2018 Arizona Strip Archery Mule Deer Hunt Day 9! ( The Guide Life Series) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer Hunt

Headed to the top I’ma, do it I’m headed to the top imma, prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do it. You know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and, like it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to be something all fight with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one at the top. You can’t touch HI good morning, guys morning, a day 913 ready. We made kind of a game plan and we’re getting ready. Storm Normandy today he’s just making sure she gets everything onto this hunt. She can get , [, Music, ]. We got this bucket 68 yards. We need to understand us, so you can shoot it up. She’s right. There [ Applause ] anything else how much okay boy yeah just like Formula Drift. You know pop on pop off, finds like that. That’s just a rude [, Laughter ]. Looking a little more upright we’re , probably on we’re gone about 45 minutes they’re doing good getting handled. Jaden is obviously the supervisor.

Are you, the foreman general manager now he’s given what was that say, overtime that way I have documentation. They would kick your ass, hey guess what without me, you would have been under that truck homey. How would you you’re two missed your hunt, you to mess your client up? They would have changed the whole. I changed the whole working of the universe. You’re welcome exactly. It was a team effort, but I did most of it. My sandals, you could do anything you could do it in sandals. His yoga poses were helping him perform. I pull the chair up in the shade and told these guys that’s what jaden actually did do that was. That was the supportive role. I just want you to feel good about what you’re doing right. Look good just keep on going good, oye boys yay, and I think we still have about an hour to spare to get ready for the hunt sweet time to wash my hands.

So I don’t smell like oil. Thank you like a big hero, [ Applause, ]. [ Applause ]. Look at that! That’s awesome! That’s a little bit in one little package, I’ll be back over here. This is touchy. Yes, she’s got ta zoom in too much. The stabilizer might be off too yeah that one right there in the same biggest one enough assignments, were left about one in the stone. Nothing better show to me white. Toes heavy disappoint me, I think she’s going to know when to shoot all grouped up in the shade. In case your radios off and I’ll just stand. Stand in there about three minutes. rides at school. You know they go out there. They don’t watch sterilizers on see little hand thing right there that off you think it would shake like crazy. It’s wide the big ones in front of him coming down. You can come right by us. I’m a shooter, No [ Applause, ] they’re running right at us right here, zoom out he’s going to come right here, see ya, yeah told you we needed to shoot her. I said that chill boys too, and it’s been dreadful. I’m moving in such a big group. [ Applause ], try to fight in this game; yeah [ Applause, ] taken you’re , not far. He said I got oh, I can’t there’s definitely Megan you




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