2019 Arizona Strip Mule Deer, Sheds & Artifacts Part 1 Antler Trader.

Arizona Strip Mule Deer – Part 1

What’s up guys, what is up guess where we are most, that’s really we’re heading on to 13b, we’re actually on 13b right now we just got here. We just hit dirt and we’re going to run around we’ve got a couple days before the hunt starts. We’re going to run around check a whole bunch of cameras, get a little shed hunting in do some recon, since we aren’t out here. Normally we got a little catching up to do. Yeah yeah, there hasn’t been any rain dried up, so can’t believe how hot it is down here is cold. Oh, we love it’s. It’s been so freaking cold, yeah I’ve been having to layer, my clothing and I’ve never had to do that because it’s a change when we got here, I’m like I can stand outside and I can have my window down without freezing her. Oh yeah, we’re ready. We’ve been driving all day, we’ve been in since 7:00 this morning, yeah, it’s dark now, really which sucks but we’re on the strip.

So I literally could not be happier I’m so stoked we’ll be on. I need this break. I really do ten days and glorious days longer than 10 days to the huntsmen days. Yeah yeah, that’s right, twelve thirteen yeah we’ll see, then I go longer because I don’t have to be to the next time. I got four days after this hunt between this hunt and my next time so yeah, who knows we’ll see we’ll see how long we’re here yeah, but let’s go you’re lucky. It’s so dark! Sorry, ladies okay, okay, first camera of the trip so far broken lock broke off, laying on the ground. I opened it up, it’s turned off and the SD card is missing who’s different. I hope this is how it is the whole way. Yeah, that’s frustrating, especially as much money as we put into doing this. People like that is like the ultimate disrespect nope.

So under the timer is a table. Get you driving the boat, I’m hoping at a volunteer work right out folks running off the road there buddy! Oh, it is there’s just a layer. You can see it on the bushes actually like inches of dirt, like I can feel it in the air good morning. We’re head now on a little sneak trip. We stayed up long late last night long. We sit up long long time, long time they stayed up late last night and got all the cameras done.

So we could have few extra hours to show time so dedication, man, we were both like zombies and we pulled in yeah cuz, we’ve been driving from 7:00 in the morning til three o’clock that night yeah lot of time in the truck. So oh wait. Let’s go stretch legs. That’s all right, see guys a bit. Oh I’m so excited. I was just thinking through my head, like how freaking happy I was to just be out here and have lucky. I felt because it’s actually a workday for a lot of people and yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.nice he’s been waiting out here for a minute for someone to come and rescue him warm it’s November 7th today and I wish I woulda brought some tank tops and stuff from home, but it’s so cold at home. I just kind of automatically translated that to being cold here, plus everyone’s saying we’re supposed to have an unusually cold winter and stuff.

So this this is not the menu really cold winter. This is the warm one all right. Finally, my turn I got a little broken three-point here looks like cool. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We’Ll take the little threes. We met back up on the road that we’re camped on and we’re heading back to the truck we’d found one day. So I’m not a bus pretty good day, just fine sheds on the strip hike the strip beyond the strip. I can’t believe how hot it is. It’s had me blown away all day. It’s like, I don’t get it. I got our bed this morning like it was the archery hunt, no worries. I don’t like that for the hunting aspect of it, but uh. It’s kind of nice HI we’re going back to the truck, get packed up and get get the camp get set up at Camp hunt starts tomorrow. Yeah we’re going to go check, cameras, see you guys in a bit real mine. Glad you got that way. That’s my ace in the hole right there. [ Applause, ].

What’s up guys, it is 30, be right. Once the evening half of our first state we’re just getting started, I’m going to show you my cute little cubby back here, though it’s actually quite cozy, so I got a little drink station here. It’s a good thing that I’m on the smaller side otherwise probably have to I hitch a ride with somebody else: yeah, maybe best he’s going to . Do she’s thirsty he’s backyou! We are getting ready for a Josh fire. Nobody really understands what’s about ready to happen here, they wouldn’t stand so close if they knew. Oh, that was as bad as I think it is going to . Be it’s good, but sometimes it’s like the trees are in danger of catching on fire dinner is ready, we’re having spaghetti. We got this big old tree. They give us the other night.

We got some French bread here, some spaghetti, rich you get on up in there. You might be on video video view. I sign a release, looks good guys, great, ok, good day, a hunting yeah, it’s a little different huh than how you’re used to pay attention to us until we shut everything off and then he’s like yeah I’m going to go in anyway. I’m thirsty! It’s all this dust, we’re breathing it up guys. We are on day three of the Arizona TV rifle hunt and we’re just running out, checking a few cameras here in between the morning nuts and the evening. We want to keep the same game plan our target here, that we mama ground yeah, but they’re still completely fine Robert oven that it can such perfect weather with never been doing a lot of something. His word is a little bit. Moving have been a lot of action today. One cool thing was: is we were checking up water and checking some cameras and a dear Watson even bothered by both trucks sitting there talking as loud as could be, he came in there’s no water, so they’re certain the seem a little desperate. I think I kind of felt bad for him, but that was a cool thing head of Keio walk in on the water like undisturbed by the fact that we were there. He had a mission, it’s done by me right here.

Oh yes, oh it’s a bumpy! It’s really hard to film a good shot. Son yeah he’s all him. I think I’m allergic and Guinea was it. I don’t believe, there’s an EpiPen on-site. If you know we won’t we get to our destination. Let you know what else about chemical chickens mark Those cows were just tripping out. Josh was over there they’ve, never seen a human before. Oh hey there are you ready, cuz, it’s bitchin, ok, yep! I’m ready!

Alright, take 12 action day. 4 day, 4 13b rifle rifle yeah. I’ve been giving her a hard time. All morning. Jesse with us ace is on water. Thanks, Dave yep thanks ace kill a big one yeah. We got the radio right here. So all right – we’re going to go just walk around in the middle of the afternoon, see what we can’t find so we’ll see you guys here in a bit later, alright guys, I think I just found a pretty decent horn walking up this bottom. Other thing is cool. Look at that! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m going to take some pictures all right back, yeah, it’s a little horn. No, it’s not little at all. Look at that bass think it’s gnarly! Oh yeah! That’s badass! Keep looking all right.

What’s up guys, I’m just hiking up this. This draw right here towards the base of the hill and I just found a pretty sick little point. I don’t know if it’s broke or if it’s buried, but let me show you it’s prettyfreaking awesome. Look at that see if it’s broke or very oh, this dang, just the tip of its broke off . This truck is all ready and Judge midnight. You cannot drive as crazy as you do, scaring all the dough’s out here. [ Applause, ]! That’s sofreaking awesome, [ Applause ]!

Well, it is a day 6 on 13 right months. It is them going jackin us up on one spot where we have a couple of big box and Walter’s been an all-out battle to positions and claim their spot every day, because there’s so little water out here, but really most of the big bucks. It’s not all of them have been killed off of the water, we’re heading to a water. It’s been a battle, it said to get to water first before somebody else, and right now we’re heading over to another water. That’s kind of tucked back away from everything for the day. Hopefully one of the bigger deer that we’ve been trying to kill shows up or a bigger new that we don’t even know about what happened yesterday. Yeah yesterday. Excuse me yeah, Ronnie’s, wife, no stud. We were there like 30 minutes before she killed it. Yeah, but they’d beat us the water slowly fouled out then kill the Giant yeah. We had some writing action going this morning, but the guys are our competition, they’re DIY and they just don’t know the area yeah. I understand yeah right smack in the middle of where they think this stair should be yeah they’re , pushing everything else, we’re heading to drop our venture off and formulate a game plan from there. Yep that’s work with that, not a lot of action. Candy, camera hi.

Alright, we are going to go shut, hunt, day 636 hunters on water, hundreds on water. Therefore, therefore, we had some freedom to shoot honey speed a bit. Oh yeah, I’m poaching your line. If I find a shed right, there sure does he broke birds. Is that how it grew like a little whitetail shed? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. . We were driving down the road. I spotted this campfire pile, so I got these boys dizzy. Good job, guys, thank ya, don’t even have to worry about it. Today. Has been fun so far, we’ve had the most action of the whole trip it’s in today, which is day seven of the hunt. It has been so hard to stay, keep morale high and everything, but coming back actually today. Lots of writing action and lots of good gear is not a shooter dears but later mature bucks. So we got our hunter age living water and we’re going to go see. If we can’t get up on a point over here, do a little awesome and find some mule deer so see you guys in a bit.



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