Amazing 832yard Long Range Shot Az Strip Hunt Episode#12! Antler Trader

832yard Long Range Shot

What’s going on guys here we go, we are starting off 2016. We got the 13 a Arizona Strip, rifle hunt starts tomorrow. We just went in and met our clients here in town and we’re driving out right now to camp. Get them all set up and squared away and hopefully get some evening evening, scouting in before tomorrow, and see if we can turn up one of these bucks we’ve been watching for the hunt.

There’s going to be we’re going to have some competition in there there’s going to be a few guys in there that have got camp set up already, but but so we’re just driving where you know we’re driving out just hit the big fly here and got my Client phone, like I said lo and behold, we got a coyote and an out in the out in the flat. He stood there long enough for me to get out of the truck, get a pulled over, get out run over to the fence line, there’s a poke. It was a little over 400 and I just barely missed him kind of sucks, but that’s all right. I was a long shot for a little dog like that, but next one when we get away Oh see the bet, blasting dogs on the strip – 6.5 Creedmoor dumped him, which is good because he missed when the other day up two days ago, his long shot.

So I went easy on him, but he just redeemed himself him the water looks yummy. You should jump in hold the ranch of water back in the day middle of nowhere, you just a bottle of water, but we’ll all have you take me back to my truck we’ll just get all this done. Alright, guys so Tim here, just smack the stud buck. It’s day, six of the hunt we’ve seen some really nice bucks, but we have not seen anything very big and this buck was by far the biggest buck. We’ve seen it’s so far on this hunt and it’s aside and Tim just put the smackdown on him. Had 832 yards first shot drilled him. He he went, maybe 30 yards started to get woozy and then Tim smacked him again and just dumped him lights out.

Taking us a while to get over to where he was, but man hell’s, awesome unreal, there’s the man right there, smoking, deer, okay! Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we got him found and he’s a lot farther out there than I thought he was he’s straight up there in that opening right. There he’s not broke good deal. Thank you. Mom VickI mom pick him up pick him up yeah. I did you




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