395″ Elk Sheds Antler Trader Part 2

395″ Elk Sheds – Part 2

Part 2 to my 4 day elk shed hunting trip when I picked up a 395″ set of elk sheds these sheds had huge G4 & G5’s

All right, so here we go day three to actually later in the morning, it’s about 11:00 11:15 11:30 haven’t found anything yet been going since about 8:30 9:00 right in there. I move spots from where I was yesterday, butsix miles from the truck right now and finally found one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

So here it is, did I think 25 miles yesterday and picked up into the day with 11, and she looks like a good hard life no site around here somewhere drop down the hill. Here, from where I found this hard white and there’s just this little little rocky canyon right here – it’s not very big just on to the other hill right here and drop down here we got a shed and it looks big. It looks really big get down in here this mud and snow.

It’s pretty nasty, oh yeah, clear this died. Oh, is it Brokers you just underneath there hey grunts big 34. It’s huge, I hope his litter sides close. It’s got a short name. He broke it. Man kills him look at that v, holy . That is what we’re looking for just need, some more bean. I wonder what that thing’s course. I just love to find out this evening all right, so I just come straight up right here from where I just found this, this stud stud bull and I found the other side. It’s not far, he’s just right over here right on top at all. It’s so big, it’s so big! Oh yeah, look at how big! Yes, oh forget the sports and fit oh. This one’s got an extra. I wonder if you had that on the other side and that’s why you broke so much beam off.

Oh man, man, oh man! Oh, I don’t even know, say: okay now, Wow holy [, __ ]. Look at that just an absolute stud. I mean it’s unreal, absolutely unreal. This. This thing is absolutely big. I don’t know what what he’s going to hit? I’M not even going to guess, I’m going to wait till I get a tape on it, but this main beam this, the main beams scare me I mean granted. The gross is going to , be awesome with this and I’ll take growth over net any day. But it’s just the main beam scares me: there’s not a lot of main beam there, but to clear those fourths and fifths and thirds and I’ve never seen fits that big. I mean that’s unreal. Those things have pushed in 20 inches, I mean come on: oh they’re, so heavy man, oh man, oh man, I’ll tell you what all the hard work all hard work that we’ve put in to ELQ this last year in 2015 and all the ELQ was picked up And don’t get wrong, I mean we, we had a killer here last year we picked up five sets four sets in the three 80s five sets in those three 70s and and didn’t even add up all the 350 360 stuff, just a phenomenal phenomenal year from Nevada. You thought Arizona pretty much just been kind of traveling trying to get out there into the country that these giants live. So I’ve had a goal. I want to break 400.

I’ve made a I made a deal last year that I was going to , spend all the last year going through out and trying to break that 400. I still went for deer I’ll, never not go for deer deer, my baby, but figured I’m going to , put it all in go for 400. So you back on deer, and this is what this is, what I got so absolutely unreal. I can’t wait to score him day, three seven miles or so from the truck, maybe noon who knows? Maybe you got a bigger set Lane over here somewhere, absolutely unreal. I just went down this Canyon up. The other side got to the top over there and realized. I left my little camera tripod back with that set, so I figure well, it’s not that far. I’M going to drop everything over there haul butt back to grab it and decide to take a little bit steeper route and in the process boom. Here’s another nice shed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Man this day is turning out to be amazing. I mean late start first hard. Why die first for horror, finds a hard white and then go maybe 15 minutes later over a hillside and pick up that giant and then this bad boy, so I think I’m going to stay on this end. I’M going to leave this stuff. I said over there over there and keep hitting some of this lower steeper stuff see what else is in there. I can’t hurt. So let’s go get my tripod first, okay, so I just stopped just coming down the hill into this Canyon, from where I left my little tripod – and I just stopped here because I’ve got to fix this Hornets, it’s moving around quite a bit and let’s look up The hill here there’s a Tyne sticking up right there, just a bug that deadlock broken up, actually hard white sitting there, hearing this wide-open signer so we’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just got done scoring him and man.

As close as I thought. I was going to , be I missed it main beams, just kill him. Everything else is good. I mean he could use a little bit more mass, but other than that main beams. I mean the main beam. Damn it. I thought we had it that time. I really did so. I try not to get too excited. I’ve been let down one too many times, butone thing: it’s cool about it. It is freestanding, so big birds. I mean kind of concaved a little bit. Probably an older Bowl, hopefully he’s in here again this year, so not the wait-and-see way to start off the first shed trip of elk shed trip of 2016. Now all right here we go day four about 8:30 in the morning, just getting going. Probably I’m six. Seven hundred yards out of camp at the most on a different direction: okay, and I got shed old and shocking, but huh heck. Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mike actually being as close as it is to camp.

Just put it up on top here and GPS, itpulse three point: let’s say you broke off his front. There Mosher’s browsers right cool. Thank you think. Thank you yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 2:05. Heavy little Fido changes point up here. We’Re going to come in here this actually broke off. So thank you. Thank thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank thank thank you, broken a shed and broken all right, so I coulda went up the hill over there where’s a lot easier just on the backside kind of slopes. The way the canyon rolls anyways it kind of slopes is grassy way easier to go, but it did not have all the sagebrush with this steeper size side had so I opted to take this way and I don’t know if you can see it or not. Alright, so there it is, I said, to grab it, bring it up on top, oh man, what up so it’s the end of day for about 5:15 or so we’re going to start packing up so then get on the road get home. And oh, what a trip awesome trip, awesome awesome trip picked up my biggest set and I’m not going to say way scores yet just because I wanted to do it right.

On top of it, I think I picked up 33, 32 or 33 sheds total lot of chalk. A lot of hard white saw a lot of bowls nothing’s dropping. Yet it’s fun getting sit and watch those guys from a distance hoping a couple would drop. But no luck so yeah four days have just pound in the hills turned out to have that right. There we got that set from the other day, there’s the big set. Now you can think thank you to be able to come out and do what I love and get around and be able to physically do this, it’s a lot of miles with a lot of weight on your back for a long time. So I’m I’m pretty stoked. I’M ready for the Browns now



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