2018 Kaibab Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunt Day 4! (The Guide Life) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer Hunt

HI good morning guys, we have made a drastic move, not really, but we have changed elevations and we are hoping to get into some deer that have been with all the pressure and is late in the hunt as it is we’re hoping to get into some deer That have been kind of pushed off a little bit and this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that the acorns are on this year on this unit, which they haven’t been for the past couple years. So that’s a good a good sign. On top of it, look at that Sun Rise, I mean come on. Does it get me prettier so hoping today is a good day. I know it’ll be a good day. It’s always a good day, we’re hunting, but a good day. As far as seeing some mature bucks – and hopefully we get some stocks put it put together and get an arrow to the top I’ma, do it I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type.

So let’s do it, you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and back it go all right, I’m sick of being nothing all right. I’m going to be something all right with every breath. Trust me I’m abe the one at the top. You can’t touch me your granddad [, Music, ] just got done having some breakfast bacon, eggs and toast it’s pretty good. You guys are missing out, can’t can’t go wrong. Having breakfast on the mountain, it’s a pretty nice day. It’s already getting pretty warm. We got us a little camp buddy a little mouse that keeps running around I’ve been leaving him crackers out. He’s he’s pretty active. We hear him, but we can’t see him right now, so it start morning started off slow and then we ended up getting into a few more deer later in the morning a couple: little bucks and lots of does and fawns lots of those and phones, nothing good.

We’re going to just keep at it, keep hammering it until we can turn something good up. I know they’re here, we’ll find them positive thoughts, positive attitude, that’s how you get it done. So I’d show you breakfast, but that’s kind of all. That’s left right there. I was too hungry to to wait video and photo. Oh here we go guys it’s the afternoon, hunt we’re basically just going to go back to the same original plan and we’re just going to keep pounding it and pounding and pounding it until we turn something up. I’m really hoping with the weekend coming, there’s more people moving in more people are obviously going to be having these deer pushed around a little bit more fingers crossed, and maybe we can turn something up right now. We’re going to go out to this little Glasson spot and we’re going to set up we’re going to tear some country apart and we’re going to find some bugs. I can feel it until it. I feel it.

We feel it they’re in here weird here somewhere we’re just hiding. That’s. Basically, every video has been about the same because I suck I don’t know, hey man, those jammer. They can’t smell the truck. We need all the help we we did anything to change. Our luck. Get the exhaust it smells good, hey good deal, no like trying to be a smartass and for getting hit record. There’s do supposedly in these hills we’re going to find them now. Maybe you should have voiceover, that’s perfume yeah! Do that smells good! I’m glad you sprayed that all that meat up and eating, I might need a little more of it: , [, Music, ] hi, guys, I’m not sure if you can see it or not, but we have two California condors in this dead tree right here. You can see a wing tags on bottom one. The bottom one is number 16 and I can’t see what the top one is, but that one is definitely number 16 super cool. I’ve seen them a couple other times before, actually come up on a cage where they’re feeding them goats had live goat sitting. Their cage out on the edge of the rim we’re hiking around and to hear ghosts, come out of the brush and there’s this big bird cage and there’s condors in it and goats tied up around it. You’re right underneath in there they’re nested for the night. The bottom one has number 16 on there.

Of course the Sun is down, the Bucks are out, that’s and a bachelor group. The youngsters HI guys I got ta, show you what we got going here. Time choice me: market, cranberry, bacon, burgers, oh yeah, and the all we’re doing is butchers blend beef, patties cutting up some onions and tomatoes. Now blending sauteing, oh dude, I can’t wait. Oh yeah yeah ching chong we’re here, they’d be proud, so I didn’t tell you guys. We met Cheech and Chong archery hunting on the Kaibab Chong about Shaw, a two point, but from what we could tell it looked like it’s dough. We didn’t see a two point, but he was adamant. It was people in a no Cheech. I couldn’t I couldn’t tell what it was. He was so glazed over there’s no way he knew it. If he’s happy you guys, we’ve been looking for him since we seen him they’re , literally teaching Sean look like him. The whole nine. I just didn’t know the archery hunted on the cab. These burgers are about done and they’re done so Ernie is burgers with the cheese jalapenos onions. I got tomato in there, I’m joking cuz, I’m drooling, oh man and since I’ll add so good guys. I have to tell you right now that burger right there, I’m going to flip it over. So you can get a look at it that burger right there that cranberry bacon burger is the best burger. I have ever had hands down, not even bullshitting yeah, and I cook that thing on a Coleman cooker. That is how good that burger is like. I don’t even want to eat it, because I don’t want it to be gone. That is so good. I wish you guys could taste that thing.



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