2018 Arizona Strip Archery Mule Deer Hunt Day 8.5! ( The Guide Life Series) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Well, we’re on day 8 attend a hunter. Have a video a whole lot. I mean when I gets a video, a lot of deer. We had three or four stocks one shot. Yesterday we got close to this buck that we’re back on this morning and he’s a nice really nice five by four week. Parts about him is g2s, aren’t very long. That’s it! Everything else is super strong. He’s heavy he’s got long main beams, good, really good, Jake, fours and threes, and I think, he’s in the 190s. Good luck he’s with four other bucks. One will bake 4×4, but they separated so the right out here in this yellow grass or waiting for them to kind of bed down and we’ll make a play on what you think waiting to no two shooters in the shooters.

So you have a gun to shoot there, so they’re separate. So if we screw this one up, we can go after the other one, but the other won’t do any way up on that mountain. So we’d rather have this one here and if they screw it up. If the deer do not follow direction and do what they’re supposed to do, then we’ll go at the other, we’ve had a really good hunt. Everyone has a good attitude: good, good, vibes and cam, but we’ve seen a lot of bucks, a lot of bucks and probably passed. You know two or three bucks in the 180s, but you come for the strip to get over, that mark so seen a six or seven bucks over 200 inches. Just we just haven’t had that one moment. I guess we had one. He did a really good job. Sneaking in oh, he guys saw it on video, but he snuck in Calvin’s about 75 yards of a out of 215 bug got a shot off, but we want another chance right, yeah might as well.

Okay, whatever it takes. One shot. There’s many days to the season left, but we’ve got ten days and we got ta get out of here. At least for another week we come back, see what happens. Stay tuned, I’m headed to the top I’ma prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do it, you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and let it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right. I’m going to be some and all fine with every breath. Trust me I’ma, be the wine in the tub. You can’t touch me that bugs having his last meal right now, we just don’t know yet: , all right!

So right now we’ve got uh. We’ve got John up here, spine right now, actually stalking in watching them. Watching here can’t see him right now. I know he’s down and the vodka right underneath that tree okay, [, Music ] hit an artery, I’m a lucky son-of-a-bitch, probably drops 20 yards over. Can you see them negative over [, Music, ] down nice work, man, I’m in the camera? Oh yeah show me: oh yeah, nice all right great shot strip hunt is down over whoo day 8 getting down to the nitty-gritty. He stocked that buck yesterday and it’s a great backup buck. We had some bucks found we shot at and passed up day 8. We weren’t passing this boy up. This is a great representation of a straight buck and it was a great shot. A great shot. Hey the buck, only went about 150 yards any time. They do that. It’s a winner winner, chicken boom in let’s go, take a look at him. You fulfilled your tag. Bro, oh yeah, you hit him perfect, oh yeah, what a stud look at that frame on that bad boy! Oh, my goodness pick him up pick him up. Show me some love! Oh, my goodness! That’s a giant buck! My brother look at that stud and that’s a backup buck for the strip. If you can believe that or not oh yeah, look at those eye guards lated like crazy. Look at that! What do you think how you feeling right now pretty good man, this great buck? There’s a long good, long giant, g4s look at the g-force, we knew he had short g2s, but he’s a little heavier than I thought. He’s got this extra 5×4 right here. Oh that’s! Two and a half, maybe three inches right. There bro yeah big frame dear big frame, dear nice,freaking work. Thank You Travis and I thought his g3s were ten inches. I’m incorrect. Those are more like 11, maybe 12 he’s bigger than I thought.

So I’m glad we took him. Thank you. Nice work Hey. So we saw a lotta bucks, a lotta bucks. We passed a lot of good bucks, shout out a giant that we came for couldn’t relocate him was his day. Aid of a 10-day hunt found this buck yesterday. I thought we blew. It got back on him this morning. John. Did an unmade job, sneaking up on this bad boy right here this morning only had one play. It was to go straight at him in the widefreaking opens. You saw in the video and he did it so tough hunt, I mean we’ve man we’ve had times were like. Ah, should we past? Should we not – and I think he made a right decision – this is buck – is going to look unbelievable on his wall at home? Correct absolutely got a spot for it already. Nice thanks Travis thanks, ASG awesome, absolutely well played my son. Well, let’s put we’ll get some pictures and post video and all that good stuff. Here, in a little bit now we’re going to go put our hands on him. Well, we did guys. This is amazing. Dear amazing, huh, 2018 Arizona, 13 beef strip hunt with my buddy here, John and John book with us this year did a great job. We’ve seen a lot of good deer, and some great here we’ve had a lot of fun. I mean this is day 8 of a day, 10 hunt. This was our backup deer. We had found a one that was quite a bit bigger that we’re trying to kill, had an opportunity, and then we lost him.

So came for this one. The last couple days, an amazing day, he’s got giant frame just a little bit about him. He’s got a giant frame really good main beams 2627 he’s got 3-inch, bladed eye guards, giant g-force, really good g3g tunes the only thing short on him, but he’s a five by four and we think he’s going to be in the 190. So a really good job. John, what do you think about this hunt was awesome? It was a lot of work day. Eight got him on day, eight, but couldn’t be happier. This is great huh. You can see the kind of catch you’re in all spot in stock. John did a great job. We’ve stuck probably three or four stocks and got close a couple times shot a couple times and put this bad boy in the dirt you can tell the country we ran is wide open, so you can’t mess up because you messed up these deer run a long Way so we were on this deer yesterday got back on him this morning, and we want to thank Dalton for videoing and helping us stock in on this buck. Dalton Fox, to be exact thanks for that and everybody a team ASG thanks for coming out and helping out and just to tell you a little bit about our zero guide fee program. We have a membership based in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. You guys can sign up for a small membership and if you want to go with Outfitters, like Arizona Strip guides boss back in Utah, you guys can pick out your outfit by being a member for three or $ 50 a year. You guys get drawn.

We will pay for your hunt, so zero guide fees will pay for a lot, just like John, went on for ten day fully outfitted hot seven day fully up and on and a five-day fully up. It’s not depending on how long you’ve been a member. You get more days so go to our website at zero guide fees. Comm. You can sign up there. Three hundred fifty dollars a year and when you get drawn zero guide fees will pay for your fully outfitted hunt with the outfitter of your choice, John Congrats, on a great buck man’s expending strokes until next time. Good luck, god bless. We’Ll see you soon, Maine being left yeah, okay, 26 to you



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