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Archery Mule Deer

What’s up guys all right here we go, it is August, something archery opens tomorrow, decided we just made the long drive. We had a few stops to make on the way down, and it’s about midday right now. We are where we’re going to go. I just bruised a couple: bottles of water and the SD cards in bandit this Beverly stock bandit is so packed. We’re going to run in check our cards real, quick, get back to the truck and then get geared up to get on a point and we’re going to gloss this evening before bed and hopefully between show cameras and what we see glass and we’ll decide what we’re going to do in the morning, if we’re going to be in a ground blind or if we’re going to be trying to put a spot and stalk on so we’ll find out, see you guys in a bit here we go opening day baby archery Utah seen a Bit all right guys, we are we’re ready to go. We just got done putting camp while we finish camp a little bit ago, but we just got done putting our pack together. We got everything right there ready to go. All I got to do now in the morning is: throw some water in that pouch, throw a vinyl harness and grab my bow and then the tow in the case we’ll go in the back of the truck. So back up real quick kind of show. You can’t we got the canvas cutter on the car.

This is what we’re living out of for the next like three and a half weeks Claire tells Septembersomething yeah . So I’m really not sure what time it is. I’m going to guess public 10 o’clock, so I’m going to get in bed. So I can get up early. I want to be on the mountain well before sunlight, so I can kind of dry off from sweating, but we’ll see you guys in the morning and hopefully it’s be showing you big deer here we go all right good morning guys here we go. It is a bit 45 minutes into opening morning. Right now we we’ve seen quite a few deer handful of bucks, one nice or decent buck. I got down here feeding, but nothing we’re looking for yet we’re opening morning. So we’re going to pack up from our little work and relocate sit behind the glass and just look at as much countries again until we find the deer we want a certain hunted, see you guys in a little bit all right, so it’s getting later afternoon, I Think before my phone died, it was like 6:30 pretty much she’s been held up in the shade all day, just glassing, all right balls were actually starting to hurt. I haven’t really seen much you talk. I’ve been really really dry. I’m I’m glad the winds blowing, but I need some deer to take advantage of that wind blowing cuz right now, all its really doing is making art for me glass opening day.

So far, we’ve seen him fall bucks one okay, one from this morning, but that’s it metros. Looking for one specific deer – and I don’t know, if he’s alive still, nothing on my trail – cameras, those marinated all winter long, nothing on after I change diamond react him back in June. Second, linkage in when me and Britt come down into the strip. I put new batteries, set my ground blind everything and still no no buck trying to spin it just mess with my head all day, I’m just trying to decide how to go about this. If we don’t see him or turn him up, probably by it’s Saturday now Monday, then during the day we’re going shed hunting. I will shut home Monday, Tuesday and probably Wednesday, and see if we can’t find his dead so really really trying to decide to find another deer, or I just keep hunting this deer like no knowledge of him being alive or not. I sure it was kind of the same boat he showed up showed up on the cameras closer to the end of the archery hunt and then, after that, we pretty much were able the turning lip every day until the late rifle hunt.

So it’s playing with my head: is he a deer? That’s moving in based on what’s going on, or is he is he dead? She’s got everything kind of laid out right around me. I kept my cool, a that’s. What my lips read. Singles love these things. Yeah we’re going to stay here tonight and see what comes out as soon as the Sun set and ankles off a little bit. Last night. There wasn’t much moving at all. We didn’t really class anything up. I got a go and that was it. My phone’s dead cuz I’ve been pretty much catching up on Game of Thrones all day. It’s been so hot. There’s just not been much movement in this country so thick. If you don’t know what you’re looking for or if you don’t know what you’re hunting you can’t find it, you can’t hunt it. You can’t just go walk around here, but hunting see you guys hearing a little bit. Hopefully I’m next time you seen him guys. We found him and we’re going after, or we found him in we’re going to , try to find him and get him in the morning, because there’s no time that’s what I hate about the evening hunts there’s just not enough time for spot and stalk our tree hunting In the evening hunts by the time they stand up and show themselves it’s so late in the evening. You just don’t have a lot of time.

So alright guys seen a bit it’s my just an Parker. Alright guys we are back to camp just sitting back. Relaxing listening to music cooking some dinner, we got dogs and some what is it or teriyaki, or oriental rice or whatever right there and some dogs we’re going to put the dogs in that one male done getting rehydrated, but wow, that’s bright. So a different point in the morning to gloss off, though we seen right at last, I mean right at the last bit of light. We’ve seen three bucks and one of them is one of the bucks I had one child camera he’s got a big frame on him, but he’s just he’s. Screwy I’ll show you guys trail cam pictures right here somewhere right in here, just but yeah. So I turned him up, but not the buck. You’re looking for so new point new glass, another full moon tonight, so awesome and it’s off

Alright, see you in the morning . I could morning guys so the sun’s climbing in this guy. I haven’t seen our book yet at all this keep back there, like I, I know he’s here, but I really don’t he could come in later in the know. He’s driving me crazy, you know, is he dead or is your life saw a decent pour? It’s actually the floor that I saw opening morning and he had two little little bucks with him, but so far we’re going to pack up all her stuff here spots, see if we can’t get a different angle, different view different country, no, no just keep picking it Apart

What’s up guys all right, we were back to camp. It’s like, I think, it’s 10 o’clock at night right now,one thing we did today in the middle of the day was we moved camps? We got reset up, Boop dropping the camera. At the cameras cutter over there ready to go see, let me focus this is doing some chicken patties tonight. I’ve got some tropical fruit, I’m going to open a can of that, and get back in bed sounds like that’s. All I’ve been doing lately is hiking out eating something going to bed waking up hiking in being gone all day, hiking out eating something going to bed.

So I thought we got some gorge playing in the background tonight and we’re going to relax, look over Google Earth and make a plan try to find this book. The way it’s going right now, it might just be a shed hunt. Come next time. It’s too damn hot I’ve tried because every time I start hiking trying to look, I just want to die it’s hot, so yeah been pretty uneventful so far. I apologize, but it’s way it goes when you hump me old there in August with a bow, especially a big meal. There see you guys in the morning thanks for watching and yeah all right, I’m going to do a little pack swap real quick right now. I’ve been running the pack frame with the bat wings, but I’m going to want to. I think I want to try a little bit more room because I’m going to bring more glass with me up on the hill and an extra tripod. So I want to be able to stuff that in something I don’t want to just strap it to it. So we’re going to put this pack, and this is the little big top just got this one haven’t even tried it out yet so pretty stoked to see what we can do. This is supposed to pretty much just take the straps off and it’ll bolt right to this brain, so I’ll get everything off my frame, real, quick and then we’ll look at it.

Alright, so that’s what we got right there, it’s the frame with the bat wings and they’re zipped together right now, but we’re going to put the little big top on this frame and see how we like it this evening that we can carry a few more items. That’s pretty badass, so, basically all you do. I just tuck everything in everything’s tucked in on the pack. I just feel like yeah, just kind of reflect everything together kind of low-balled, the straps together set it on there and then zip it up the side. I haven’t done this side yet, but it took about 10 seconds to get it all lined up and zipped. That’s about it. That’s pretty cool and it’s not a big ordeal to change packs right on I’ll. Take everything out of that and put it in this and we’re done and we’re going to get back on the mountain and gloss all day. Long! Look for this deer, see it a bit.

What’s up guys! Sorry, I forgot my charity, my Game of Thrones stuff under when it’s supposed to get good. I just spend a season by salary, stop finishing it as I paid for it. So everybody’s, like oh, what’s the best it’s about its okay, its top the best I’m actually yeah, because I paid for it I’m going to watch it all. Hopefully it gets better anyways, that’s about Game of Thrones! I’m sorry! If you guys loved it. I just piss job. This is pretty much all day. Long has been going just sit here, quietly to myself, . What up guys all right? We have finished the 13, a archery hunt guiding Philip to death stud stud buck. We got that all processed got it down in the freezer and then he packed up camp last night and I decided to pack up mine too, and I went to camp with TJ and hit and Rick last night and Philip got on the road about is about 10 11 o’clock at night, and so I said, I’m just going to stay out there in camp. I can’t stay tonight. I got up early this morning, drove to town from the strip got some poetry.

Some ice did some laundry and then we are now up on the hill. I had a bunch of days – hopefully I can get this done. I will tell you guys more when I get back, I’m going to hopefully get this deer turned down, maybe even get to stock in. I don’t know we’ll see about talk to you more later. All right guys, Wednesday, has come to an end and we haven’t seen him since Saturday night. I pretty much just stayed on the mountain all day today, besides moving camp this morning after that’s what was a complete bust, didn’t see a single deer adults were actually. I didn’t see a deer till about three o’clock today had the three point that was with him earlier in the season, stand up and just decided, surf feedin and then another little three by four doorstep set up about 15 minutes later, but didn’t see him. We just got back to camp figure out, show you guys kind of the setup real, quick, we’re burning some dogs right there, real quick. You know a couple sticks of cheese, fruit cocktail and then we’re getting into bed pretty nice sleeping in there last. That was the first night because of the wind and up until the sunset it was going to be the same thing tonight. The wind has been howling pretty much all day long. I mean all day long. It’s made glossing a nightmare.

My eyes hurt my head hurts the sinuses are in fuller right now, just from breathing all the dust I mean all day long, it was like I was like glassing in really heavy smoke or not really heavy, but a good, constant Wieck wildfire smoke and pretty much Like having, I don’t know I’ll leave that one alone, but just super super shaky, I mean it was super shaky, no matter what I did. I hung stuff from the tripod. I tried that I finally just started digging me out spots underneath cedar trees to kind of break it up. I was limited to what I can look at as opposed to being out on a point, but I just moved to LA. I had three beds pretty much today that I would go bounce through in a sequence just to kind of make sure I could see all the country and then see it different angles, but dogs are burnt, I’m tired, I’m burnt, so we’re going to eat call the Wifey and the kids and then we’re going to get in bed and started again tomorrow. We got we got a day in the morning left, unfortunately, so, oh well, we’re going to get him killed tomorrow, tomorrow’s the day, I can feel it. We just need to find him if we can find him.

I’m going to kill him so we’ll see guys what’s up guys. Alright, we are on the last day we just finished the morning. Huh it’s about 12:30 right. Now we back back to camp here to make something neat: I’ve been eating big, really big lunches and then just skipping out on dinner, because it’s late enough, when I get back that, I’m just I get in bed, so I can be up early. So it kind of been like I said, eating pretty heavy at lunch. Today we got the water boiling we’re getting ready to boil, so we could pull with that want some ramen noodle. Then we got some spam in the oil in a burrito and we’re going to make some coffee too we’re eating some cheese sticks. We really been loving that knife that I got as a gift from Everly stock and buck knives. It’s just that. I just love it. It’s it’s a great night. It’s easy to stay sharp which for me, I need, because I do not know how to sharpen a knife.

So I got to use the cheating, the cheating tools and a lot of the time. Those will ruin a knife, so you got to be careful, get that burrito flipped over. So we can get that meat. That’s coming out of the center nice and crunchy man, guys cutting the biggest deer. I’ve ever had the opportunity to hunt on public land on a general tag, and I saw him Saturday night when I got here and I have not been able to turn him up since I don’t know what to think I’m seeing deer. I just I don’t know. I know he was when I seen him. He looked like he’s about ready to rub. I don’t know if he rubbed and moved spots. I don’t know on the way out last night in the dark. I found that little guy this is actually the buck. I videoed last year in the rain that we were going to try to get brinly to shoot the next day when she showed up, but we never seen him, but we did see that nice four point that she shot so pretty cool to pick that shut up. Now, if I can only find the sheds off the big deer that I’m trying to kill and then kill him, she’s like another set of sheds and the antlers saw a lot of great deer, I saw two bucks that, if it wasn’t for my big deer, I Would shoot and one of them I honestly could have – I had him at 60 yards fed right up to me just a nice four point with the cheater probably pushing that 190 class. Just you shoot those you don’t get to shoot the big ones and one thing we know: there’s a a giant it’s hard to hard to do that.

So I do have dedicated hunter. So I get to hunt the muzzle loader, the early rifle and the late rifle. I just man, I’ve been gone for home, so long now, plus I got to leave in the morning to go guide for ten days, an elk hunter down south and then, by the time I get back, the muzzle loader is going to be started. So I kind of wanted to go home and see my family, but this deers big enough we’ll do what we got to do so. I’m going to get lunch going and talk to you guys in a little bit and see you tonight. Okay, one more thing to show you guys: this has changed my coffee game majorly. This is a Stanley French press, mug, and it is cooler than hell. I have been able to actually start buying ground coffee grab. My creamer and I’ve been set no more tea bags and no more particulars like that, one that well, I just don’t care for it, but this bad boy. This is awesome, so I’ve got some coffee in there all you do well. The way I like to do is I just pour this in try to rinse some of my grounds up from my last cup. What’s the nice hot boiling water in there, stop it right about that line, and then I like to I like to let it sit there for a minute kind of get everything good and saturated, and then I throw the press in. I put the lid on and wall off, we got coffee and my burritos. My noodles are almost done here. My breed is done and my fried spam mmm, you guys haven’t had back that way, you’re missing out so good.

So I was going to go in the noodles, so even though I can sit here and just heat it all like thiswell guys, 2019 Utah archery hunt is over. It’s done, man, it admitted to drop. For me. I am yeah. Let’s suck I [ Applause ], so I came down. I spent I spent six days six and a half days of the opener hunting my buck. My first three days, I never found him the last three and a half days found him every single day, just where he ended up going to bed and the way the wind was blowing. Just there was no stop, so I waited him out all day evening. Time came by the time he would get up and out of his bed in a place that I could see him. It was almost dark every night and made it really tough to where there was just no spots talk and I had no opportunity because he lives in a and the wind for the most part of every day. I was there, except for the last two was blowing the complete ha the completely wrong direction. Everything so I had to leave after the half-day and took off to the strip, and then I spent 15 days on well the half-day so 15.

So I spent 16 days on the strip straight, and then I made it back up here to where my dear, is that and first that I got up here Saturday afternoon. Park set up camp through my pack on got up on the hill and Saturday night. That, first Saturday night just before dark, I found him. He was there in the wide open how’s it been, doesn’t look like anybody has been in here. I got one dish that Meston jacked up one of my cameras and took my SD card and he’s got to be the dumbest person in the world because it’s on a water catchment. They he built on public land and he drove his four-wheeler cross-country to do it. To haul all the material and I’ve got video of the tracks, but yeah, so I find this water catchment in an area I have been hunting for probably longer than this kids been able to drive. I’ve killed several deer out of this country, and so he builds a water catchment get on you, man, that’s awesome, Tam Bish’s and it’s on public land.

So it’s can be used by anybody. So I found it. It was pretty much a couple yards down from where his bait site has been. In the past few years. He decided to uproot his whole salt site down below up just like, I said up the up the canyon a little bit and moving into this water catchment. He’s also got another bait site up on top of the hill. Above that and then he’s got a camera on the pond. So miles have cameras in there and I also have watched him. Almost every Sunday I’ve been there going haul bait and check his cameras and leave so yeah bro you’re , not the only one in there, and some of us have probably been there a lot longer than you. But do you think it’s public land just don’t with my stuff, come on so here’s the deal. I want my video. I want my stuff back. I want you to get a hold of me and I want you to apologize or I’m calling the sheriff for theft and vandalism, and then I’m calling game and fish for the ATV cross-country and leaving debris and garbage on public land where you cut the fence.

The whole night so and that red four-wheeler I better look at the back of one of their trucks anyways. Now it is early. In the morning we got up the same time. We’ve been getting up, packed up the truck and camp and we are heading down to unit 8 southern Arizona to guide it up, pretty stout good here, hopefully everything’s getting into bugling and rotten. But I’ve got two two guys that kind of know what they’re doing been a guide and it’s ended up a lot a lot of years and from Colorado he’s killed a lot of big out, so his bar is high he’s bringing help as a call somebody to Help call his best friend and I’m just going to sit back and learn and watch and video for you guys pretty much going to be a tour guide on this, not which I’m alright, with it’s a little different. A little change, though, and there’s a lot. I want to learn from these guys their help guys. As you know, I moved back to Idaho. I got a lot to refresh it up on and learn and start with you guys that know what they’re doing so. This’Ll Vaught ought to be a fun hunt and then, after that, it’ll be somewhere around day. 40 41, hopefully I’ll, be on my way home to see my wife and kids that I’ve missed very much and yeah. I can’t wait so here we go guys around


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