An Epic Week In Salt Lake City at the Western Hunting Expo 2018 Antler Trader Vlog

Western Hunting Expo

All right guys here we go, it is the first day of the hunt Expo Travis and I got everything finally set up. We’Ll just give me a quick peek near the booth there. It is guys big hunting pool sign just below we’re next to them. Hush Mountain ops, Weatherby in the corner over there and then point there – you go 360 view so should be a lot of fun. Travis is going to . Take a picture. I’m going to be in the way we’re going to do a little video to tell you guys a little bit about this and we keep you guys posted throughout the show, we’ll keep videoing stuff and let you know what’s going on alright guys. This is right. Here’s a young guys, you kids out here, just having fun having fun.

You know getting their pictures taken with the big sheds. Here’s Big Easy, your dude, that’s awesome, say: cheese, Peola, jrgen, tired! When I showed my wife, you need help. Are you good, remember guns? You got them things I’ll help you out there you go not better, you still won’t hold them. You can there’s so much shank on that. Dear I think so. Big okay with your and when you lock the doors, locks the tailgate. Oh that’s cool! Oh you guys! Look at this man. Kids think that they’re going to get to drive this they’re out of their mind. They’re excited too, though, Christel taught me to bring me booze geez, who are you Jesse Jesse? Who are you? Oh, we know who that is. That’s why it’s I’m just kidding. Who are you say something funny come on les? What youtube is waiting waiting funny. Look at my nose: it’s crooked, there’s Kobe beef. It’s all beef!

Sorry, ladies he’s taken hey. We knew that chick. Is you know? I am that kid fifty-yard. Oh look five seconds ago. She wanted to be on camera gorgeous five seconds ago. She’s, like oh, my god record me yeah, I look so pretty Cowboys. I look pretty. Oh so pretty. Who is that chick? Oh, she just smacked. You guys we’re banning her from the YouTube channel. Then we got t-mac Travis McClendon mighty. We just had a pretty okay dinner. Everybody like there’s Jesse here got the Brussels sprouts that I want. They were good. They were. I got some crazy, regular vegetables that were steamed me and Kobe. We had same thing pretty good. The meat was good. The painters were good, I just wanted the Brussels sprout and she knows better what you should order to be the Brussels sprouts, because they were really good. Exactly oh, we’ve got a whole nother things, whole nother thing, so we’re just having fun getting here after a long. First day at the expo, now we need you to find the guys who make quit giving away this hard time just Wes I’ll. Do what?

Oh you guys all right guys leave a comment. If you know how Old West is, whoever gets it right, whoever gets it right. Wes will give you a Colorado times. Decal. Oh ok, he’ll set you’ll draw a picture of Colorado times, logo melody! Oh, you go subscribe to Wes and say: what’s up, oh well, alright! Alright, so we’ll add a link if you go subscribe to, what’s this YouTube channel he’ll pick, what are you going to ? Do how many hats 12:20, alright he’ll, give away two hats to anybody subscribe so go subscribe and then comments day you came there from my video say: hey we’re format or trader Wes. Give us a hat and he’ll pick. He’Ll pick two winners. Perhaps it all had a decal to each of them. If my wife makes really awesome decal and she handles the shipping on them, and I forget everything I tell you I’m going to , do it and then she does it. Fine, five, hats, good, okay, five hats! You got a comment. Came here from an oil trader, I’m going to I’m going to get in on the deal. I’m going to give you two packets of sweet’, n law, sweet and low sweet wait. But how are we going to ? You got to do at least five because we got five hats, we’ll do three Splenda three Splenda.

So if you’re a guy, you can pick Splenda and two equals and two equals. So obviously we’re only going to have two girls win. You got a girl’s hat Wes! No alright, so girls you’ll just have to make do yeah, Wes, alright, so yeah go. Do it guys we got a reef, we got a refraction here. Travis cannot afford to give away five Splenda steep, so carried away in the moment. I’m going to have to back that down a little bit. Okay, so we’re backing down. I’m sorry, this windows, cancer will take care of. You, though, lost your mind. snort that I dare you snort some vinegar, snorted start it morning: five bucks, five bucks I’ll give you tomorrow and I’ll, throw in note ten bucks, the viewers votes. I want you to no, no here’s the thing getting that I am you’re going to hate every second okay. What do we got here? What are you ten bucks for you so far, ten bucks from me, ten bucks for me all right, ready. I want it. I want to hear [ Laughter, ], all right. That’s, like 40 bucks, vinegar, brown, water yeah. They say drink that stuff they’ll be good for you, so he just douches nostrils, [, Laughter ]. How would you got there probably got it yeah I give my better half yeah to hear the money side, [ Laughter, ], the . Okay, guys we got Trevor. Mr Trevor Trevor, you guys know Trevor, whichever was the one that was jumping on the wrong bed.

A hunting camp Trevor is known as the beard all right Trevor show them the beard. Is that not the most perfect beard you have ever seen Trevor the beard. Look at that dunt dunt uh, it looks like the Old Spice guy with a beard could be riding a horse Turner. Take your shirt off. Let’s see, come on Trevor show us the beard there look at that guys, there’s not a hair, that’s uneven on this thing. He doesn’t even trim it no trimming the Hitler, I mean it’s perfect, it’s sculpted, she doesn’t have a jaw. It’s that the beard is his job turn that off the beard everybody go say HI to the beard, just missing his front finger. That’s oh he’s just pointing people’s. Oh! It’s on the beetle bit. Trust me. Dude, BIC is going to call you. When we’re done with this and bike. We want to use you as a beard model. Let go you can just keep practicing. You got the right call to do it good job, okay, guys day number three is down.

The day was the busiest day it was Saturday yeah. We just went Nate an awesome dinner with everybody good stop by how Walmart here to get to get us some ice cream and somebody broke into this car right here just now, just now yeah. So, basically, what I wanted to say is here’s. The new truck got my zooms load of safeguard. Oh they’re , complaining that I want to lock it take your shoes off before you get in what doing baby of your new truck. We got black windows for the kids, so you can’t see them. We don’t need people knowing about our kids, so there it is guys. This is what we got everybody’s going to ask him. I know this is why I wanted. I wanted a truck without cap. I’ve had nothing but captain shares the past few vehicles and think about how good of a backseat driver.

I can be right here in the road, so yeah and plus, on top of it, when I have hunters or we’re hunting or anything like that. I don’t have a gun right here in the way and they don’t have again scratching up everything on the center. That was one of the big reasons to but the number one reason was so many pretty little wife could sit by me and lots of storage, so lift is the ghetto Luber, oh, that car just got broken into. I just don’t understand why nobody’s doing anything? Nobody cares, I’m really glad all right. I got ta drive yeah, I didn’t see them. One day, stuff was going down HI guys, what’s going on, the show has come coming from kids that don’t even have a youtube job. They don’t even know you .

So anyways the shows come to an end. After doing with these fools soul, fun and we’re excited instead of yeah, I edited myself. We decided to come, get some dinner and before we should go and tear everything down the night versus once we’re done here. We’re going to have that whole booth tear that tour down put in the trailer and ready to go to night, so you notice how many people turned out there. Oh, we got to catch those fun. We had a lot of fun. It was a good show, got a lot of new people and get the new get the word out on zgf it’s taking off like wildfire. It’s been a good good thing, so check it out guys and we’ll see in a little bit.

That’s a cool effect that my phone does yours doesn’t do. Jaden knows, Jaden knows he knows everything about everything, but it’s overcast outside and Jaden he’ll tell you it’s a blue sky yeah and I don’t know how to run it. I’m sixty good things. We should get him to snort these 20 bucks 20 bucks. You won’t see that [, Music, ] Biggs’s, coming what we’re doing now leaf spring broke, wore the inside of the tire out it’s about to pop the other tire had a screw in it and flat. Oh, no, everything shipshape how we do things around here. Yeah, it’s pretty well worn you might want to this – could get interesting. It always gets interesting. We’re involved. What am I bitter and in front of me is a bit on. The tag is a big Colburn. I got a jump over a little I’ll, better, put ocker in urban issues. Now, go you guys not have a jack beautiful day. Oh hey go! Oh there’s a car coming nope, I yeah. Oh, we need like a jack or something go. Get a jack see. This is where we’re staying, it’s actually pretty cool.

These houses were built in 1929 ish, at least the one we’re saying it is, and they’re actually they’re really awesome, but you have to like walk through their little alley and then they face each other, which is kind of weird we’re like looking at the back of The houses and there’s no road in between the front of the house, that’s cool. This is an Airbnb. This is the way we travel. Oh, who are you don’t film me? Do those want to be on the camera will be my bad truth. Babe ready to bag. You have tried it’s not staying here. We need like kind of jacket, he says I’m still no charge. Ah, there’s a new truck over there. That’s why I like it. Oh weird, he’s dragging stuff. Okay, they did it, they did. This is the redneck maneuver and right here, yeah yeah yeah, We got ta get under the axle . Not only did we have the tire issue, but we have a broken leaf spring. You done messed up, ay-ay ron pull my pants up.

So you don’t see the bucket show us some crack. I just want to make sure no cars run this over cuz. This roads kind of narrow – and I got camo on so maybe they can’t see me – is that like affecting you good or negatively no way, so I can see what I’m doing good. So, by the time we get back to California, this tire should be nice and warm well near the edge they have to buy more tires and fix the leaf spring. The good thing we had a good show right right: [, Music, ] I’d, say everybody was in a hurry to get out of here: . This is what happened when you left early, get her own drink and you don’t help her, so you didn’t throw it out. You use on the other line. Yeah. I see that you’re trying to have hot chocolate. Please stand up. Okay, no more! Let’s go [ Music! ] [ Laughter ] hurry up. No, I got good keys, Travis quit looking at another.

A show has come and gone. I just wanted to show you guys the cute little neighborhood that we stayed in during the Salt Lake Expo all the houses face. Each other there is no road in between which is very unusual for where we live, they were built in like the 1930s. We actually stayed over at that one last year, and this is the one we stayed at this year is Monday after the expo we’re all looking a little Haggard yeah. Looking a little wore out, we finally made it home brews, happy she’s running around the house. All excited cuz, she’s, not pound anymore and we’re home, got the last things unloaded from the truck a few things still to put up and what you think row. Are you glad to be home? Yeah, your gels been going nine hundred miles an hour, she’s eating, bringing it to me and showing me dad picked me why I eat so mad. What a long drive we got halfway home and I realized that I had so.

We had the rental car going up and I you know Britt had her gun, so I didn’t want to get it. I didn’t want it to get left in the rental car, so I took it and stuffed it between the mattresses on our bed. In case they came and cleaned and stuff, I didn’t want him finding it until I got the pickup picked up and then I straight up for God it was there. We literally got halfway home five hour drive and had to turn around to go all the way. Back just to get it and turn around and come all the way up, so I mean we should have been home, probably around 2, 1 or 2 right in there. Instead, we got home about 3045 minutes ago. So that was pretty awesome. Don’t do that? You know it makes for a long drive.

We pretty much drove here and back everybody just chilling on the couch now Maggie’s, taking a little nap playing on her phones watching some YouTube burn these hacking up a lung again, she doesn’t understand how this works got to be clean and clean your hands when you’re Around a lot of people that are sick, so alright guys thank you for watching. I really appreciate it. I appreciate all the support and love it was. It was awesome to get to see it meet. A lot of you guys at the show this week made us feel really really grateful. Thank you. We love you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I honestly mean that from the bottom of my heart, please subscribe like comment and we’re working on a bunch of new projects and we’re getting ready to go honey done what’s running around and everything so see you later guys.


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