Arizona Archery Elk. Antler Trader

Arizona Archery Elk. Antler Trader

Hunting for Elk in the hot AZ 2020 archery season

What are you doing? Cleaning the dirt out of my shoes after looking for real trap? Oh it sounds like you’re stuck something in the door you’re about to shut myself in the door. Did you leave anything on the ground? Nope we’re gravy? What’s up guys, it is the day beforeour welcome elk hunt archery elk hunt. We are in arizona, yeah and yeah, it’s great. It’s so fun, it’s not as hot as it normally is, but it’s also hotter than it was yesterday and the day before, which kind of sucks it’s supposed to steadily go up. It was supposed to be that for at least a week though yeah, actually it did say that we had that little cold front where some of y’all got snow, which is straight nuts man. We got a 70 75 degree temperatures which was awesome. It absolutely made um. It’s so much better, but it is kind of going up on us, but kind of expected that right, yep went got groceries today got everything set up at the cabin lodge ranch house, whatever you want to call it, and our client is scheduled to be here in About an hour so josh and I ran out and we’re just kind of doing,checking some water look around checking some waters. Adventure in you know just a little backup plan yeah so tomorrow, tomorrow’s the big day tomorrow, we’ll hopefully be chasing screaming heck yeah. That’s my favorite, that’s so fun! I love listening to them. Alright, see you guys mhm!

So what’s up guys all right here we go evening number two we’re getting them set up on water got joe over. There he’s he’s all hot and ready a little rut action. We got corbin over there taking a leak in a tree, You can get all their stuff ready there. I got a lot of stuff, so I figured i’d kind of show. You the ground, blind we put together yesterday, it’s comers, they left their radio in the chair. Oh that’s! A good sign nobody’s been to the blind today. All right, let’s see, I think, somebody’s coming shh. We got something coming into the blind. Oh look! It’s a hot blonde sticker, but this is pretty awesome yeah. What do you think of this blind here got ample shade for the evening yeah we built a pretty good blind he’s going to pull back he’s going to pull back in here and he’s just going to .

So yeah we’re sitting this one andjabe and his client eric are sitting one just over the hill from us here, so we’re just kind of covering the water in this area in hopes that it pays off since forest service closed god. Damn so we’ll show you once they’re in there hey, you left a radio in the chair. I knew I missed one. I know I missed it. Dude we looked everywhere for that thing. Yesterday I was so pissed. Last night I had to take out another one and charge it yeah. It’s in the chat. Oh it’s one of the other. These guys be sitting up in that. That looks a little unstable. Really, you guys got everything. You need drinks where’s, your whittling! Stick back near my backpack, okay! I’m glad, then won’t you forget that I don’t like the wind that we got right now. It’Ll change! It’s like a new stick here comes corbin, finally got all his stuff together. You guys might make the evening hunt we’ve been having fun corbin’s got the tag, he’s got a good name. I like his name. We need to pull that up once you guys get in and get settled. I’m going to set back and make sure you guys still got good coverage. Some of this is starting to dry out tuck in boom. There it is, can you see him [ Applause ]?

What’s up everybody we’re going to make it happen today, yeah yeah have a shoot straight aim: high, let her fly and we’re off. What are we going to do we’re going to find some elk yeah? I think that’s what the plant is. That’s what I think the plant should be out there, let’s clean up all the garbage in the blind, and I just cleaned the bed of my truck out before we left. Oh well, all right, let’s get out of here, what’s happening, guys we’re on the evening. Half of ourelk hunts second day, I was thinking earlier on that it was the third day getting a little ahead of myself. We saw a good bull last night and josh apparently saw a nice one. Earlier today I stayed back at the lodge anddid some cleaning and laundry and had the house to myself, which was really nice there buddy just a little bit. Some of us got up early yeah. I didn’t. I got up at the right,time of nine o’clock so now, what are we going to ? Do we’re going to find a ball riding roads,yeah? That’s what we’re doing everybody’s been down! This video might be very bouncy these roads suck they’re .

So bouncy just get used to the rocking and swaying your body learns to sway with it. It really does yeah and I feel like it’s actually a great ab workout. I do have pretty strongmuscles. How about you yeah the talents that we accrue from riding on the dirt roads so much what it just about, threw me out the window. It’s not even that big! Oh now we got ta go look holy. What just caused that whiplash? That was close ooh. What did you do? Huh that was close to the oil pan wow? How did that happen? I know you couldn’t control it, but damn we got to get this sucker lifted. This is just too many rocks that we have nailed holy cow good thing. I turned the camera on it jeez. It’s a big rock flip that sucker up into the bottom of your truck. We’re going to need a newcrossbeam fromfrom the scrap yard. Did you break something? No, I bent the out of them. Yeah sucker [, Music ], oh wow, holy me too dude uh. That was very rough, very out of control, good job. You got some shrubbery in yourself all right! Well, yep we’re just working working into the old routine. Bro hang in there. That probably wasn’t much of anything that you should not game on all right. I have collected myself after that minor incident holy cow that was wild yeah. That was some . What happened to the bottom? It pretty much bend the . Out of my crossmember so we’ll have to get a new cross member.

What’s the cross member, do it just kind of helps everything stay together? It sounds important center support for your frame for rigidity and some of them. This one does not, but some of them have, like the training transfer case, there’s support for that. But this is just a straight up cross support. That sounds like um, an important piece yeah it can be, but it’s not been the out of them. Good thing is there’ll, be a jalopy jungle. So he’s like how come we don’t ever have any money? Are you just shopping at target? All the time or what yeah? No? No, no we’re fixing your vehicles all right. We’re headingdown to pick up our hunter a little bit corona. I guess anywaysyeah we’re going down here to pick them up. It’s all light walking across the mountain outside of the mountain. I think that’s joe, do you think the baby maybe he’s shot? I hope he’s did you? No, they were just. They were told not to leave the blind if they shoot they were tall. We told you and joe’s looks like joe’s on the side of the mountain yeah we’re going to , be here well dude. That means that we’re going to miss dinner on joe come back. He looks pretty weird he’s up there too. Did he not notice? It was getting dark, so I’m really pissed off right now that I don’t have a phone or a scope, cam the new scope cam for my my new phone, because we got, we got a client on a stock on a pretty cool bowl and between me and Jabe right now, there’s a big cat, just walking up the hillside and it’s probably a hundred yards from eric our client right now, just walking towards him.

So eric’s got it got a tag, so he told him just hold still for a minute. Let’s see if this cat comes in man, I wish I had my scope. Cam all right folks stay tuned. Hopefully something gets shot, either a cool bull or a big lion. Here, it’s a big cat I’ll try to take pics of it through the class. So for the evening hunt we’re hoping to stir up some we’re going to go, get on a hill kind of close to where the boys will sit yeah, and this is the water that looks like a highway of elk to it. That sounds sometimes sounds like a little thing to me. Yeah there’s. Sometimes I think it is, but there’s a lot of locusts they’re loud. What are you doing? I don’t want to drive all the way in here. I want them to kind of give me an in the most narrowest spot. I’m going to yeah really test my abilities. He needs to add some challenge to his day. What’s all right, she’s got my normal stuff. There’s a bush there’s a nice juniper in my lap. Now, all right, I don’t want to go in there. I don’t want to get too close, because if we got stuff going on, I don’t want to be the one that jacks it all up.

So I know I told you guys that I was going to get on top of the hill buddy, but that’s a negative ghost rider. We changed I’m going to go, get on top of a different hill, so I don’t jack up this spot because I’m feeling it these roads are red, I’m feeling it you feeling it feeling like it’s going to be a good evening. This guy has like that kind of like [ __, ], killing haze to it. Yeah and the sun is red. Almost going to be a good kill at night. It’s a beautiful evening, man, we got some antelope over there and that little bridge and we’re looking for elk, and we’re looking for they’re pretty yeah they’re super fast. I need to shoot one remember when those ones were like running they’re going so fast. One of these years, I just need to go right now, yeah. Why not? Why not? What are you waiting for? Oh, you want mule deer. I know you get yourself that very boxed in you need to. You got to kind of open up your flavors a little bit and you can go, try new new stuff, more new stuff, but I think I can start edging out a little time here and there for some different species, like I think, I’m hoping when we Get back to archery elk still going to hide him. I would like to get out well if we could get this elk on the ground, we could skirt and then we could hunt and i’d have to yeah, but deer might be able too so, but what we might have to have a unit where I can help You we’ll do a rainbow, I don’t know I feel like I have not been able to for a while. I mean we went out hunting last year for the our idaho tags, but it like our guiding ran into the tagged opening date. It was like we were just down: the wires were so busy.

So what are we going to put in a day, but it’s only a day, yeah yeah, so we’re going to fix that this year we’re buying rifle deer tagging out bags. Then we’re going to go, kill something I’m going to do archery. Look how smoky that sky is you can’t even hear it in my voice? I feel like my sinuses and everything are definitely reacting to covenant low air quality. You’re loving the smoke. Oh, my son is loving it. Why are you just being smart? Okay, okay, yeah yeah? Your sarcasm was lost to me. You didn’t have the right tone. You need to work on that. Should I put a camera over here: ? Oh, it was [ Music. ] that is, go pee together. Bp, buddies, [, Music ], I’m a video all right, you’re on video peeing watch out for the splatter hey, you aren’t shy, nope! Oh, you ran him over poor little guy didn’t see him poor little guy. Well, you shouldn’t be in the road bro. I would have pushed him off the road like I do with all-stars. I know a little red racer too bad, how unfortunate a bird’ll eat him.

So I was sitting here talking to my phone and not realizing that it says I have no more storage, which seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I have 256 gigs. What in the world is taking up that much space photos and ? I need to go there and clean out my phone, but I always go through and I’m like. Oh, I need that nope. I need that. I might actually want that stump, but anyways there’s the ceiling,anyways uh. What we were talking about and what I thought I was recording about – wasthe fact that we were just driving and we remembered that we had hit the trip odometerwhen we started this trip to kind of keep track of how many miles we ended Up driving and 4 306 is what we’re at two more. We got more to go and we yeah. We still have way more to go yeah. This is actually really good. It’s going to be flat, but I am doing the videoing that has to take place.

So the drive in the house, the sacrifices that I do for you guys so that you can be in the know we just drove through some awesome. Really pretty country that lookedlooks standing, but I don’t know I need to be a junk. We did. We sure do I would love down just a little bit of land. That’s like my ultimate dream right there, I’m going to make that happen for sure goals, right goals. Yeah we got gold. What’s our goal now we’re finding out? Yes, I think that’s a good call. oh and they dry out yeah, look at all that the temperatures back to being hot as well, so they will be visiting we’re going to build a blind over there. going to set them up for the evening and hopefullysmoke will come in for some water. What you’re doing I’ll pack in my we’re going to go climb up the hill climb up the finger. Look for some bones glassing. What are you doing? I’m going to go on the other side in class, okay, my little bino bunny.

What’s up guys, we are out hereglassing our little butts away. It’s actually been a really nice evening. I was fretting having to climb thismountainside. In the 90 degree temperatures butit actually wasn’t that bad and when we got up here, there’s a pretty steady breeze so for around these parts, it’s good. I know that uh, where all the fires are. Hopefully, it’s not the same story, but it is making glossing a lot more tolerable. That’s for sure josh is on the other side of the mountain, looking to see what he can find and this is about when they should start be coming out. That’s it buddy um, you [, Music, ]. What’s up guys, we arein rain, paulden or chino, we’re in chino valley, we’re in chino valley, so we’re just kind of out running around town andthrift stores always catch my eye.

So we decided to uh, stop and check it out. Thrift store junkie, yeah, which I’m good with it. You can find cool stuff yeah. You can find some really cool stuff, so anyways, we were just talking to the owners and they have a pretty cool little deal going on here that we want to tell you about. Theyfeed the community off of the money that they make off of the thrift store stuff and they have a big garden that theyproduce a lot of fruits and vegetables for families in need, and you can donate food certain food and also they can Just take donations monetarily to help people, but it’s pretty cool. Let me show you so see. This is all kinds of food that they have set up to help the community so freaking awesome, and these are loaded with vegetables and fruit and meat milk. It’s pretty freaking awesome. They can show you that they got going out back too yeah. Let’s go like. Would you like to see the farm? How long have you guys been here?we started. My dad took me alone was a business partner in 2017, but he started back in like 2013

We were able to buy the propertya year ago. Actually it was last september, oh nice, okay, when we bought it. Wedidn’t realize that this acreage came here in the back. Oh really, yeah! No one bothered to mention that to us, so we’re going through the um, thepaperwork and it’s like partials one. Two and three I’m like I know about parcels one. But what’s this two and three thing, and also we started measuring loud and found out that we oh, what a blessing yeah, exactly like thank you, god yeah seriously, and so we’re like okay. How can we use this to bless the community we weren’t intending to buy it, but we got it that is so awesome yeah. Eventually, we want to build a youth and community center back here, but in the meantime, we coulddo a garden and kind of help supplement for the time that is so awesome. What was this? This was a old rv park and that was the bathrooms and shower up and running again. It’s just going to take time and money, but for sure, when it happens, it happens absolutely because the way the community garden works, there’s two roads going this direction, the all that food goes to supply in the store for the food program. The other plots are individual family plots, so people can come here say they live in apartment or they can’t go yeah, they can come here. We don’t charge anything, we provide the dirt we put on manure at the beginning of the season and then we give access points to water and they have to take it from there. Oh, my gosh: that’s such an awesome opportunity, , that someone put out they they get the honey and we get the pollination.

Oh absolutely yeah, You’ll take all the bees you can get yeah. You guys are doing a great job, keeping this stuff alive out here in the heat yeah. Is that pretty tough? It can be a little difficult, but we have automatic waters that help a lot. I know, along with a lot of people that are coming out and volunteering. That’s awesome. I love that all the big sunflowers they help attract the pollination for more bees to come to the area. All right, yeah, I’m impressed with that everything yeah slow down, yeah, oh yeah, is that wind, yeah and thenlater, but I’m not sure exactly which date yet, but we’re going to have a little harvest festival. You know: okay, nothing too big, but uh. It’s going to um, it’s going to , be by calling and uh. We got ta register for it because there’s only so many pumpkins available sure, but yeah we got a little pumpkin patch over here. Oh heck yeah, that’s so fun kind of experimenting and saying how we want to do it next year. Oh yeah, because everybody’s always excited about pumpkin patches when fall. Finally,shows its face cool, there’s some good ones in there, yeah big one in the middle. Oh look: watermelons nice, pretty good thing going: yeah we harvest fridays and saturday morning. What’s growing on these, those are green beans. Oh okay, I see there we go. Those are particularly green beans yeah. This is called rattlesnake beans. You see the purple stripes in there uh-huh very good, flavor, okay cool. We focus on the heirloom plants here and what that does is allow us to not collect the seeds animals, so we don’t have to buy the seeds every year. Oh, yes, absolutely!

You know you’re getting the money we get for. The donation goes to pay for this, and then the extra proceeds goes to help with missions overseas. We so far, we’ve built two other gardens like this over in africa and provided a home for a pastor who was evicted because the coronavirus over there so well, I’m so glad we stopped here today, yeah pretty cool, it wasn’t an accident at all. I love this. So this is this: the community area is this: these two roads go in this direction and the community area that goes to the store – okay, okay from here over – is individual family plot. Do that’s such an awesome opportunity too, especially in the desert for next year? Other people are interested. If not, then we’re discussing what we’re going to put in here. We might try growing some wheat things like that. Yeah cool yeah, definitely I’ll go through that. You guys are right here on the main, drag by uh, basically buy um, walgreens and stuff yep yeah, just right off the bat cool. Eventually we want to get the car wash up and running again, but that’s going to take a little bit of time. I love it though yeah, maybe in the spring we might get that going. Having plans and stuff is what helps things keep moving forward yeah if you’re not moving forward you’re falling backwards. That’s right! You’re right! Oh I’m very impressed with this.

What’s up guys, what up? What up we are on our way home, yeah long drive been 32 days today. Now we have been on the road, hunting andtraveling and so far 5 100 and something miles because we’ve got twin balls still to go five thousand. Whatit’s five thousand. Thirty seven miles right now, but we’ve got attack on that extra it’ll, be at about 51.75 is my guess: that’s how many miles we’ll have done in the last 32 days over 5 000 you’re . Definitely a professional driver. I will give you that, but it’s fun though I had a great time I enjoyed it. I am excited to go home to see my dogs and my kids and my garden and my family, but honestly I could have kept going. I think I liked I don’t yeah. I’ve missed my garden. It’s going to be like probably almost eleven o’clock. Is it seven o’clock right now? We have that many more hours. Yes, man, this drive, it’s not my favorite. I wish I could break it up. I think ideally, three days would be good, especially because most of thearea we go through has no phone service, so I hate wasting time driving.

So if I can just drive it and get it out of the way, I’m going to drive it and get it out of the way I’ll recover with sleep within the next couple days after right. So anyway, we’re driving through wales nevada we’re going to look for a gentleman that lost his bedroll. Oh yeah, we in front of us I’m hoping he’s getting fueled here, because the dude was cruising. He was going fast. He actually passed us um. He is driving a flat bed. What kind of truck was it? It was a dodge ram, four-door with a black flatbed on it and he’s in a bad already killing stuff hurry. Hang on a sec. I don’t see him here looks like he stopped.

So there is a couple: nothing back there, a couple more gas stations yeah. He had his bed roll come flying out of the bed of his truck. So if you’re fromnevada – and you know somebody with that kind of truck that lost the bedroll and candescribe it – hit us up because I don’t need it yeah, we have plenty of that uh. What day is it it’s the 17th driving through? He lost it in curry, nevada, yeah, that’s right! Korean nevada is where it fell out, but we haven’t given up complete hope that he’s not getting gas somewhere we’ll keep trying anyways.

Thank you guys for watching thisseries. We had a lot of fun and uh. We appreciate your support and your excitement about what we’re up to yeah. Now we’re going to go see what kind of hunting we can get done in idaho before we have to turn around and head back down to utah and arizona yeah, which is it’s just like. Basically, nonstop because we’re basically going to be turning around here like two weeks week and a half something like that. You were saying yeah, that’s how we like to do it and go hunting some more, it’s great, it’s great havingkids that are adults, yeah yeah. All you man, it’s great, I feel bad for you guys and having kids right now. I really do it’s the best thing in the world, but I feel bad for you. We already did it it’s great it is. We get to go, have fun together, yep, it’s nice to only have to worry about yourself. It’s actually kind of weird to like get into that mindset after momming. First nice, very enjoyable had a great time, and we will see you guys again soon.


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