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Arizona Strip Archery Mule Deer – Part 2

Good morning guys here we go opens morning 13, a archery hunt, Arizona, TJ and landing her out here with three clients being TJ’s clients. We got him sitting on two different waters here with us and we’re up on a high point, just glass and trying to find some deer. It’s going to be a good year. It’s going to be a fun year. We’re going to kill something big. Somebody is yeah. Yeah buddy so bring your glass in and we’ll start video and showing you guys this home see you guys in a bit good morning, guys man, it’s getting hot, already beautiful day got a little bit of breeze. We got our hunters on water, so me and TJ DJ’s running that way down the rim. I’m going to go this way. We’ve already set up in one spot in Vice, but we’re just running the rim and doing a little bossing trying to turn something up for maybe a spot in stock. In case nothing comes in, you know, grab our one of our hunters or both of them or whatever. You need go, try to do a little spot and stop, but we’re pretty slow haven’t got much for deer. What this morning, rabbit like, I’m going to find the shade yeah, that’s what we’re doing you’re sitting in the ground blowing with our honey. It’s just been so hot and dry ponds dry. It up the earth starting hit the water, so we’re going to take advantage of it. This isn’t because, as it been the norm for the strip part three past couple years – oh HI guys – I see you here in a little bit start recording somewhere, maybe get some deer and video. Let’s see it’s not one nice buck! Yesterday, I just couldn’t. I couldn’t get the camera out fast enough to get him recorded before he went over the rig we’re ready today, I’m carrying it in my pocket. [ Applause ], you, you alright guys.

We just made it back to camp after the evening hit and we got a little surprise for Landon, Sammy and DJ. We caught us a tarantula on the road and we decided to put it underneath this here cup of land guns on his bedroll. So we got this under his bedroll here it’ll be interesting to see what he thinks. Hopefully, hopefully, I’m in here to record it when he comes in and lifts it up and sees it we’ll see I’ll turn some lights on, so he doesn’t get too scared. This ought to be good, we’ll keep you in keep you in tuned as to how this goes down. He might be pissed too. We don’t know we’ll see. We also filled this phone full of a bunch of fun pictures. We like screwing, with landed so nobody’s back.

Yet but me and we’ll see how this plays out little guy. Thank you on your guys’s, warm [, __ ],you’re , just tip over just let’s catch it. Let’s put it in line [ Laughter ] pick that head up holy crap, yeah dude nice bug had some trash on the back split g4. I love this this right side. This is what I call compromise. Buckles and the wife wanted trash. Go. It isn’t her bug right on dude. Look at my guards. Yeah actually has good bases that I can mass like good job way to go wrong about. That’s awesome, teach way to make it work. Brother, Congrats, still 100 % on his guide, see you buddy! Well, there just went my average about to die. When you were telling me on the road out there. You got want to told you this, I’m a hundred percent in, like us, [ __, ], first stock for shot put us to everything. I was like Jesus usually take this a week to kill a deer in there with everybody else dude. I am happy for you. That is a beautiful great bug. Did nice job yeah I’ve been trying to call you on the radio we only been here half hour. We drove down there as I come and get Josh on the radio tell him to get some pictures as soon as we hiked up, I shut my radio off just save battery. I figured yeah. Let’s do pictures you with the photos from back then oops.

Sorry they want the knife in your hand, it’s fine, so DJ got done yesterday with his client and decided it’s time to go all cunning pop that their tailgate Arizona strip cow elk wow. That is crazy! That’s the second calc you know of our elk to come up the strip, not one huh. Were they watering those things take a lot of water to water, open, shut down for a while that they revamp not the full freezer right there bud nice work, buddy, Congrats, dude Congrats, he’s like I pretty much just was here for one of the Best unicorns, so here we are on the Arizona Strip, courtesy of mr Tj, what do we have teach standard lines and L tenderloins elk bacon-wrapped tenderloins on the Arizona Strip, courtesy if mr. TJ you ever have them call me, don’t know, I’m pretty sure this is a first, I’m sure guys that brought tenderloins up but nobody’s killed one. Whether here we got the teens going and we’re getting ready to do the barbecue this what’s about right here, don’t get any better than this man, chef, TJ chef, provided the steak. Now he’s cooking it. Oh, I know how to do you know: buddy. You’ve been on a roll lately, get some bacon right. There, we’re going to wrap these bad boys up, maybe guys. We are just hiking along going Ridge to Ridge, glass and trying to turn up some of the Bucks we’re trying to kill. Out of this ground blind because it’s been super dry and super hot and we’ve got some pretty big bucks hitting water, so we’ve got Philip in the blind sitting it out. We’ve got probably here about an hour.

We’re going to go pick him up. It’s going to be close about 11 o’clock in the afternoon, but in the process I’m just been bumping every day, just bumping Hill to Hill glass and just trying to turn something up, maybe for a spot in stock. Once he’s done sitting there blind, we just thought shared and it’s old, butit’s a shed. Finally, thank you. Thank you. Thank you looks like his main beamng for broke off right. There could be something little different. Maybe that’s off another deer? Oh no! That’s him. He’s just missing a big chunk old chalk, donkey we’ll take it! Let’s keep going when you get up on this finger that we’re going up right now and do some glossing good morning guys we’re getting this over here, Phillips in the blind again, we’ve had no rain super hot hot and dry and We’re just trying to take advantage of it with some of the biggest air on this unit. Right now by sitting water holy crap is a baby, looks like a two-point. Where is he broke? That’s a big thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Take a picture of that real, quick and I’ll be right back all right, so there is next to me. I guess it was a three-point. He broke his g4 off there’s some finding checks haven’t, haven’t nothing meat, luck with the deer they just as soon as that. Sun comes up, they get hot and lay down like the leap around here. For a second see, if I can’t match this, that could not no big deal see in a bit. Well, we’re heading back to the truck right now. Just walked up one deadhead, not a big one, young guy, but still a dead head. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Cool young buck for sure he was going to , be a giant look at all that blading going on. I’m going to take some picture yeah. No, I guards, but he’s got lots of bleeding going on Paul mation. He was probably going to be a good buck once he got a little John him super narrow those Jews are going to touch eventually, co-co-co find alright.

Let’s keep going get back to the truck. So we can turn up a Janet, Oh how’s, the found a choc, your little two point about five minutes ago, good morning, guys hi, it’s my last day out here, guiding on the strip, I’m getting ready to hike up this hill and as I’m sitting there get My stuff ready hook up on the side of the hill, and we got a shed. I’m going to flip this around and show you guys. The shed is right there. The truck is right there and on top of that driving in this morning, I found one on the side of the road and it was dark and I didn’t want to dig my camera out. So I didn’t video it, but I’ll show it to you guys when I get back down and shook you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Many things been sitting there a while the one I found this morning was hard white.

So I kind of expected this one to be hard white as well, but it’s not so we’re going up on this hill right here to set up in glass which fill up off at at the water he’s in a ground blind. Hopefully it pays it off. Let’s go get our pack ready and let’s get a pond here, close seen a bit. Thank you. No use another shed takes another dink ones, a three-point card white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. you hey guys up here on the Arizona Strip with Arizona Strip Outfitters day 15 of the hunt, and it’s been a pretty rough hunt. Up to this point, I haven’t seen very many deer due to the heat and the drought. No rain so far they’re all moving pretty much at night. It’s been trying sit in water for 15 days, not seeing anything had several small opportunities, but this morning we’re able to make it happen. I had a nice buck, come in at 50, yards exactly made a very nice shot, and now we are looking for the deer.

So here we go. Here’s where I shot the deer. That’s where I hit him. So I’ve got good tracks coming across and see where he’s running and hitting getting pretty hard. Okay, I saw him pile into the dirt and then get up again. So there’s some tracks, there’s some good hits but they’re not seeing a lot of blood. Here’s where he piled look at this he’s definitely hit good. You see, you know home, oh wow, you really scraped there and he must be crawling. Oh well. There he is Wow man he’s bigger than I thought holy crap [, Music ] holy crap, You see the size of the this is a deer. Oh I got to thank the Lord for a blessing like this was not expected. I was pretty sure that I was going to go home empty-handed, so this is definitely a blessing, give them honor and praise, and thank you for another trophy. I don’t deserve it. So. Thank you. Lord thank yours on the strip Outfitters put me on these deer Josh. Corbin excellent guide: we’ve been working our butts off, trying to turn up a deer to shoot with no success and we were able to make it happen.

So, thanks again and again, thank the Lord for such a blessing shaking like a leaf and like there’s no way. I’m going to shoot right now, so I just sat there waited you know and finally they were feeding as they came in and it looked like he stuck his head right behind her, but so he couldn’t see me in a full body right there, 50 yards. So I ranged him made sure this time perfect, shot man jump straight up in the air took off and I saw him pile under the tree and then he got up and kept going andman. It’s just a blessing yeah dude all right. So I show up to pick Phillip up from the blind this morning. It’s what what is like nine o’clock yeah! It’s like nine o’clock right now, I’ve been out Glaus, an old warning, trying to find something that maybe we can spot in stock. In case nothing comes in because sitting water –, we are on day 15 day 15 of this hunt and it’s been it’s been discouraging because there’s been so many big deer that are hit in the waters, but since the hunter started they have gone completely nocturnal.

So I get to I’m sitting way down the road, because I don’t want to drive in and disturb anything and Philips telling me this store and he’s like man. I really want to check the camera, so we come up in here to check a camera walk over here, and this is what I see laying in the bush look at the frame on this thing. It’s ridiculous look at the mass measurements on those g2s. That is unreal dude. That is that’s everything you wanted to wide. That’s the one I told you I wanted last night yeah. Well, it’s uh! Let’s get him into some shade over here and take a couple quick pics and let’s get him loaded up and cut up. Look at the nose on that thing: Wow killer shot. I was perfect. Everything was perfect today, Congrats dude, that’s awesome! Man, I’m glad you got one. It’s been, it’s been a rough ride. We did. You definitely earned him now. Let’s get some my let’s get some pics big old, g2 zhan him you what up guys all right. We have finished the 13. A archery hunt guiding Phillip tag that stud stud buck. We got that all processed got it down in the freezer and then he packed up camp last night and I decided to pack up mine too, and I went camp with TJ and hit and rig last night and Phillip got on the road about is about ten. Eleven o’clock at night – and so I said, I’m just going to stay out there in camp. I can’t stay tonight, get up early this morning, drove to town from the strip. That’s a grocery slice did some laundry and then we are now up on the hill. I got a bunch of days, hopefully I can get this done. I will tell you guys more when I get back, I’m going to hopefully get this deer turned down, maybe even get a stock in. I don’t know we’ll see, but talk to you more later. You



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