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Nelsoni Desert Sheep

All right, what’s up guys, so the leg Kaibab rifle hunts are done. For me. It’s Friday I for a couple hours. We still have two guys in camp with deer tags that in Sunday last day is Sunday, but I’m going to go home for a couple hours see my wife and kids get a shower, wash some clothes and then I’m up down south southern Arizona or a sheep. On this is the first sheep hunt I’ve ever done, so I’m pretty excited about it. I can’t wait to see that this is about. We got a zero guy team member that drew a sheep tags. I’m a dude, I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type.

So let’s do it. You know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and back it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to be something all fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one at the top. You can’t touch me: [, Music, ]. Alright guys so here we are, we got king up all set up. As you can see, I’ve got the Kodiak tents set up little wall tent. Then the Kodiak tent over there we’re going to make some dinner tonight. We are ready to scout or actually ready to hunt. In the morning our 2018 sheep hunt, with our very first zero guide feet: member Travis Roberts, who I’ll introduce to you right now, hello, say: hello, Travis, hello, Krebbs. How are you so he’s got a good name.

So Travis is a zero guide food member here and he’s got a drew, a sheep tag. How many points that you have 15? Only excuse me sixteen. Sixteen all that still low, only 16 points, so there’s only two tags in this unit and obviously he probably joined the random. I drew two number two tag number two. So tomorrow starts Saturday, who will start the opener and me and David Rhodes, My partner will be getting up on this big mountain over here that you see behind us and we’re going to be looking for a big ram to go shoot well for Travis to shoot.

So how do you feel great you’ve been waiting a while be great yep, I’m very excited, well what it means to be a member. Is you sign up for a 349 for your first species in Arizona and for those that don’t know when you get drawn a zero guide few space for your fully outfitted hunt for the first five days with Arizona Strip guides if you’re , hunting, sheep or deer and Arizona elk Outfitters, you’re , hunting, antelope or elk, so Travis signed up with zero gayatrI membership is 349 and I got drawn with 16 points so we’re here we’re going to guide him and take him out there in the first five days will be paid for by zero Guide fees, so that’s how it works. The longer you remember the more days you get you can get up to 10 days. It just depends how long you remember so anyway, so we’re going to do a little introduction here before we get started tomorrow.

So anyways that’s Travis Roberts and we’re going to get a sheep on the ground, so stay tuned. We got krusty krab over in the corner, true the skeptic and Senate and there’s the hunter Travis good morning. So we’ve got our lunches made, but those of you with backpacks and head out tell us what the plan is this opening morning, mr Rhodes, well we’re hunting this area 15 B south, which is the Black Mesa.

It’s really cool wilderness area. You can access the thirst, there’s hardly any roads and the sheep are, for the most part up on top of the mountains, and so we’re spent a little bit of time this morning, glass in the cliff face with the senator about see, if any of those Rams And it got down off where we can see them, but if they haven’t and then we’re going to start making our way up to the top and get up on top, where it’s just kind of some long, yellow, grassy, valleys and whatnot. A lot of big words. This unit only has two tags we do know. Who else is hunting it? We haven’t seen them. I don’t know where younger lady, I think teenage girl’s going to be up there hunting, so we’re very excited and Travis drew this hunt. 15 16 points. I think 16 points as a member of 0 guide fees he’s out here on a five day on all costs, pay being guided by Travis, McClendon myself course, if I could have done better, but anyhow, this is what he’s got and so we’re still going to go Out there and snatch a little victory out of the jaws of defeat our fate. That sounds good.

It’s good little intro and this is our camp set up and that’s all the goodies, there’s all the goodies yeah. If you could see him from here, he’s got more sticking out, you know, I’m saying you can see, you can see the flare and you can’t see the tips not from this distance yeah. So he’s got potential one of these BTX. You are nice to look a long way so whoops.

So what we’re doing here is we’re looking at a camp David found these Rams and they’re all away on top of this Mesa right there. I can’t zoom in enough, but that’s where they’re at on top of that Mesa. This is opening morning. Those sheep got a real nice round. We need to take a closer look, but we’re going to have to do a big walk in obviously, and these BTX with that 70 power really brings it in. So you can get a good indication of what it what it is, so we’re going to go check them out all right, so we’ve cut the distance in half or approximately in half and now we’re walking in now, and our goal is to get up there on That Mesa, that’s where the Rams are, so that’s what we’re going to be doing right now, don’t we’ll see what happens?

So what’s the synopsis? What’s the scoop? Last time you tell the sheep, or in this little saddle that’s just past this kind of crown Rock right here. I’m going to work our way up around that big cliff face and get around that we’re going to hang a left and get up on that little slanted. Cap Rock and we should be able to see you turn them off. They’Ll be right across from us, even if they went over the other side, we can get up high and look down on them.

So get a good look at that RAM and see see really what he’s about – and you know, if that’s a that’s a shooter, then we’ll make a make a play on them. If not, we can get right back up on top of this cap rock and look back this way. Where’s your H G hat a CH. I add my zg f hat. I just forgot to bring it no zg, f, no ASG! We got sitar so gay River rafts man. What’s her Hunter doing back here, he’s already shed and closed first ten minutes and getting me cooler tell you that all right, how are we doing so far? [ Applause, ]? Well, yeah, don’t take them all off. Only David likes to walk around naked yeah. It’s a real bummer that you guys are out here with me now. Well, after the first day, you can make adjustments of what not to bring and what to bring you never know in the first day and then after your full day, I walk in you’re like screw that I’m not taking this or that next time, all right guys Right there we’re at the edge of the wilderness, David trav and the client are already up there, so we’re going to hike pretty fast, go, get caught up with them.

They’re not too far ahead of me, but we got some ground to make up. I’m pretty stoked. I’m sure, like I said this first shoot all right. We caught up to him Travis behind me. You guys know that guy, mr Dave roads and then our hunter back there Travis and Dave’s got a ram up here. We’re going to hike to the top of this, and hopefully turn him up, can’t wait. Well, we got on the RAM $ 450. They got up. I think they heard a little rocks moving, but really nice right now. We’re going to try to get a better look at him and if I didn’t know if we wanted to shoot that far anyway, so they just walked over the top we’re going to reposition or glassine and then did a better look at him. But he flares out not roomed it all real heavy on the tips. It’s a good ramp, so see what happens behind this hill here go get a better view

So this morning, at daylight, cam, which actually can see out there in the fly all the way up. The straw and we saw a herd of sheep and there was a really good ram in there and used the the BTB ticks and the doubler to get a good look at it. Walking on the hillside turned him up on this Ridge and they came to were a little hink tup and they knew that we were there, but we got a really good look at him. It’s a gorgeous Ram, a very classic Nell, sunny flare. You know not broomed out and just just a gorgeous wrap, so we’re going to go over and make a play. Try to try to turn that sheep up again and get a little bit take a shot where’s your hunter at mr Travis right here, Harry yes, he’s working hard he’s, walked from the truck all the way up the straw up to the top of this Ridge and see. If I can get camp about yeah well, there’s camp this spot where we could start all right, Oh keep climbing! I guess right: Josh yeah buddy up up and away [ Applause; ].

There you go nice yeah. What was that RAM doing? What was that RAM doing? I didn’t know if David was going to start strangling you or you were going to start strangling Dave. I just heard I heard some tomfoolery going on up there. That’s a gorgeous Ram man Congrats gorgeous yeah Travis wants to tackle you right now. Yeah Joshy just came down to help back down. I appreciate that. Did you get it on video? The first shot I had just zoomed out to adjust my arms cuz there get. I had it up like this and I wasn’t on him and I’m like I’m eating it, but then he missed so then I was able to the second third shot. I got him when he just went down first, the first one I couldn’t get him focused because I had branches in the way. Yes focus on the branch yeah. I just shut my camera off to get it to refocus, because I kept focusing on the blurred him. Yeah, but that stupid Ram gave us so many so many options. Oh my gosh, did you see that twice he’s like hey guys, I’m here one more time closer yeah he is so curious.

Do you want to know what the heck was going on? Oh yeah wonder my tripod because laughter the first shots already hit the first tee shots was the over room. I didn’t see all right, camera I’ll, try and watch the cam here. Go boom, whack whack. I know I don’t like I hate not seeing drop wedding. The shot goes off no a third time after the RAM said. Okay I’ll give you one more josh has a hundred stuff team ASG. That was awesome all right. Well, you saw right. There live well, it’s not life. If it was live, you would see it like two hundred yards up, the hill real, pretty Ram. We didn’t mess around and this Ram went over the top because all the youth got scared.

So we come up here just to get over the top and that Ram had left those youths came over and you see them in the video you walked right. You find 300 guards walked 200 guards, so that was awesome. So now we get to go up. This monster got here and see. We can’t get him. That’s our the Fram flares, probably not going to be the highest-scoring Ram, doesn’t drop down a lot, but he flares way out and when he’s looking at you, you know he’s just real wide. So he said he said if he gets him in the scoffer he’s probably going to shoot him, and he did so. Congratulations. 2-0. Guys, remember: Travis Roberts, our first, our second zgf sheep hunter. This year, Travis paid one hundred. Seventy-Five bucks, signed up with membership, drew with 16 points for sheep in Arizona and got a five-day fully outfitted hunt paid for by zero guide fees, and that’s what it’s all about.

Well, I drove all the way down started about 4:30. This morning got here took off on a trail to catch up to him. I’ve been packing all of Travis’s stuff, so we can make a play faster on the sheep I haven’t even set up a tent yet and that tag is filled. Look how much Flair on that dude no-nothing is crazy. Flared! Oh, it’s crazy! How many inches is he already hit him in the back? It looks like he was shooting high to me. Where do you score? Matt Dave like right here. He’s awesome wide. Look at that. You you’re right he’s wide hahaha thing is awesome.

It’s going to make the best mouth [ Applause ]. What do you think speechless?he’s got a lot of curl or sure yeah there’s no looking at sheep. I seen that you, that’s him. Had your name all over it the way he walked up here and was totally what happened? Was you know what happened? Wasn’t my first look at that stud? Oh, my goodness, when I first saw him running job yeah, I thought he was like spokes. I went into deer, he’s curious, he’s curious and he wants to come up and he wants to take a look. That’s what he was coming over just like an antelope yeah once I realized that he had time. Okay, let’s just wait for him to come over. He is why I don’t know how ideas, but man tips out to be one of the wider ones. Yeah I’ve seen I’ll get that ramp. No wonder if day is all about these sheep. I know big bond. Aren’t they. Thank You gorgeous me too.

Congratulations thanks for letting us be a part of that pretty fun. Now I want one . Well, that was pretty exciting and drove all the way down here this morning got up left, left town left, st George by 4:30, got down here after Dave and drive already found this Ram from camp, actually, which is probably a good six miles away. Dave glass that bad boy up from camps – and I met him about halfway up the trail on the driver after I got here through my pack on, he came running up caught up to him and by noon we had two dead sheep on the ground.

So first she pumped for me man. That was a lot of fun. I just know they were still top of the tier, though it’s interesting how the mule to run away from you in the Sheep run towards ya dude I was, I was pretty blown away. That was awesome, pretty majestic up on top of these ridges. It’s it’s unreal first, she pumped for me it was fun. Well, thanks for coming down. We should appreciate the ho this guy over here: hey guys, I’m Travis McClendon, width:0, guide fees and Travis Roberts just knocked down this big old Ram, his desert sheep that he just shot this morning opening day of the 2018 season, Travis signed up with our zero guy Food membership last year he with only 16 points and because he was a member, we paid for his fully outfitted hunt with Arizona Strip guides and that’s exactly what you do and what we do.

As a member, when you sign up it’s $ 175 for residents 349 for non-residents, and when you get drawn, we will pay for your fully outfitted hunts with the Outfitters of your choice and states like Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, it’s the best deal in the program Best deal on the planet. What do you think about this hunt and the program Travis? The hunt was fantastic. He had the programs too good to be true, but it is and they did everything they said they would do so. Not only do we pay for a fully outfitted hunts, but we give you a real reputable Outfitters to go with so go 2-0 guide, fees.com sign up now. It’s just a yearly membership if you’re a resident 149, if you’re a non-resident 349 and when you get drawn for that species, we will write a check and pay for your hunt for a fully outfitted hunt with the outfitter of your choice in states like Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona so until then Congrats on an awesome, awesome Ram more it strips 175 got a five-day fully outfitted hunt with five grand paid for by us because he was a member and that’s how easy it can be so go to 0 guide fees, comm And sign up now until then good luck, god bless and we’ll see you soon.

Travis the Hunter has the head and Kate Rhodes is carrying. Half everybody’s gear got some extra dudes and we were heading down to the truck come right to us like he was supposed to there’s the man of the hour right. There got it done just got back. There is the RAM which was up that very top mountain right there early this morning about five miles away and we walked up. We found him glass them sized him shot, him killed them and packed him and their lies before us, and it’s not dark and we did it. It’s a good thing. Josh was here or me and Dave would be going back. One back – and I don’t want to go back on that hill for a while – not unless there was another Ram and I had another hunter, but not today – about ready tacos. I was cooking beans without playing I’m pretty cool. He guess you see what up roads,






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