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Arizona Archery Mule Deer

What’s up guys so first morning, OTC Arizona, archery hunt, little slow, but we’re going to be on L all week. Long next, five days see what we can turn up. I got a big deer found. Hopefully we can turn him back up and get an arrow in him on the way, see a bunch of cool stuff and look at some good video. Here we go good morning, guys so day, two here, southern Arizona, OTC archery deer and we found the big buck.

We’ve bedded in now we’re just kind of waiting to see what the winds going to do, because it always changes a little bit later. In the morning right now, it’s swirling we’ve had it or her back we’ve had it left right and it actually just kind of hit me in the face a little bit.

So we’re going to sit tight for a little longer and see what it does, but we’ve also got a herd of elk here below us that we can’t see him right now. The Bulls bugle and but we got antlers just crashing together. Couple bulls were just going at it. I wish you could hear it. It’s pretty cool he’s been vehicle in all morning. He’s a good bull got about 25 30 cows with him and there’s a couple small satellite Bulls running around with him. One of the one of the littler Bulls is a boy actually video. Last year he has a tracking collar on yeah, still a young bull, but he’s getting bigger every call to see what he does in the years to come. Right now we’re just set up bus and fingers crossed. We can get the wind to cooperate and get an arrow in this stud

What’s up guys all right, we got Luke he’s going on the stalk, I’m just kind of sitting back watching await and now he’s doing pretty good. We got. Luckily we got a fence as a reference. So hopefully, hopefully everything goes as planned and he gets to put an arrow in this stud. I’m going to run the camera when he gets close. Hopefully I mean it’ll be a long ways away, but hopefully I can get something on video fingers crossed here. We go , okay, watch to your left does deer think that the majority of the deal in and out a big tree or funny almost exactly yep yep and then the other buck start down.

Here’s left and the other side of those trees yep. You got to be a pinpoint 30 arcamax, maybe 40 . There goes here, [, Music, ]. Well, that was close. I got everything packed up right now, I’m going to head back down, but man he was in their lap. It was like flushing pheasants deer everywhere I was able to keep an eye on the the bigger the bigger buck and watched exact horror. He went going to . Try something a little different tonight after that deer just ran clear across that Basin and up the other mountain side there and bedded down. He actually has a water, a couple hundred yards, there’s a pond couple of yards below and now so I think tonight I’m going to put him on that pond and I’m going to come back up here in glass, so that was fun. Let’s go see what what he felt thinks to the Western big-game spot in stock now he’s from Massachusetts. So this is all new to him. I’ll bet his heart’s pumping mine is so I love it nothing better. For critter huntin, we just thought a giant centipede. This big hunting pair a little tough high winds, lots of rain pretty much been every evening for us, [, Music, ]. Well, I quickly and an evening deer hunt is to have a dove owner come in and start blasting Duff on the water were actually perched up above glossing now complaints, it is public land and he has every right to be here just as much as we do

So just how it goes just chalk this night up to a big zero for sticking anything with a bell. Stopping here in Williams, Arizona, get us a little breakfast. Let’s grub they’re one bad chicken-fried steak tastes pretty good, [, Music, ] guys from back east in Massachusetts. They don’t know what a shed looks like they go running out their school. I think you shed a leg, I go there, you go get it right. That’s a 1-point, not a two-point! Here all right, Luke haven’t been much of hunters lately, so we figure we become better tour guides and check out some of the scenic beauties of the country. We’re down to the wire last evening of this southern Arizona, otc archery hunt and man we’re seeing lots of deer we’ve seen law to do every day, lots of little bucks, but nothing, nothing big. Besides the one we started off the week, chasin and after getting within 25 yards of that stud, he was a man, he left the country. He left the country in a hurry and has it returned so we’ve been out trying to turn something else up and it’s just been slow, been really slow.

It’s been hot late in the evenings evening hunts we get storms rolling in lots of rain. There’s no water to you, know, there’s no way of sitting water and we’ve had a full moon all this week. So it’s been a tough hunt, it’s been a fun hunt and a new new great friend we will hunt together again. I can guarantee that, but we just we haven’t, turn anything up, we’re going to keep at it. We got about another hour left here, so there’s still a chance, but it’s looking it’s looking pretty pretty dismal, but we’re not done until we’re done.

So I just thought: I’d update you guys kind of let you know where we’re at so we got ta, keep glass and I’ll show you we’re got another storm rolling in right. There, big country, lots of deer time for anything big up yet morning, guys all right. We are done it is: it’s been a long tough week between the weather and the moon. It made it really hard for turning up too much air box. We did have that stud found that we put a stock on. We got Luke within 25 30 yards of him in the work wind swirled and blew him out of the country, nothing we could do about that. We couldn’t turn him up after that, so we kept looking everywhere else. We’ve seen, we’ve seen lots of deer. Just let the mature cool thing is: it was Luke’s first knick game hot in the West year he’s from Massachusetts, and it was his first ever spot in stock on an absolute stud buck, so that was pretty cool. This OTC Arizona homes.

No joke, though, guys it’s don’t think you’re , just going to come down here and whack a good buck, but it’s been. It’s been a little over a month since I’ve been home. Well, I’ve been on three days in in a month a little over a month. So I’m stoked to go home and get to see my wife and kids. My daughter’s got homecoming dance tonight, so I need to be there to put the fear of God in some boys I’m just kidding. I don’t have to worry about my daughter, she’s she’s, a bad out should put the fear of God in you boys. I promise and if that doesn’t work, then I will, but we got about a five hour drive hold before we do that we are going to . Go see Brandon Bates over at Lone Pine taxidermy and get my dear. Finally, my mozzie buck he’s had it over a year and he gets to come home now. I’m stoked, I got a spot ready for him at home. He’s going to make some shows, but I hope I can find a good spot for him.

Oh wait he’s going to ride in the passenger seat, but I’m glad we’re not hunting today, because the weather is crappy. Let me show you what we got here. Oh, here’s to another good, successful, fun hunter and it’s about. We didn’t hurt something, but I can’t kill something. Every time you had to fail. You




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