2019 Arizona Strip Mule Deer, Sheds, & Artifacts Part 3 Antler Trader

Arizona Strip Mule Deer

What’s up guys we’re just out here, shuttin haven’t found anything, but I did find some what could be arrowheads? I haven’t even gone through this yet though you’re going to see it as I see it, but there started to be some like chipping design stuff. That was catching my eye, so figured we’d stop in mock anything that really catches my eye, it’s so bright, it’s hard for me to tell definitely an arrowhead. I got guys handled. I told him where I was and done nothing, I’m still looking.

So I never dig either. I just look at anything else, but I could tell that there were some shame. You look in pieces in here that piece of pop 3 whole bunch of pottery, like Potter’s everywhere over there lots of chipping. Let me see it’s textured on one side, oh yeah and then ready. Oh special, that’s a good one! Hmm yeah good job! Oh hey! Look at this one! Yeah! That’s cool lot of these are pretty decorated. Mm-Hmm! You get the point yeah. If I can. Oh hey, I found a lip to Potteries here. Look! It’s crazy because it’s almost like you could just like sister a handful of this and something in your hand, was probably starting to be in our head or a tool of some sort, how the powder!

Oh, that’s some pretty heavy-duty pottery, oh wow, that’s cool! Look! It’s like blue! Just I’m! Getting really tired of this whole focus thing. There you go see how the color is uh, yeah, that’s really cool, more texture, dude that’d be cool. If you could piece together really cool, never oh hey look at that. You did see that right, yeah, I just videoed it you guys. Look at this pizza, oh yeah, like to be really awesome to be able to tell what what they were drawing on there. All of that has polka dots on it.a bunch of look at their debate; no they’re , not the little bucket or nothing to do with that. Why do you pin it then she’s like go away. You look at big old birds, roosting way up in those trees. That’s pretty cool, [, Applause, ], you you. What are you doing? It never ends damn roads just up and down up and down we’re covered in dust. I’ve been bouncing for days covered, it does give me it sets off your equilibrium to bounce all day, but we’re pretty much just running around get this minI truck cameras as we can’t picked up.

So it’s all done and when we leave thought well, Britt thought she saw him. I’m saying besides, win, stop real quick and back up and check it so yeah! So we’re just kidding Joe cambers. We’re going to be heading back to camp we’re taking over tribes client for him because he has to go catch a flight in the morning. So we’re not done yet. Hopefully we can get a Redemption bug. I get cross wash, maybe I’ll brit video. This minimal rubbish minimal. We got this very good. So tell me how you feel about the conclusion of your guided ace, love, ace ace is fun Venus at a good time, be a Jesse if you hadn’t had a good time being you and inside a good time, we all had fun great guys had a ball. We got it bad phrase, but it was just like damn dude. You don’t cut our freaking legs. Aha, it’s false buck off the strip well into. I just have to put out there then everybody’s always like. Oh, it’s not all about the sides but yeah. It is if you’re going to come out here and have the odds that you’re going to have definitely about size and waiting so long to draw this tag and stuff like that. You know just go out and kill, but let me see the camera I do take.

Some responsibility for cuz ace was a new hunter to build there and I kind of just I’m I’ve messed up. I thought he. I thought he knew what he would be looking at and what to shoot, what not to shoot. We seen some other big typicals. He was not going to do so. I thought we were safe, but ace just didn’t know, the deer came in, went rutting knows he got excited and and he shot and yeah.

So that’s how it went down. Ace ace and I have a bat that he draws again within five years, so we’ll see what happens, but anyway, yeah that’d suck hard suck really hard to pull up to a struck and see that yeah and it’s too late man. You did pulled the trigger. What’s done is done done three days I love to. I know he totally, but it’s just a good learning experience for him to like to definitely next time. He needs to really think through what yeah patience. Others usually ace. You need patience but yeah if you’re willing to just wait out the deer, that’s what you’re going to have to do. Yeah we were hunting the big gear. We were hunting, a really big deer, whether or not he ever shows up. We don’t know we won’t know, but we know he’s there. Oh you’re trying to kill me well, we have been looking yeah yeah, we haven’t been looking for this, we’ve been looking for other years, alright peace. Later, it’s got two extras on the left down where young hey guys. It is the final day of our Arizona strip, adventure and Josh, and I are the only ones left here. I’ll show you what we got going on: okay, so Josh! I are the last one. Standing and we are tearing down the rest of the camp, we got this tent to take down still and somehow we have to fit all of this on that little truck, because a lot of stuff got left behind since Travis had to leave early.

So we definitely got our organization what yeah pause you have to take it on the Kaibab yeah. That’s true! That’s where you’re going to head, but yeah we’re going to really put Josh to the test here today see how good he gets. We’ve actually done. I remember one time we did one that was like the Clampetts. It’s all like. We should have had like a rocking chair on top we’re bringing everything, but the house apparently we’re going to start taking down the tensile strength want to know my least favorite part of any of this is taking down the camp. I hate it. It is thefreaking worst I dread it. That’s the power through get er done. I wonder how long it’s going to take. What time is it? Okay, it’s 10:45, so I’ll check back in and see how long this is going to . Take us okay.

So we got the two tents torn down and the first layer in the back of the truck in under 25 minutes. It’s like that’s pretty fast I’ve, never time, but I know it usually takes forever. But look at this Tetris work, we’ll probably move this 12 more times, but that’s just Josh’s process. I just what I let him just do it after all these years. I just let him do this yep. You know you never have failed me yet so why? I’m not worried I’m just like hello Birds, Turks, like oh yeah, I might be able to write on this side. Maybe I would put it on this side. Maybe oh yeah, it’s like it’s made for it. That’s a pretty heavy object. I would wonder about putting it on that white table bench thingy, this camp chef up on that white toolbox thingy, because it’s heavy That seems like a logical place for it move the tub down and yeah. I don’t even know what actually I might know where a tripod is. Instead of that all we keep on working okay. Well, we I got some footage on the other camera. I don’t know how long a video does, but we did great teamwork, I’m pretty proud of.

So a thing we did, it hey, I know seriously and just freaking till tourontour Nate next great adventure. I’ve got huge things going on at the bakery coming up for Christmas, so you’re going to get the hotel room, hold that right there, don’t let it don’t let it move. It’s got, ta be exactly this. Is my freaking finger now precision shot down okay, so I just looked and it was 1045 it’s 11:59. Now I think it was 10:45 off throw in just to double-check. That’s an hour and 15 minutes. Do you think that’s faster, slow, yeah. We should start timing ourselves. So we know if it’s like the Olympic speeds or not



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