226″ Giant Mule Deer Sheds & Dead Head Antler Trader

Giant Mule Deer Sheds

We named this buck 14 we were able to pick up a couple years of sheds off this buck and found him dead from a lion.
His Skull scored 226″ non typical & 216″ Typical his sheds the year before scored 208″ Typical.

Well here we are it’s actually our last day out here on our little three and a half day trip me and Britt did the same trip last year same time. Actually a couple of days earlier, but kids are grandmas, we decided to come out. Look for her other side 214, which she found this time last year. It’s like a 90, it was broke and he was 94 inches broke typical, and then we picked up his skull and it was 226 non-typical 216. Typical.

Yesterday, Britt actually found another side another year off of him. We got video that I’ll show you guys that too, and then we’ve been looking and looking and looking to match up her other side from last year, and I finally finally found it she’s not far away she’s actually just got here. I’ve been yelling get over here before I walked up on it. So, let’s uh, let’s walk over here and check it out. It’s big yeah his g3s broke on this one, but no worries god, they’re stitching they’re in such good shape for being as old as they are. Oh, my gosh. We worked so hard for that guy, a little extra on the backside there. He changes every year where that extra is right. Oh, that feels really good. We’ve worked so hard to find this deer. Very cool he’s going to have just like the other one, like 28 29 inch brain beam. The way it turns in they really stay in pretty good shape, seven yeah – they do better look at it this day in really good shape in this country. Only a little bit broke. We’ve known this guy to be a bit of a fighter so chewing on him right there, God that nothing else is so.

We got a set, a skull and a single off the deer. We call 14. The reason we call them 14s cuz Britt, found on the other side to this January , 1st of last year, 2014, first day of 2014, and then we found his school January , 2nd 2014. And here we are what is it the 2030s? It’s almost last 30th a December and we matched him up 29th Britt found another year the year. Before is what we’re thinking that now we got to go, look for it so, and it is chilly out here, it’s very cold, so that just shows how much we’re dedicated – and we love to find these horns. I can even hike in the lake still stay cold in the face stays cold. Everything else is doing pretty good, though yep, so I don’t. Let’s go find more all right, so we were just walking up this Ridge right here.

Looking for sheds 2014 1 to 14, we’ve been kicking, butt we’ve been finding some good horns, but walking up over here I swear through the trees right over there. I seen I’ve seen sometimes looks like it might be, a small. Let’s go bro, it was on the other side of the bridge. Over there I called her over holy . Look at that. It’s a giant skull holy excuse my language. Oh he’s broke. That’s all right! That’s just! Oh my God! Look! How big he is?

Oh, you don’t find that very often, oh, my gosh. Well, that gives me goose bumps. It’s got ta be this year’s. Oh wow looks like a lion, got it. Oh yeah face is gone. I saw it. Oh, my goodness, he’s bladed kick her in that fours. That’s what you call that just kills just kicks. Oh wow lot, like the same condition is that school we found a couple years ago, babe mm-hm. Actually, it was last winter yeah, that’s right, Wow hold them hold them out. For me, that is just excellent. Yes, 2014 baby traitor! That’s right! Nice! Then you’re done all right. All right! You! You


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