Arizona Archery Mule Deer Day 2 (The Guide Life) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer

You got sunrise guys, man and, if you’re sleeping in you’re missing out okay. Here we go again it’s day two morning a day: two, it’s a Saturday, so we’ve got a lot more guys out here now we just had a guy direct through the bottom, which sucks because that’s where all the deer and usually nobody drives on this old road, Because it goes into the back of private, so it’s it’s pretty much a dead in road, but oh well, no worries we’re just going to pretty much. I got Dan hurmat over to my right. Looking off the other side – and I got Dan over to my left and he’s glass in some other country – hopefully we can turn some bucks up this morning and get these guys on a couple stocks pretty morning. I’ve got a little breeze today yesterday, wouldn’t have any breeze, so that’ll help with stalking but yeah. Here we go see you guys in a bed. The dough just walked through right there, I’m guessing he’s going to follow her he’ll come right through here there went to the right again there he is there’s another dough down below. She just went through right here there. She is again, but the dough right there see your head moving.

There goes the dough yeah so now the buck should follow the partners to deer right there, and then one just walked right there right now is this: it yeah, okay, yeah! I would we need to check this stuff. I mean honestly, there’s probably deer on this finger that went down that way. There always is yeah yeah, absolutely just where they’re at right now, there’s there’s nothing. We can do they’re still up and move and they have embedded if they bed where we can see them, then we get the story. Yeah go through. The opening here comes another one out for Jews, yeah you’re , getting getting some mouth there been a mother’s milk. Here comes another one right there here comes. We just got back to the truck and seen one buck. Some doze matsing some beer over here behind us this morning. We couldn’t turn them back up a bunch of javelina and a bunch of dudes. I wish these guys would have told me yesterday what they were wanting to hunt. I’ve found him like five boone and crockett animals all ready to shoot and they keep passing him up and, looking at me crazy, like I didn’t know, they wanted to hunt deer up and finding big jack rabbits. Neither one of them been ready to shoot him either. So it’s a good thing: they weren’t deer Dan’s got it set up all right. We got the release on Matt’s already taken his office once so he’s not he’s not going to shoot a boone and crockett rabbit. Somebody is, though, but we are going to head back, have some brunch and make a plan for this evening and get right back after it.

So we’ll see you guys in a little bit thanks for watching HI guys we are back to the ranch house. It was pretty slow afternoon. We saw some dough’s, we saw some javelinas there’s super windy, so the video trying to video on that long-range just did not work. It’s bad. I just quit doing it and then right at last light. We turned up for decent bucks, so it it wasn’t too bad of a day compared to yesterday, as an awesome day, we got rain now coming down and it’s actually supposed to snow tonight, so we’re going to get back right where we were this morning, where we’ve Seen the 2 bucks today and hopefully turn something up and get some stocks in the morning, hoping this weather kind of gets things moving around a little bit and we can make something happen. It’s dinner time right now, we’re going to go in and have some roasted chicken mashed potatoes and corn and a little bit sound. So it’s healthy eat, get cleaned up, probably shower sit back, relax for a little bit, get to bed and get up early, and do it again. So thanks for falling along guys, I appreciate it very much. It means a lot to me and we’ll see you tomorrow.



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