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Archery Elk hunting  – Arizona Archery Elk! “Guide Life”

Archery Elk hunting 2019

What’s up guys all right, the 2019 Arizona archery elk hunt is underway. We drove down yesterday got settled, got some laundry done, took a shower. Oh, it was nice because the first shower I’ve had in like 20-something days or no. Let’s see 28 days was the first hot shower. I’ve been bathing in creeks and buckets of water and stuff, butyeah. That was the first nice hot shower indoors that I’ve had. I feel, good my clients name’s Mike he. He has drawn a tag here in Arizona for elk. Took him 17 points as a non-resident mike has killed a lot of elk Mike’s. Also, he used a guide or outfit excuse me and in Colorado, so he’s killed a lot of elk. So for him it’s 380 or nothing 380, plus or nothing – he’s got three bulls in the 370 class. So it’s uh, it’s a big big bill to fill right there, but we’re going to give her hell. I know the country I know there’s some Bulls in here that will hit that in and plus some I’ve seen him.

We just got to turn him up. There’s hasn’t been much bugling little to no bugling where we’re at and it’s been hot dry. We got a full moon, so it’s going to , be it’s going to , be a challenge, but we’re going to give her hell. Mike’s got a buddy, that’s going to be coming down on Monday, it’s Saturday right now, that’s going to give us a help. Give us a hand and we’re going to just we’re going to go until we turn up what he wants to hunt and hopefully kill that, if not he’s completely okay with not filling his tag, he doesn’t want to kill just an elk. He doesn’t have to kill an elk. He just wants a special L, so here we go. It’s Alex season. After this we’re going back to Utah, to hunt deer again and tried to get my deer killed. So we’ll see you guys in a bit: , Well, it’s been, it’s been a struggle. It’s been hot, we got a little bit of weather in the afternoon, got a little rain in some spots some spots they can get any at all. We’re seeing elk we’re seeing out every morning every evening we’re just not seeing what he wants. 380. It’s going to , be it’s going to , be tough to pull out on this unit this year, lot, elf, just nothing big biggest NAS. That we’ve seen is about a 350 360 class Bowl, a 340 class Bowl a handful at 330 ish bowls. Just not the no rut either. We’ve got absolutely zero red going: , yeah. I know findin brownies ain’t. You think thank you, [ Applause ].

What up guys we are coming to at the end of the day? It was a slow day. We didn’t see a single lock at all. We seen some deer this morning and mostly bucks one decent buck, but other than that we didn’t see a single up today. So weird because we were in him yesterday, we we’ve been in elk everyday we’ve been in elk. We found out we’ve heard elf. We, the ruts, not happening down where we’re at we’ve been hunting low. Most the bugling we heard has been high, but that’s where all the people are at too and he wants a special elk so we’re trying to turn one up living in a hole somewhere somewhere. That’s not getting messed with just country away from people and we haven’t turned one up. We’ve turned up a couple stumbles though I mean 360 370 HP balls but 380 or nothing. We’re going to keep looking and go back to the ranch tonight and have dinner, get a shower and get up, and do it again get on a a top of something and glass tore. Sickly Lawson see you guys in a bit.

What’s up guys all right, we are pretty much pretty much done. It is day 10 and man. The last yesterday and today just kind of sucked. We found one Bowl this morning that the guys James, helping out are going to try to kill, but other than that we haven’t found anything nothing 380 Plus at least we’ve seen a lot of elk we’ve been on a lot of elk. We we’ve hunted high. We’ve hunted low we’ve last for hours and hours and hours and we’ve walked canyons and crept through the junipers. The elk have not been vehicleand at all I mean at all. Bulls are still running solo. There’s groups of cows with nobles. It’s just been dry and slow. I mean no rut, nothing but oh well, you’re kind of at the mercy of the dates. So I think this next week’s going to be on fire, Mike’s going to stay down here and hunt and hopefully finds what he’s looking for and kills a giant 380 bull. But we have to get on the road, so we’re going to finish up glass in here for probably the next 15 minutes, maybe 20 minutes and then we’re going to go, get truck loaded and Britt flew into Vegas today. So we’re going to stop in Vegas and pick her up and then we’re going to try to kill my deer again. So I’ll tell you guys in a little bit you


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