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Early Mule Deer Hunt

Hey, that’s alright. I know how to add it. Alright, what’s up guys here we go, it is opening day of 2018 kya bab early rifle hunt and we are setting up. I we got in late last night after getting everything set up, so I didn’t video any of that didn’t video this morning because I forgot my camera, but now we are getting ready for the afternoon hunt we’re  loading up and we’re  going to  go out and see If we can’t turn something up, so we’ve seen one stud this morning and then a couple of nice bucks. So we see a couple 170 claps and a definite 190 plus buck this morning. So hopefully we can make it to where one will stick around just long enough to pull the trigger, but we’ll see you guys in a bit thanks to the top on the I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl. I like what you do. Your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and back it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to  be something all fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one at the top. You can’t touch me you good morning, guys all right here we go day two and we’ve had a lot of action.


This morning I’ve been there’s been so much going on and so much excitement I haven’t recorded any time. Anything I haven’t in time literally walked over to where I was going to  sit on a glass and it wasn’t even wasn’t very bright. Yet – and I looked down below me and we had four deer and I couldn’t tell what they were, because it was dark, still dark and put it in glass and four of them were bucks, one nice buck and one stud buck. So we we got set up on them. We shot a couple times, then we’re  closed, but anyways we’re  going to  be back in there. Looking for that buck again and right now we’re  looking at some guys cleaning some deer and we’ve had shots going over our heads. We got guys over here looking for a deer that they shot at. We got a guy back over here sitting on the hill and we got Travis calling I can’t and Tommy up looking for Tommy’s buck the he shot last night. I guess he shot a giant they’re  trying to find it so yeah, it’s pretty pretty good morning.


So far for being day, two I’m going to  get better, recording, relax, take a deep breath. It’s alright! So we’ll see you guys in a little bit. You sitting here sunbathing  here, visiting tribes, camp   oh yeah. Now we got to get Murphy nearly as bad as Dennis. Did I’m not afraid of snakes, [ Laughter ] boom, I’m like oh, he shot that thing. So damn quick, I mean it was like boom yeah. Well, you said you picked up the front buck. You’re  like no post shoot the back, but he said it was the. It was the back one. I picked the front one up and I said the back. One came back and I said son of a , I pulled it dude. I was 100 dude. This is a hundred yards over the top, the ridge from where we come. Lineman. Oh really right on HI good morning, guys, it’s morning of day three and we’re  set up here on our little point. We were looking for a buck that we shot at yesterday and he got away from us, and so we set up this morning before sunup right here and we were just sitting here class in the country.


Looking for a deer, we got guys over here to our left to come, pulling up and guys across on the finger over there and then guys clear across to the bottom here on another finger and we’re  just seeing a glass and we had about. I don’t know seven or eight deer down across from us and all sudden some guys come running up over the finger right here on us and come down here. They had spooked the buck that we were looking for, but they come running up below us about 50. 75 yards right in there and I guess the buck was running up the draw and as they were, making all that noise we had another buck and it could be the same buck. We’re  not 100 % sure it’s a big frame. Deer! It’s a big! Pretty deer! Come out how far was he Kevin 4:45? You come out on the other hillside over there and Kevin. Let him have it not a hundred percent where the shot was so. We said we’re  going to  sit here for about 30 45 minutes. He went over the finger into the next draw and we’ve just been sitting here: glass and everything we could see looking for him to come out and he hasn’t come out so that we’ve seen. But that’s why we’re  going to  give him a little bit of time. Make sure he’s good and dead so buck down baby big buck down so st


George look up Josh we’re  going to , like I said we’re  going to  give him a little bit of time. I’m going to  run up to the truck it’s up the hill, a couple hundred yards and grab a couple things before we take off and we’ll see you guys in a bit. No he’s a young bird. No that’s his number. They can’t breathe down there like they’re  supposed to they don’t breed on their own. They have to hatch all their eggs and everything. So everyone’s tagged yeah. They probably go back over the Vermilion series yeah last night there. It is guys stud early early season, Kaibab buck. I


what’s up guys Josh Corbin here ASG guides and 0 guide fees, and we got Kevin over here who just hammered this stud buck here on the CAI about early rifle huh, hey Kevin is the zero guide fee member and I’m going to . Let Kevin kind of explain to you guys his opinion about it and how long he’s been a member and what he’s been doing so yeah. We we signed up with zero guide fees and two years ago, with the sportsmen show in Sacramento and didn’t anticipate. I thought it would take a little while to get drawn for it, but in the second year this is my second year I got picked and it couldn’t be better. We came here and great guides great guys, good accommodations, good food and really really really had a good trip. Its I’d recommend anybody that goes to somewhere or hears about the 0 guide fees to sign up, because it’s it’s the way to go this day and age. How much did you pay total for you, dear okay, probably three about $ 700 $ 700 total in the past two years, and you just got a five-day fully outfitted hunt, which normally is about fifty five hundred bucks, and if you want to pay a little extra To stay longer you know it’s not very minimal, and it’s it’s it’s well worth it.


So I mean $ 700, fully outfitted five-day hunt and the longer you remember the more days you get so ya come home with us really seen some nice bucks yep and we just we got New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and we’re  going to  be having at Nevada and Colorado’s in the works, as well so very highly recommended, if you’re  a guide these guys great  all right guys, we got them all cut up and in the in the frame pack get the head and cape right. There we’re  going to  load on another pack. We good yep go unlock these keys in the truck land and just fish them out fry that door. Open boys, Shinya desk, hey light over here light over here flip Hey matches my truck now we’ve ended up real nice. I dropped it. He’s don’t get locked in truck bro, his left, antlers it guaranteed. Three is let there’s a guarantee three. Oh there he goes he’s moving  hi, so just walking pushing this Aspen stuff and come up bottom in found that guy laying there dead pretty much eight completely. That sucks wonder somebody had a bad shot or just the Predators got him. Who knows all right?


What’s up guys it’s day, five right now and pretty much everybody’s gone home and filled their tags? We got one client left in camp and we’re  all kind of spread out right now, just glass and country trying to pull up a buck. A good bucks we’re  posted up in our spot for the evening ,  [, Music ], so somebody got bored at camp today, , he’s going to  walk, drop, the gimbal good shot, get another one ready get another. Thank you folks. You got the top one yeah you got the right buck. Good shot to the left.freaking walked in dude yeah. He’s going to  shoot that one don’t go. You got him. Oh yeah, no one talking the other buck. What do you see the other BOTS, but he’s going to  shoot, the other guys he’s walking to the right right now, just slowly he’s almost to those pawns he’s just to the left of them about 20 yards. Okay, I don’t have a yard. I can get you one. I bet you about 400 375.


Get him he’s running down, he’s running straight down. He just stopped it’s going to  fall over there. He goes. I got a both on video all right guys, good morning day six morning, a day, six and things got a little happened. A little quick I didn’t do. I haven’t even done the intro yet for the day, but we just doubled up on two bucks, 375 and three-fitty on the range and whack them both dropped them mic over there everybody’s packed up we’re  going to  head over and yeah Halloween bucks we’re  going trick-or-treating tonight. going to  split up three of us are walking down from the trucks right now I pulled the trucks you’re  on three of us are already there. We got to drag them together and get side-by-side. Zgf pics no hell yeah dude, lift that bad boy up real quick. Let’s see, dude good bot saw buck nice work Mike nice shot. Let’s go look at yours, yeah dude. We got to drag them together. It shouldn’t be too hard. Okay, just right here down:  oh hell, yeah nothing’s, heavy head gears way: cool huh, wait tube! Oh yeah! How far away are we ho right? There yeah? We can definitely get double pictures:    hey guys! This is Michael Hall from Abilene Texas, zero guide member. This is my second year and got drawn for a Kaibab. Mule deer hunt got this beautiful animal that God’s put on this earth. I’m only seven hundred dollars in the membership and got a five-day hunt fully paid for with God, can’t cooks and everything.


So such a such a happy time and really proud to be a zero god. Members look to add in more states in the future and if you’re  really wondering if this is a good deal or not, this is proof you get a good animal and a good time and great experiences with wonderful people for not very much money thanks. Well, that’s a wrap for the 12, a west early rifle hunt here on the Kaibab for people in our camp, all four killed, and then we were able to get another ggf member in another one of our camps to kill this morning. So it’s a good day. Two bucks down got a camp all packed up and in the back and we’re  going home to see the family today is Halloween, so Doug had spent time with Britt on Halloween, which is awesome, I’m so glad I got done before that. So we’re  going to  go home, get a few things cleaned out, fixed up and then we’re  going to  be off again: 2:13, a ripe one and then 13 B and then 12 B Westlake. So lot of hunt see you guys in a bit thanks for falling along and watching bye.


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