2018 Arizona Strip Archery Mule Deer Hunt Day 7! ( The Guide Life Series) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Good morning guys here we go day 7 we’re barely up and out of it. Well, three of us are at least we’re getting some coffee made and we get on the mountain and see what we can find hopefully put a stock on. Travis is moving coolers with one hand, that’s it cuz. He does push-ups at night, so yeah I got the coffee going have to get some donuts going down my throat how’s. That light is brother. It totally takes away. My train of thought makes me good so day. Seven we’ve got deer found, we’ve been in deer, we’ve stocked, deer deer just haven’t, died yet everything is still killing me. Today’s the day I can feel it. I know I’ve said that like every secret, but I can feel it today there’s something about today: yeah, that’s for sure. That is for sure.

So today, today, guys stage seven we’re going to get everything packed up and get going and we’ll see you guys in a little bit to the top imma. Do it I’m headed to the top imma prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do it, you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and let it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right. I’m going to be something all right with every breath. Trust me, I’m going to be the one in the Tuck. You can’t touch me guys just kind of slowly work through some of this feed country see if we can’t pick something up and put a stock. The winds picked up this morning, we haven’t had a good stiff wind like we got right now, so I haven’t, haven’t really wanted to do this, just because they didn’t want to push anything out of this country. So now we’ve got the wind, so we’re going to give her a try, Hail Mary or punt, or do it. We got a deer. Mike’s going to drive my truck around to the other side and meet us ready. Here we go: , [, Music, ].

What’s up guys, hi, I’m hiking up to a glass in point. It’s it’s about 3 o’clock in the afternoon right now and it’s hot it’s way hot, but I’m hiking up to exhaustion. Spot and we got a shed, not a pig shed full 3-point, but we’ll take. It actually looks like Gibby and until older, not a big guy, but it’s a bonus and we’ll take. It think think. Thank you. Man, it’s hot nothing’s been hitting water. We got nothing on trail, camera like past four or five days side guys sit in water nothing’s coming in. It’s really weird, really really weird.

They got hit Walter sooner or later, but we’re going to keep getting up on these glass and points to try to keep picking them out and hopefully put a stock together. That’ll work: it’s it’s been a struggle, though. We’ve had miss shots, we’ve had blown stocks and we’ve got a lot of fun, but it’s time to kill something dang it alright, no say meadow. All those bucks were in, but I videoed last night, oh they’re , all there again: no , we’re cookin Dalton, these kids and peas and carrots, not a boy, pork chops, we’re cookin, Dalton, peas and carrots and couscous, and what couscous for fancy around its burnin? Some chops, , this the end of day day, seven in the bag. No, but it was still a good day. We saw a deer, we just didn’t see any deer close enough to shoot tomorrow, we’ll get him tomorrow.


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