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Arizona Strip Rut

That is probably deadhead. I’ve ever found like vultures. What’s like vultures, these and they’re big like seriously still feels like early summer or something like the temperatures, are so warm and just filming out: philosophizingphilosophizing. If we hurry, we can go and watch some dear Rhett. We get it off the truck. We’Ll take some pictures and then we’ll get it cut up.

Okay, so this is going to , be an instructional video instructional. What it’s like, bringing a deer back to camp. You need a spotting scope and were you nice set? You need to have a kool-aid packet. Oh yeah, it needs to be a Hawaiian Punch. I approached is the best boy like one from Hawaii, oh well, I hit it on that white head. That is an accomplishment yeah hahaha. I could just imagine how’d you get him up. There ratchet strap the behind in his legs this up and then just started rolling him good job, Are you supposed to be taking rich out? Are we supposed to be taking rich out he’s going to manhandle that dear hey kid [ Applause ]? What these things are pretty cool, no mesh, dress, game cleaning kits by on truck outdoors today. Well, they come with all these gloves. Some big old towels, some cattle birthing gloves like tear shoulder some more gloves like I won’t learn here and sanding weights, some sanding wipes in electrical tape: okay, pretty cool little kit, the called a game cleaning, a kit yeah – and it is super handy, oh hey that Just land, it perfectly didn’t it.

Alright, it says, says: included banded sleeve, gloves for nitrile gloves for heavy-duty disposable, towels. Three extra-large alcohol wipes one roll of electrical tape. All kit contents are designed to fit back in a resealable bag for clean and easy disposal. Perfect [, Music ] never get bored of us crazy. So, let’s see what dayend of day seven and our hunter is tagged out.

So we’re having our final hurrah tonight and getting ready to get the other two tags in our camp filled. So we still got more to do, but so amazing about here. I wish I would have started videoing a little sooner. Jessie Jessie comes rolling in and he’ll with this nice tree for us. Keep us warm tonight. Look at this nice work. Does he tell us about from start to finish how you feel about your hunt overall, like the home was fun it was it was. It was I’m, like I told Josh I wish I would have just been able to see a 220 plus but yeah, but you know what you could see one tomorrow, they’re starting to right right now, right, it’s not the same well. At least I could still see one on the hook: yeah the Bucks came down to the tank and the third the buck. The dough’s he’s starting to push him around the water mm-hmm I drew on him, I’m looking at the horns and I’m like not bad he’s a little bit past his ears mm-hmm, just trying to evaluate him right got the scope on five and a half power, so It still looks really big, of course, when you go through any optics good, oh yeah, all right definitely go ahead, but you can’t mix it with nothing yeah, just straight any any whisky that comes with the cork. It’s good whisky, even if it says Kirkland we just we just like to save money. Okay, I don’t remember pulling the trigger really I don’t it all. Just kind of is a blurred from there huh, I’m sitting there. Looking looking looking, my biggest mistake was took the gun off safety, Oh yep, and that’s all over after you do that. What is it? 3.5 pound chassis it any much really and so.

Okay, you realize deer down. Then what shot him he was walking towards me. He did a and a side flop into the tank. One shot, one shot drop, ting good. I do appreciate that yeah. He didn’t even know what hit him nice. At that point I was sitting in my chair still and I went. Did you yeah not fast? Yep, I wasn’t even you weren’t trying to talk yourself into it. No, no yeah! How I wanted you to fill well! I got up took my backpack to the truck. Yeah came back, looked at him as he’s laying in mud. How deep did he go into it? Just a couple feet: he just flopped in couple feet: no, no, but it’s better than tag soup. You’re right! You have a deer, you have memories. The whole experience is something to be said for itself like, even if you don’t kill this hunts so fun and to meet people that you otherwise never would have had a chance to meet right like red and like rich and know, everybody’s been great. You know it’s just I mean and yeah all in all. I told myself I made a deal with God that you bring me a buck before 1 o’clock.

That’s a four point or bigger I’ll show you! Oh you stay true to your honor. To your word. I always thought that, maybe you know all right, maybe he’ll push blades or blade in yeah. You never know what following ya say. I want to have this particular deer, like I want blades to come at one o’clock, yeah man like the sky’s, the limit just add all the detail you want. Bro right did see a cool fox that came about from here. To that chair sat down next to me, did he notice you? Were there no yeah Wow, you didn’t even smell. You know, that’s very super! That’s how intense I was in my game. You were like you went into like yes mode. What are you doing trying to you know back page back page back page camera by this point? Well, I know I cannot even stand that I did. I do oh by that point he ran out to the water. Miss a great opportunity. It was literally like at that chair just came, stop, did a quick roll sat down and was like yeah, so I didn’t run that through my head. I’m like should I shoot it and maybe that would have tracked the big ones in. I know there’s always there’s always those questions and then You’ll review should I need an interpreter? Yes rich. Would you like to be the interpreter? What’s the perfect, I’m I’m just remembering in Kodiak Island, I met a wine Shack and I look behind me and there’s a fox and he’s just sitting there.

So I get out so my food and I feed him in a song because I didn’t want it hand, feeding right, yeah yeah. I did you don’t want to get bit. He hates that thing out of the spoon. What I think, probably is quite possible that this line Shack – you know the cattle he’s probably associated with humans before and was sort of housebroken yeah, but it’s not the only time that I’ve had come so close. You were worried that they’re not all together right, oh yeah, like rabies or something so there. There is nothing that you have done. That is any less other than taking advantage of the world and enjoying it yeah. Does it take to worry about anything you’ve done. It’s all good being here, that’s like you have lots of wisdom, young man, yeah we’ve talked about you, you guys keep pulling on. It was a blessing that you came. I’ve thought about that a few times during the trip.

Some of the stories that you had are very eye-opening to people that haven’t had to put their lives where I May die, or not, definitely makes you, don’t you think about things yeah, don’t sure I do got to say. Do one story about Jerry mutter. You got your afterburner, I got shot by a duck hunter. I had to sit and think about that what you met – and that was just yeah – and it was just a nice way of putting it yeah normally crazy. Definitely then a sign an ad time and all I was trying to do was just get like the blood going and camp so rich, like so that we could get on our roll. Oh, I guess rich is going to leave with the deer there’s been several times. I’ve taken one for the team. Thank you. That’s great! You got more timing. Yeah! You have potential to get this tagged again. Next year, yep there you go, it’s a good way to look at it and if I draw the tag again next year, we’re going to go for 300 and shoot a 165 and then we’re going to cut our standards in half. This is like natura man like we’re getting close to like closing time. You need to just take anybody. That’s still standing right. We got three days left. It’s like a lamb o’clock at the bar. You know what that will do. I agree anybody says they’ve, never done that I’ll call. My lawyer . Now we don’t have okay, wait. Just what are you guys, betting about you’re , the one you’re , the one? That’s got everything [ Laughter ], but what are you? Betting? Another 13 B tag. 5C, 13 B or 13. I won, I think you there, one yeah, I did what’s the bet like. Where do we get? What do you get there? You go there, you go [, Laughter, ] and then what do we get? If you don’t, if you don’t draw? Okay, there you go, you get, you have to give us 40,000.

So it’s going to be double that oh yeah, okay, 9 grand, so the world see here’s way worse. If he wins that I’m guiding him for free, okay, there’s no money lost there right. No money exchanged there’s nothing but at your service, but if I, if he doesn’t draw – and he wants my service he’s – got to pay for that right. It’s not within the bat right, so there’s no extra benefit there. So it’s got to be doubled that to me, or at least half yeah like there’s got ta be cushion in there. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. We don’t yeah. Okay, that’s your trucks on the line, hell on the line, so I’ve got to make this truck right here. This is the truck. That’s being bet right here, help it yeah ace. Just put this truck through the bed. I put help. Oh there’s! So much complicated yeah like wedding, you just like you, owe him 500 bucks or he owes you sighs under yeah, okay, hands out boys shake that these potatoes. For tonight, oh yeah. We could do that just so. You know saving now redemption, that’s what your dears name will be exactly you fight. You find the buck yeah and that’s his name. Yeah redemptions, his name. Okay, man. We got this. This ball rolling. We have big breakfast issues over here. Apparently, potatoes, smaller killing, the faster okay. Yes, that’s right, and if they’re thick they’re going to take, are you going to hache, Panem yeah we’re just going to come together um?

So what are you talking about starch coming out of them? You cut potatoes with everything. What are you talking about you’re , so full of it? Maybe we should Jarvis is basic. Travis yeah he just like rewinds he’s, like okay, did those five nails. What’s Jim again, onions and sausage and bacon. I think I think I had it too low in it. Blue that looks justified. I know some days that butter hasn’t melted, that’s because the griddle was pretty much out so we’re back on track. Now, sir, what you know, what’s your chef name, theaters? Oh, I was just like video in the middle of your shirt: oh shut down full of fresh, fresh frozen, fresh frozen, onions, everybody. Where do you get on the strip? Only Derby good is. If we had like bell peppers – and there was – we had tortillas well, we’ve had like burritos we’ve had big breakfast burritos twice and we had burritos for dinner once like you’re coming back to the clean level, your immune system is fighting the dirt, for you know it Just feels like every part of our body. Now it is this perfect, a few of those potatoes that are causing me some anxiety that are not touching the grill for another everything, coaching it’d be kinda. Quit hope that you’re able to maintain golden as’ of these potatoes, perfect perfection.

Well, you know somebody didn’t cut fast enough. The temperature and it’s you just get you get what you get it needs more. You know it takes time. That’s all you have to be patient to be a cook yeah all right. What else are you are you? Are you making he’s like yeah rich? What do you want? Oh we’ll make you whatever you want B’s on the onion, Oh and going in the drink. You got to keep something over your damn they’re everywhere you cannot. You can’t leave your drink unattended, [, Music ], don’t see the bees are thriving in November yeah. What’s with the pony, it is very good. You even got stung by one huh boo boo in the at Easter.


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