2018 Hunting Season Part 1 Archery, Muzzle Loader, Antler Trader

2018 Hunting Season Part 1 Archery, Muzzle Loader, Antler Trader

Hi, what’s up guys, so we are back from guiding I’ve pretty much got this evening and tomorrow, all day tomorrow, for my my personal archery tag after tomorrow season closed and we wait till muzzleloader. So we are heading out to see if we can turn up a deer tonight and pretty much just plan on checking some country to to figure out, while I’m waiting for this car right, yeah we’re doing YouTube to decide to decide on anyway sorry guys, yeah. So we’re going to decide what we’re going to do tomorrow by going scouting tonight. Who knows we might go there, see it a bit HI good morning guys here we go last day: Utah Southern Utah’s, archery deer hunt and I’ve been gone for 27 days guiding.

So I haven’t got much time, as you guys have seen I’ve pretty much shared every episode on this deer hunt for me so last day we’re going to give her hell and see if we can drum up a deer drop, a deer, a good deer, I’m not going to shoot just anything, but on top of it I’m hoping we can get a couple stalks put in today, so at least and then yeah we saw under, but we need to see a big deer. We saw a lot little deer too. Here we go, we got a good wind, which I love for our tree spawn stalks. Here we go see you guys in a bit it’s cold out here with the wind. It’s a little chilly. I got a jacket hiking, you know all right guys just below me. I just watch this kayak going to this oak brush. I don’t know, but I watch this kind of going to this oak brush and just got chased out by a doe she’s running around chasing him right now. So why they’re occupied I’m going to see? If I can sneak down and make Panero in this guy – oh well, it’s a deer, just nothing mature yeah and that kayak that doe ran that coyote out of the country, the shooting stopped man. I was like she’s four drawers over he’s, still chasing it. No too far, I glossed it up and I was going to try to work in closer, but that doe wasn’t having it she’s like you’re you’re going to die. They must have had some type of feud going or something maybe shot. One go yeah. You know so we’re going to change spots and hopefully find a deer’s today’s last day and I’m not I’m not just going to shoot anything.

So, to kind of explain this tag to you guys that don’t know that I’m from Utah I have dedicated hunter is what it’s called, and this is my first year in it’s a three year program and the way it breaks down is I get to hunt the Muzzle the archery, the muzzle loader, the early rifle and the late rifle all in Pine Valley, the Pine Valley unit. So I get that for three years, but I can only kill two deer in three years. So if I kill in the archery, then I’m done hunting. If I killing the muzzleloaders, then I’m done hunting for that year and then the next year, if I kill again then the third year I pretty much, I just don’t get to hunt so being my first year, I’m not going to shoot. Just anything I was more. I was going to kind of lower the standards with the bow. Just Brett’s got a tag, brenly’s got a tag and I’m I’m booked solid, guiding. But now the way it’s it’s going to have to be a big deer. So oh yeah and cheese got a no tag, so it’s going to be a busy year plus I got I want to do a easy OTC this year and the next year plus Mexico coos.

So yes, sir, we are going to yeah. Like said we’re . going to move and go got some in country and see if we can find something big, all right, so just walking off the mountain and there’s a little Brook head pretty cool. Thank you think. Thank you about five minutes later there is another one right there. Another broke, one pretty cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You good morning, guys, on the last day before the muzzleloader starts, trying to find in josh’s dear so we’re ready in the morning and what were you doing about it? Thinking about the break which he fights and sheds a lot when he’s taking bathroom breaks,you good morning guys morning, it is 444 in the morning and we are takin friendly out for the Utah muzzleloader mule deer hunts, and you know it’s going to . Be fun day, I’m excited, we’ve been doing a lot of scouting. We got a few, a hit list, bucks and everyone’s in a good mood. Let’s hope we all stay that way, assuming still hoping and praying nobody’s in our spot. Already. First of all, we have picked out our small fine. We were there yesterday. Nobody was there, we’re fine, okay, so yeah, that’s all guys in a bit. I got three and I’m not even 70. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you well. Brenly’s. Hunting video is turning into a head hunting. Video. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That is a good way to make me happy.

What’s up guys, we are on the second half of Brittany’s mother loader hunt and we’ve seen lots of deer today. It’s been awesome, Josh had her in on a stock on five different bucks, but they snuck out from underneath him, so we’re hoping to relocate them and get one of them on the ground friendly. What are you doing? Don’t wait that Bush whoa make sure you grab her by your hair at least don’t wait a push right. It is the end of day for muzzleloader for now, and the hurricane that is supposed to be hitting at the West Coast hits southern Utah today we’re getting the first cuts yeah, it was wild, like my eyes say, are you there so full of dirt and they’re ? Just burning it’s really hard to glass when the winds are 40 50 miles per hour, but we still did it. We hung in there and we hiked to a new place today, which I want to try to get back to. I got ta stay home tomorrow, cuz. I got some work to get done. I got stuff to do around the house and whatnot so get ready for next week. It’s going to be a quick season because next weekend, starting Saturday so seven days from now, the elk this hunt ends Thursday and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I think they’re combing for like an 80 % chance of rain, because that the Hurricanes are just kind of blowing towards the west coast. It’s supposed to we’ll be getting that basically, the edge of that. Hopefully, the rain helps out, though fingers crossed at the rain will kind of it’s been dry. It’s been hot dusty, it’s just been miserable so with the rain coming.

Hopefully, that’s going to help, yeah and like during the day when you have nothing to do, but take a nap. That’s how the day went this Monday. We experience new things and checked out some new stuff yep. We were hunting yeah. The end is your job. Yes, thank you guys so much for tuning in and watching our little adventure than what my favorite boots, probably the best boots that have one for me like Dell, I’m just getting a random beer. Alright, we’ve made it back to the truck and Josh’s. We just finished a nice wet day out here on the muzzleloader about one more day left and we did not turn him up today. He’s laying low fingers across we’ll find him tomorrow. If not, we got Saturday start students elk tag and then on the 10th. The early rifle starts, and so we have the possibility of coming back and still showing a man killing them Ben. So I’ll taupe team Express Turner’s cross. We can get him killed tomorrow.

So that’s the most yeah other tags on the early arrive exactly but we’re on our way home now yeah. So thanks for everything guys, I appreciate it appreciate you guys watching tomorrow, yeah all right guys. I have a new guest with me. I met up with snow and we’re moving spots and was we’re driving in way down low. I thought I saw what looked like a butt of a deer and snow jumped out and he was doing a little glass while I was checking on it glasses up a shed run up here, real, quick and grab it yeah that’ll work good good start to the Hunt all right now we go back down to the truck and hey brenn. Why are you back here, you’re going to want it it’s windy. It weighs like her bags like five pounds, yeah we’re going on the opposite. Have you listened to anything? We said? Come a little bit further up, you guys can be in the same frame if you go too far over. I can’t video anymore, it’s so hard because I’m so sumed in yeah, but I can still see through those trees right there. So I’m all ready for the deep. I have my binoculars. I got some healing crystals and practically three sticks again thanks for watching. What’s in my pants, I just got my lashes on you guys.

So, let’s hope we can get this deer killed, so they don’t get any more dirtier than they are look at how great they are y’all ready. Just send them like this we’re getting ready to go. I’m going to Jack, you up so bad, get out my face. Wait do your Youtube goodbye with the hand bye guys just making fun of me cuz. I take a wooden stick with me in the rocky stuff, so I don’t keep my balance. I hope you fall on the rocks. That’s how the smart people do it You’ll see. I’D be a lot faster, BG & E Glasson, [ Applause ], you guys , take a breath right underneath them be quiet. He’s headed over his keys, he’s out of sight he’s out of sight. He dropped down that back.



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