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Mule Deer

Hi, guys 13b rifle is done for me both of my clients harvested their first male deer ever both great box, especially for the year and the girl truly just took a hit this year on the stream. So it was a tough year, but they killed great bucks, great first bucks. When we left camp we they were the only two out of camp that he killed. Lots of misses yeah struggles, but we stopped at home. We changed our clothes, get a load of laundry, took a shower and ate a little bit of Turkey, and now we’re right back on the road heading straight to 12 B West for the lake I about rifle he opens tomorrow morning. It’s the fun time of year. Just go: go: go to the top, I’m a dude, I’m headed to the top I’m prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type.

So let’s do it. You know I’ll treat you right, let me prove it and like it go all night, I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to be something all fight with every breath. Trust me I’m going to be the wine in the tuck. You can touch all right right away. We’re perched up on this hill right now, just Glasson. Looking for a big deer, that’s in the area! I haven’t seen him yet, but it’s still a lot of time left in the day, so we’re going to stay here. All day and glass and just try to keep videoing more deer, been getting lots of video deer.

So it’s good! I just want your video big deer, but anyways. We are going to hopefully kill some big deer and have some big deer camp so see you guys in a bit [Music, ], . There is watch left of the tree 4:28 from here he’s going to come left to that tree. You see the dough’s all right to watch the left of that tree. There is, he was a dude, that’s where he was that he wasn’t. Moving from that dough yeah, we did gosh dude, pretty typical, Oh beautiful dear hold it back up again yeah. I think I hit the button. Oh, do those I guards, there’s big old bases on him. Its definitely a mature dear single body, giant G fours, big, pretty typical right on dude Congrats, beautiful [, Music] every little one, yeah, yes cold. What the cold out here, Trev much plainer uh-huh he’s got the picture of Ryan sent to us.

Oh, it’s awesome, so we got, we got a video and all right. We just got back. Camp TJ showed up. They got the deer dead, so we’re going to go check it out. You got a place to hang: oh hell, yeah dude, that’s a cool box collection! Right there nice work yeah good morning, guys we are just wrapping up some glass and been sitting up here on the mine and since sunlight started, coming up glass and just covering as much country as we can pick through lots and lots and lots of deer. We just haven’t seen anything robber here wants to shoot: yeah yeah. Oh, it’s a little box man, it’s been a weird huh, there’s nothing! Nothing bigs down here low, yet a bunch of little bucks, just rutting, their butts off. I’ve seen some good deer and we’ve seen some really nice deer, but we haven’t seen any of a giant yet Roberts hold now for something special right he’s out. There he’s out there just a matter of time, patience and persistence. That’s it so! We’ve been here what two hours now, just over two hours glasses, I saw 50 deer yeah lots and lots of deer and the fires we’re letting it burn out now hit the glass and fire going to get these guys up behind me with their glass you’re not running, And covered lots of country so now we’re going to jump in the truck move locations and go try some other stuff cuz. This is not working.

So we’ll see you guys in a midday, coffee, Hunter’s, Blaine going dragging ass like need pick-me-up. Hopefully, hopefully we can turn a buck on the big box, lots of deer, just nothing, big everything. Everybody we’ve been talking to the tonton on the mountain says the most everything’s still up high in that middle country, where we can’t go for with this tag. Twenty-Four looks at the XLT drunkenness with the black Paisley , you HI good morning guys so the morning run is over pretty much. We’ve kind of a slow day slow morning saw a few deer, but we didn’t see half of what we’ve used. We’ve been seeing last night, the deer that we have been hunting got killed. Well, he got shot and wounded, and then this morning they found him and he’s dead now, so that one sucks we’re going to go back to camp. The good thing is, he is in our camp. He was killed by one of our guys but new game plan yeah. We spent three days hunting this deer Roberts, buddy, Clint and jr

Found him one morning at first light or just before, first light, and we spent three days tearing stuff apart looking for him laughs and for him seeing a lot of deer in there. We just could never turn him. We weren’t really even a hundred percent. If it was the deer that we were hoping to find, but they said he was big, he was heavy he’s wide. He had lots of trash, and yesterday afternoon Kim and Trevor spotted him from the main dirt road and Landon was within radio contact and closer. We didn’t even hear him on the radio, we were so far out. They rolled in and shot him, and so they backed out. They didn’t try to track him or push him last night. They backed out and I’ve, been getting bits and pieces on the radio, but it sounds like they found him and he’s dead.

It’s almost 11 o’clock right now. We’re going to run back to camp, have some drub and hopefully put our hands on this giant, but we’re not done yet we’re going to find another giant. There’s a lot of big deer on top this year, Tuesday. That’s it and we got weather coming and the rest finally starting to get better, we’re starting to see a few more better deer with the dose. It hasn’t been all the little guys. Lets go check this, that out, Trev Jim nice work boys look at that beam! Well, let’s hear the story: oh you could track him down. I heard I heard on the radio this morning that you had crows and blood. That was all I heard right:Kim’s on blood and crows. He doesn’t dare walk over there. Justin 28 inch beam and 24 inch beams 190. What on the frame on the typical frame and then 227 gross? How long’s that good cheater mass it was six? This is six.

So how wide is the 36? No, he’s just an inch off. Huh are no two inches, you said 38 or 37. I said 37 last night, okay [Music, ], hit him he’s running on the left. About 50 yards left. Now he’s going back right where he came from he’s right, where he was stopping keep shooting till he’s down. well guys Robert over here just hammered a stud stud typical. I’m watching him right now in the scopecam adapter he’s right behind that tree. Right there laying down, I love this new scope, cam and after it makes things nice pretty sure we got the kill shot on video. We got one more I am and he hasn’t come out: yeah yeah nobody, ever seen: [Music, ],right, dusty, dusty, stop dusty! Well, there’s my truck right! There I’m hiking back to it after trying to get a deer killed with Dustin his client and there’s a little match set, laying in the bottom of the straw cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Its not a big guy, but we’ll take it.



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