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Arizona Mule Deer

Gary. What about you how’s? The struggle? Stick like thorn its struggle. It’s going as good as can be expected. I guess yeah!

What’s up guys all right here we go opening day. 2019 Kaibab, 12b. West we’ve seen a few bucks first light this morning and made a stop here at camp. Real quick had some breakfast and now we’re going to go out and hit some different country and see what we can turn up and when we get back I’ll, show you guys camp and so seen a bit hey guys. We’re walking this big Canyon right here. Trying to turn up that buck that I just showed you guys. Video of he ran in a long ways, so we’re just going to try to turn him up and hopefully get one anything walking: Glasson

So we got a client over there. We got a client right here. I mean landing it right here and then over there we got the mess tent, get the dishwasher in the house. Look at how clean that’s good, beers that this was going to haunt us for the rest of our goddamn watch. He’s narrow he’s got some trash on the backside, but he looks his narrow looks thicker Yeah right before he pulled the trigger it. Looked at me and ears were out, and it didn’t even clear. The ears dude well guys we’re done and you just put smack down on the stud: let’s walk over and check him out, and then I got to go back and get the packs get some photos: heck, yeah, dude,.Thank you. Thank you big, pretty typical.

Oh, he had a dropper or something there. He broke off broke his tip on a g4 Pig along G floors on him heck yeah. I did yeah heck yeah. Now the work starts: here’s Jason and I’m going to . Let him explain to you guys what he has accomplished. I think it’s pretty badass and I wanted to share it with you guys: hey thanks, Josh. First of all, I’m thrilled to be here hunting the Kaibab with my good friend Andy and our guide here, Josh with antler addicts, trader antlia trader. That was on purpose. I leave it all in we have with antler traders, but what’s cool is so earlier this summer? I embarked on a most epic adventure and I hiked across the United States of I started in Campo, California, at mile zero at the mexican-american border, and I hiked all through Southern California, the Mojave these icy areas, all through the High Sierras, the Lake Tahoe NorCal. The Eternity Alps all through the state of Oregon the lava fields up through crater lake, across the bridge of the gods, into Washington, across the Columbia River and through the northern Cascades and at 2650. Three miles later I touched Canadian soil. So I’ve only been home about six weeks and my good buddy here drew on this great deer tag down here on the Kaibab and and invited me to come down and josh has been a great guide and it’s just been a most epic summer. So yeah, that’s pretty rad when Andy here he kills big deer yeah. So it’s awesome having you guys both in camp. I really appreciate it.

What’s up guys, alright, we are done with 12b west and now we’re driving home. We got about a 10 hour drive. It’s snowing, we’re catching the beginning of this big storm. That’s going to be pushing through it’s the night before Thanksgiving, so with a little bit of luck, being home for Thanksgiving and get enough sleep that I can enjoy it, but it was a tough huh. It was good huh, they just we killed some great deer team, ASG killed some Giants and some studs and some of us struggle there’s good hunting, always a fun. I love that huh it’s over now and I’m excited to get home. I think I’m on twenty something days right now, since I’ve been home, so we’re going to get focusing on the road and we’ll see you guys on the next episode, thanks for watching. Well we’re like four hours into this drive. Now maybe five – and this is pretty much what it’s been the whole way I have so far to go still. I don’t even know what time I’m going to get into town, what time I’ll get home



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