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Muzzle Loader Mule Deer

What’s up guys look who I got hey? It’s been a minute yeah, it’s awesome, 37 days of minutes, so I finished up the alkyne down there in southern Arizona and got done about 9 o’clock at night loaded up the truck and drove to Vegas and picked up this hottie of mine. Yes, sunglasses! We’re riding in a vehicle that doesn’t have air-conditioning as usual: it didn’t work, so I I’m in the middle of guiding. I don’t have time to work on it.

So one time you see us and we’re good with them. We don’t, but this actually has been a nice vehicle yep. This is a Little Debbie. Everybody, oh and we’re heading to st. George yep we’re going back to hunt the deer that I was trying to kill on the archery hunt. With my tag – and I kind of know like like yet I kind of feel like it was not meant to be to kill him. He never gave us an opportunity to kill him. It was just everything was always wrong when I found him, but we found him again after last year. We found him again so yeah, so we found him me. I found him again hunted him could not kill him and I kind of feel like it was because Bert wasn’t with me. It just wasn’t meant to be she’s been there on every time. We’ve hunted this deer she actually last year she gave up. We hunted in the last two days: the archery hunt, the whole muzzleloader hunt, the whole early rifle hunt and the whole late rifle huh and Britt actually had an early rifle tag and kind of forfeited it.

So we could kill this deer yeah yeah. So it’s yeah. This is our buck. We’re going to kill them together, and it’s going to happen here in the next couple days I kept fun like I was kind of like I had mixed emotions when he was on the archery part of the hunt. Cuz. Obviously, we’ve moved to Idaho and so someone needed to stay back and I had the bakery and stuff. So every night, I’d kind of want to hear that he was dead. Then it kind of didn’t cuz. I almost hated calling her every night just because that was the first question. If you dead and I’m like, no every single time is like no just lives in a really bad spot, and that’s why he’s big and he’s old and yeah? He did not get this big by being stupid, no, not at all. He deserves at that. Deer deserves serious props man. He has made us put all the work that you can on my dear. You know one of the hardest years we’ve ever hunted before and I said deers deers there’s multiple of them, I’m just so excited yeah, one of the hardest deer that we’ve ever hunted yeah and he’s big he’s big this year.

So I’m glad we didn’t kill him. Last year, like I said, I know, themed pictures when he sent me over a picture. I was like. Oh my god, then that really made me be like yeah she’s a now. We are on day 27 of being gone. Oh excuse me day, 37 she’s, put she’s, put put everything to haul and handled business and done a phenomenal job. The kids are amazing because of her she’s, the boss of the family. She she handles everything, so I couldn’t do what I do without her and it’s time for Mama to have a vacation yeah. She won’t go, and so here she is, she flew in from Boise to Vegas. I picked her up and now we’re going. Do you think we could like detour onto the strip for a couple days, want to go to the strip hello Mike I’m right here, it’s literally right behind me so make you do if we kill this deer right. If we kill this deer opening day, we’ll go spin for days, yup 300, I’m trying to think of the Wednesday Thursday, totally Sunday, okay, four days, we’ll spend four days on the strip. If we can kill this deer opening day, I’m like here, we go guys 37 days straight of hunting. Today is actually the first day out of those 37 days that I haven’t hunted and it was kind of nice. I slept in traveling shower, got to see my wake up with my wife and we went had a nice breakfast and we went got some necessities very enjoyable day together, yep and, of course, like I’ve, been talking nonstop because I literally have it feels like half a Lifetime that I need to update him on she’s, like tell me about your help, what do you do? I was like I caught myself and I kind of been talking a lot.

So do you have anything that you want to share? I’m like? No, I want to hear everything I glass I hiked down the mountain next day that afternoon I hiked to the top mountain. I glass I hiked off the Mount I need. I need a partner. This video series would be way more entertaining with a partner, and I finally got her there. She is, we are going to get going, we are almost to where we’re going and we got ta figure out what we’re going to do tonight. We’re going to camp for good rumor. I don’t know we got a. We got a few errands to run tomorrow, but I want to glass in the morning and then run the errands in the day and then glass at night.

So that’s the point, but anyway we’ll see you guys in a bit. We are on the second act of opening day for muzzleloader yeah deer in Utah, and now we’re going to go on a solo trip. Travis came and helped glass this morning for a little bit. Thanks drive, I appreciate that yeah, that’s a true friend. Man drop. What they’re doing to come out here at fricking five o’clock in the morning, good good friend, but got your game face head, got my game face on now. We’re going to go glass. The new country we’re going to go, kill a deer as well. That’s what we ain’t glassing! That’s, not what this is well, we got a clause finding your tarps whip it in the window.

So let’s go. I think we should shape time as much time in the dust, because we’re going to be in the Sun until the Sun sets sunscreen na means we’re doing not. You is that, like you’re , forgetting public service and take guys, he doesn’t wear sunscreen and whose skin is going to , do it. They look so freaking the crazy yeah that would hurt in your sleeping bag. I always thought they look like those bugs that is like a baby sack on his butt. No, I say his butt. I bet it’s a baby sack can let’s go make some dinner late, [, Music, ]. Finally, back to the truck, you always have to walk back in the dark, cuz you’re , squeezing out every light. Careful everybody we’re going to have to show you our camp set up, it’s kind of dark right. Now we got a quaint little setup, though we got a hammock. This is our kitchen. Oh, we so basic, a crap ton of dust and wind. Today we are back and we are making a quick dinner thought. I’D, show you guys. This is such a easything that we always do just get in the Asian salad, mixer, any salad mix for that matter, and then chicken patties we like the spicy ones and then Josh puts some oil in a fancy frying pan, as you can see, look How fancy we are, and we fried that up and put it on our salad good. It was really hot holy cow on that hike in I was like I have freaking, leggings and extra Don. This is done.

All right show me how you uh, how you do this chef Corbin. Do you think everybody else, the stuff looks. This fricking hammered, probably not huh, that we got this Coleman stove as a wedding gift. We did we did. How do we get it from remember? I remember you asked for specific gifts, yes for our radio, walkie talkies, I’m starving I’ll, show you the final product in a minute oriental salad with spicy chicken grilled up chopped up and in some bowls we’re just getting the salt and pepper out, because we know it Needs some pepper for sure: I dropped it twice. You dropped it once so. Hopefully this message will be coming for us. Okay, all right here we go we’re going to go, look for him again and we still haven’t turned up our buck, but we’re going to keep just tearing the country apart until we find him or the Hunts over one of the two guys in a bit, and Hopefully we can turn our buck tonight and get this fricking thing done, get him on the ground with tag on him he’s over there somewhere. I just went to the bathroom, but I just heard this and it kind of just sound like a locust kind of worried. I can honestly say this is not one of my most excited moments of leaving camp. The wind has been just howling all day long and we’re actually kind of like in this little tree nook. That’s protecting us from these.

What were they 25 mile-per-hour winds that what’s the thing with yeah, then we’re going to have to walk out in it. Now we’re on what day is day 4 day 4 day 4 of the evening muzzleloader and the wind also doesn’t have my spirits high, because my guess is they’re just going to stay hunkered down. They don’t want to mess with this wend as much as we do so we’ll see another key bone, and today I’m excited, I always like to go to new places, see new stuff new adventure, plus the winds not blowing as hard anymore. It’s still blowing, but it’s all right. Where did you the cart? Got me: burnin, yeah bud. Here’s this hole right. There TorI come out of he’s just waking up: cold , this whole entire. What you believe keeps you [ Applause ], we’re back. We just got set up, so we can serve awesome for the. I got the wind at our back right here, which is pretty much no matter where we set up tonight. That’s what we’re going to deal with, but we’re far enough away that I’m not worried about it now worried about it so Brits on the spotter, I’m running the fifteen and it’s about five o’clock, so we’re just going to see some glass for the rest of the Night and hopefully turn him up, he just disappears yeah. It’s got to be a place that we’re not checking the competition. We’ve got competition in here and we’re just going to try to make the best of it and hopefully turn it up before they do and shoot it or we’re going to run through the country screaming and yelling and causing lots of commotion to just run it out Of here cuz, I don’t want to see somebody else shooting we got too much time into this dear. We just need to show up. I haven’t seen him since the archery huh he’s around, keep looking see you guys, [ Applause ]. You ready go babe yeah, I really hooked it up with that. I won that one that yeah our group did in our the little contest. They had yeah, pretty awesome gift huh. On top of it, they gave me they gave everybody a pack that came another pack.

So I got another one also she’s got. I brought extras for everything I got two typos or three tripods, two spotting scopes to set to buying those three backpacks yeah. I made sure I made sure I used to be like that. I used to really become that. I had three of everything and, if you didn’t think you’re not and you needed it, I got it anyways and I have I’ve really really cut down on that a whole hot I’ve had to Little. Debbie here doesn’t have the storage capacity, but on top of it, I like keeping it simple, really simple. That way, I can be completely mobile and move throughout the area, I’m hunting or the unit at any given time. So here we go. We are ready to go out for the evening hunt. We got our laundry done today. Yeah, we got clean clothes, yeah yeah, so we saw it. We actually saw a lot to do this morning. We did all box nodos, just no big bucks, nothing that we’re looking for well, not for what we were looking for, but we saw some good bucks yep we’re going to get going so we’ll see you guys on the mountain,yeah, all that was Buried in the dirt, I just seem part of this through the brush just like that. It was actually laying down work just like that and I bring down grabbed it and I was like holy crap. Look at that thing. It’s whole it’s not broke.

What up this morning, we turned him up. Brick got behind the glass. I hurried to get into position. We I started at 400 yards and ended up at 280 and I was in shooting position when he walked out from behind the trees. He just didn’t stop and he kept going into the next big patch of trees and out of our lives, the FSM yep. He does everything it’s be effective, so that is the first time we’ve seen in this old burn, which of it I burned down a giant. The other night and I was kind of a little sick about it and the next day I was like that night and just never. I just couldn’t do it, knowing that this deer is still in here somewhere right, but if I would have shot the other deer. The other night, then there’s no killing this deer, so can’t kill 230 deer when you’re shooting 208 here yeah. I hunt big deer. When I want to kill big beard, I’m hunting one deer deer only, and so I May kill it. I May not, but this is the third year in a row: we’ve been hunting. This deer, so we’ll be seeing you soon. Deer won’t be seeing you soon anyway, after 49 days has been a bit since I’ve been home. I was back in Idaho tonight such a good fish we’re getting to experience ball, which we both grew up in Idaho.

So we know at fall is like we’d, always tell our kid, and they look at us, like Tom. Paul is at the all on the trees. My favorite hope it’s my favorite holiday, it’s my favorite season favorite time of the year. It should be a holiday, loving, words, hahaha and then everything we’re looking forward to sharing that with our family and our kids are Leena. Unfortunately, we saw the deer one whopping morning and miles we searched high and low for that. Dear the morning that we found him Josh was able to test about 280 yards was an information where he can get a good. Now that works, so we are going to go. Luckily, he has Hunter, which means he gets archery muzzleloader early rifle and rifle the stairs about an intern about in four days. Earley right starts, I’m going to see. If I can just bust a move, hits the ground, especially after, and all that work want to see them the labor and that above that’s where we’re at we aren’t giving up on him, there’s no backup there he’s going to be for two years. This is your number number three. It’s probably the biggest deal ever, there’s really not enough. Personally, so anyways thanks for sticking with us guys, the videos will always be here. They just might be a little bit. There might be some sporadic natal weekend. Things slide out. Thanks for your support, we just got home. Look at my flowers holy smokes. I need some water all right. Let’s see what the puppies say. Do you not know who I am dad? It’s been 49 days how about that



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