? Yeah I cut up the berm. I thought he was a boxer. I know all right guys: it’s bedtime, we’re tired. It’s been a long day and get a lot of sleep. The night before got a little nap today, but for the most part, pretty tired. So thanks for watching, I appreciate it very much means a lot. If you can, please like subscribe comment and share it share it. If you can, you know let everybody know that we’re doing this series. It’s the end of day two and we’ve got eight more days to go. So we’ll see you guys tomorrow



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