2018 Kaibab Archery Mule Deer Hunt Day 1-2! ( The Guide Life Series) Antler Trader

Mule Deer Hunt

That’s what I need right there to the top I’ma, do it I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl. I like what you do your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do it. You know I’ll treat you right, let me prove it and make it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to be something all fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one at the top. You can’t touch me well good morning.

Guys here we go day one of the 2018 archery hunt in on the kiya BAP here in Arizona, it’s obviously not opening day of the Kaibab, but it’s day one for us Todd over here drove all the way from Wisconsin Wisconsin and showed up. Yesterday we met in Kanab, did our grocery shop and got up here at dark last night got camp set up, went straight to bed and we’re hunting. Now it’s a pretty morning. It rained pretty hard yesterday, so we got lots of water, so sit and water’s going to be out of the out of the equation on this night, but there’s lots of deer lots of mature deer this year. It’s looking good it’s mountains. This mountain is really starting to rebound after they finally started getting a control of the tags and how many they’re giving out I’m glad to see it sucks because we don’t get tags as much now. But it’s worth it because the genetics and the age class or are starting to show so really pretty morning we got the sunset coming up over here god, I love sunsets man. It’s part of the part of the experience, my favorite time of the day and temperatures pretty nice, so should be a fun night stay tuned. Will you guys see you guys in a little bit bacon and eggs and toast breakfast this morning? All right here we go. We’re heading out for the evening hunt was awesome. We have pretty much overcast all day. We even got an afternoon thunderstorm after I had to finish fixing stuff on my truck again. Never ends still got more to do, but I think we’re good. For now the rolling man yeah we’re rolling, which is a good thing.

So, let’s go see if we can stick a deer now big old buck before us yesterday was a little slow. I even video – and I didn’t video nearly enough if at all, I apologize we’ll just kind of mix that in with day two here, I had a lot going on trying to get stuff done, just from being gone for and yeah. I just I chopped ball and video and right now we’re putting the truck and then we’re heading out. Sun Sun should be up in about 30 45 minutes, we’ll be hunting soon, see you guys in a minute. Okay, who can tell me what kind of birds those are I know, but do you let’s hear some? Let’s hear some educated guesses, I’m curious over there in the brush, so she’s hit by car lots of dead deer on this Highway lots of deer cross this Highway. Stop the got some coffee and now we’re going to make some breakfast just some bacon and eggs.

Some toast sit back and make a game plan for the evening. Here’s a little bit slower this morning, seen some deer seen some little box, just not what we’re after it was a lot slower this morning than yesterday, which I kind of felt like we’d have a good morning, because it rained most of the night had no moon And for some reason we saw less deer today, no worries we’ll find him we’ll get him keep putting in the time it’ll produce. I have to go find my tripod, so I can set that up.

So I can cook and still record it’s kind of hard to do things with one hand: , nice little rainstorm the afternoon here, just kicking back, relax and waiting for it to pass. Try to love the Kaibab evening, huh, it’s just storm. After storm pushing over, we just missed a big one and got the rain jacket on I’m ready for it. I have to I get the rain pants, but we’re going to already come out here on this burn and I got a couple fingers we’re just going to slowly work and glass and hopefully, if everything goes right, we can pull something out. I know we this area we’re in we’ve got a couple. Nice bucks that have been living in here all summer got trail, cam, pics of um, and some video of them as well from early on. So there’s been a lot of pressure. It’s later in the hunt, kind of hoping they’re still hanging out with this rain, everything’s wet, so stalking should be a lot easier in this burns.

Here we go Oh bull than a Heil yeah that wasn’t a good idea. Why not it’s a this makes boxing for deer, really tough he’s over here in flickery, and we can get back to hunting Oh practicing, yeah-ha of track in the tail periods of the hell on the down whew. That was close like he just hit, like literally like. Oh yeah, there’s the thunder lightning just hit like right up on top of that hill well guys day. Two is coming to an end end it with that. I’m not going to end it we’re not done for the day when I go to bed yet they’re going to show you that sunset over there, we have seen over 50 deer this afternoon and not one set of antlers zero lots of those and fawns, which is Good, we need lots of those in ponds, but we need some box too. We’re going to work, this Ridge back to the truck just kind of gloss and periodically off of it. Hopefully we can spot something in the light. Low-Light have a game plan tomorrow. If not our game plan tomorrow is going to , consist of going after a really big deer that we know about in a certain area. So go back to camp, make some dinner and get to bed how’s. Everybody else doing anybody else happen, how’s your season going. Let me know I’d love to see pics if you guys have killed anything ha. I love seeing you guys as success, so it’sjust fun to look at you guys have harvests it killed. Let me know, send me some pics see you guys got ta love. It for not fixing it we’re breaking it every day. Every damn day you




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