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170″ Elk Shed

Hi, guys, what’s going on, we made it to where we’re going well. As far as we can go and we’re parked, our packs are on our boots, are laced up and we’re ready to go. We’re going straight up this hill right here and just start milling around and grid, and we got elk sheds pretty much. We can find out sheds in anywhere in this country, so Brit sheds not very far where she found that big 170 inch stud just over this little hill right here. So we’re going to go up. We haven’t hit anything from like their back, so we’re going to go up, hit the top and just do a big big grid in this Basin right here, and hopefully, yeah, hopefully get into some more elk and some big sheds and lots and lots of full power Years, awesome into don’t be a friggin porn for under 10 table very easily, so good FX fill them up. Go on he’ll come back. You got ta, warn ya, so let’s go okay! I got a couple a couple sheds I just spotted straight it all the way. The top of this looks down into this bowl right here comes up from the draw a nice little feed spot, spotted a couple chance you down here in this brush, huh there’s the first one few people elk. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

There’s the second one over there. Thank you all right, we’re on the board. You two two little ones but to shed my loop around through right here, Britt. The other side could be right in here we’re not far. From course, you got respect. We got another little dragger. It looks like right here. Thank you thanks. Thank you. A little bit you long going on right there, great we’ll take it. Add it to the pile, let’s put some stuff on my back and check out it slice to get chunked. In my arm right there all right so three sheds already that’s a good thing. Hopefully we can find grew the other side. That’s if I can find that I’ll be happy or somebody finds it. I don’t care as long as we match that morning, good. We are off on our trip to find or match up. My big bowl plays pick up last weekend and watch in the freakin top of the mountain. I realized I forgot my phone so to go clear back down just to grab it. I inaudible all right catch up with everybody. Now I’m going to make a checklist. So I remember everything I even went through a checklist. I got water, I got food, I got my by nose. I got my radio, but not my phone. All right wish. Me luck.

Guys, hey guys, we have been going reactor actually just stopped for a little lunch break and josh has three on the board and I didn’t up until now have anything on the board. I got a deer shed so hold tight, nah she just caught him. I mean if my head would have been turned the other way. That’s how easy it is to walk right by something you got to keep your head moving in all directions. At all times that looks like a pretty good new shed and we’re actually elk shed hunting. So it’s like elk or on the brain, oh yeah, sorry good, and I was just a little bit sidetracked by that’s a cool darn it I wish we did to God through it sooner, but frickin heck yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Whew yeah is awesome that helps rejuvenate my spirit, all right. Next time you see me, I hopefully all have smelt sheds. What’s up guys, we going for a bit picked up a big dead deer shed and then we dropped into this burn and I got a little bull, right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you we’ll take that just not finding any sizing here. It kind of blows me away a little bit fishy after that gagger Britt picked up well keep looking, there’s got to be something I stopped here to class real fast for the bird and I didn’t even see it. I just got lucky where I stopped and yeah laughing all over there, seeing what I could see and then just put my by nose back and I look down very good waiting for me, the first elk shed of the day for me haha. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, I know the hauling yeah. These are really good. Bye, nose, BTW those package, my marsupial there. It is hey guys. We just got into the burn. I found that little old shed and then we sat down in glass and then I found two more and on my way over here. I found this little unicorn one and then I got this one, but I don’t think it is the one eyeglass up. It might be, oh look I’ll, take a good look around here, see it might be good there. We are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I think this is it gauging buggah trees, but I’m going to take a quick gander around here into it. I guess I’d burns are always awesome to go through in elk horns, and you have to look, though, because sometimes I can this yellow grass. You basically have to walk on it to find it all right. Oh yeah, it’s got a brownie, I just lost up. Oh I’m turning right too much a little rag er, but it is a brownie. It will take you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you right.

There then, over the top of this, but up there we got another one that we’re going to go grab wondering if we shouldn’t turn out or look on this hill, we’re just on okay. Finally, getting up here since I don’t know it’s actually a broken one broken piece works for me I’ll take it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s doing that little draw go over here. Sit down, got some more. You can just barely see the tip of the time. It is one day. Oh, oh my gosh, you guys holy smokes. Look at there Brad. I get excited about the breath. Okay, so, as you guys can see, I was going over there to pick that one up and I think it’s like good lord, I turned my head like I keep telling you guys. You just got to keep your head on constant rotation, heck yeah wow! That’s! Oh! Oh rock, on the best one of the day. Maybe this is the other side over here which thank you, mister elk, dude, I’m glad I turned this might be the other side to it guys. Nice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah yeah.

Here we go nice. That’s a score. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all right. What’s up guys, sofinally made it back to the truck with today’s find finds, I should say we all pick something up picked up. A brown set, pretty cool young Bowl lots of length. Just just super young and kind of kind of thin in the horn, but other than that he’s a cool bull he’s got lots of potential. We did not match up her her big bowl, but there’s there’s yeah they’re still on just on the hill alone, where she found him. There’s there’s piles and there’s a bunch of stuff still under snow on all the North Face and stuff. So we might have to wait till it melts off more before we come back and really hit it hard, butthere. It is guys Kevin Jeff on an awesome time. Thank you. You bet buddy. Thank you.

We’re going to get out more babe what’d! You do. Did you tell my dear one? Oh yeah Britt picked up a gag or deerhorn to Betty’s folder, but the thing is huge. We got thrown in super super heavy too yeah yeah super super cool, good job. It set up real, quick, sorry kid. I found a brownie Turnham all day, long threes on that thing. Super young, but lots of potential, gobs and gobs of potential. Try beyond the price is right there. It is lots of fun. Now we’re going to drive into and get some grub and then drive home and get up tomorrow, get some stuff fixed and probably turn right around and go again Tuesday. Yeah, no y’all, don’t understand. Kevin will tell you just all in a day’s fun. These are guys later, you


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