Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunt Daily Vlog #1

Arizona Archery Mule Deer Hunt – 1

Morning guys, I here we go we’re in Arizona Guiding you’re doing the OCC archery deer hunts down. Here, it’s just like November. I think it’s Noach November we’re Amaya it’s January 11. We’re going to be down here until the 23rd. So hopefully, we’ve got three clients with us now and then two more coming in next week, so five tags. Hopefully we can stick some deer and with the bows and if I get a chance and we get clients, tags filled before the 23rd I’ll be hunting too.

So fingers crossed I’m not in a big hurry to fill this tag this time of year. If I see it big enough deer, I will hunt and fill this tag. But if I don’t fill this tag then it opens it up for me in the fall and then also next December, so I would rather hunt then with this tag then now, but if I find it here, that’s been the right dear. After all, everybody else’s tax bill that will be hugging yourself. I’m going to try to do a daily vlog on this hunt, and hopefully it goes good. So if not bear with me guys, don’t don’t bail out on me yet so we’ll get better at it. I promise forget you’ll now at maverick and then we’ll be off. Tribe is we’re waiting for Travis and the other guys right now, so what’s up guys, just got done eating a little lunch and now we’re going to hike up on this hill.

It’s about one o’clock! I’m going to spend a couple hours up here, kind of glossing, seeing if we can pull something out of the Woodworks here. Hopefully, they’ll put a stock on its first day out, we’ve seen quite a few bucks. Actually, one of one of the guys went on a little stock on a pretty nice bike for OTC Arizona, and everything else has been little. So we got to find the big ones they’re here somewhere. I hiked the top of this. A little look, what’s up guys. So we’re just sitting here on top of this hill, steel, glass and gobs and gobs and gobs of country.

It’s almost 3 o’clock in the afternoon now and hopefully stuffs – can get up and start moving. We’ve got a couple dough’s and fauns below us bed it down and we just had some coyotes start yipping. So we tried to without any calls. We tried to see if we could set up and maybe get one a dumb one to come running in try to whack with a bow but no bueno. I guess that’s cuz, I’m not a good predator hunter. I shoot him when I see him not much for calling him but we’re just kind of chilling running glass. We got a killer vantage point, and now we just need the Sun to go down a little bit, so they kind of get up and start moving. Super super thick country. They could literally be bedding a hundred yards away and we wouldn’t see him so fingers crossed something good steps out this evening and we have enough time to put a move on him. I hate the middle of the day on the archery huh. I hate it at least with the rifle. We could go push, drawers and stuff we’re kind of at the mercy of what we can see right now, at least the weather’s nice minus the wind, alright guys Travis just called and said he has a couple bucks found across the doggie here.

So we’re dropping off our perch or haul butt over there really quick and get a look at them. Sipping, something when I try to put a stock on one set sounds like it might be stock of all suck fingers crossed. Here we go HI guys. We are done with the first day a couple attempts but no dice. We just showed up here in Chino Valley at the bonfire. I’m Travis get us some grub, uh-huh Travis. What am I me in MIDI? Oh, I don’t know my hands they’re , not busy at all. on the kickball, but we saw we dressed me. Are we dressed nice enough for you? Okay, trust me. I got first light on the course I’m dressed nice enough. I don’t want this guy. He looks dirty. Try seeing this to fit right after you, boys, Thursday, who wants five all right, guys we’re hiding in the bushes here we locked the gate.

Travis is coming by himself and we’re going to jump out of the bushes when he gets out of his truck to unlock the gate and hopefully scare the pack so stay tuned. Okay, guys here, he comes duh, get ready. Oh ! I was hoping he’d jump, but he didn’t jump so we’ll take what we can get we’re at the ranch Lodge. This is home away from home for the next month. Pretty much we’ll do the walkthrough here in a minute. I scared him, but he didn’t jump, damn it. Here’s on the other side of the gate, alright, guys.

Here’s, the Taj Mahal the ranch house bedrooms, the kitchen. We got the Keurig we’re golden Coffee is king, our bedroom, Travis. What bull is how big is this bulb? Yeah, the zoo, geo-print happy ranch it’d be cool if it was actually honest had yeah if it wasn’t too big. You know that sucks pity we did have a none big get. You can’t get it off. You can’t live in the living room was it on he was on, but here’s what happened Josh, so we made these for the show. So, if anybody’s going to the show this year at the expo, Salt Lake expose see how that slides into there yeah, but on the other side you put a pin in it. Oh now, I can’t put it back on like it so he’s I didn’t fix it, but I haven’t taken it up to now. That’s why they’re not on. I can fix that . This is the world record archery bull, that Shawn Patterson killed with us, but there’s no elk outfitters in 2005, 62 and a half inch beams 22 inch v and these 57 inches wide, which is really wide, but still number one. I mean that’s: probably going to be beat this year.

Oh really, oh yeah, yeah, Montana, number two after the official deer bill bill, cat Preda, shot really awesome, taxidermy job on a pop gun. Part of the deal when I bought the ranch from Fredo was he said that anything that was in the house within two months. When we closed was mine, no noise. He left that it looks good, though okay, James in case you’re , seeing this yeah. How big put the radios got some sheds, of course, we’ve got some shoots, some sheds in here and then storage room here, hunting gear, the canvas cutter, never leave home without it it’s another awesome, taxidermy job you can tell that’s been around for a while. I think that’s actually like vintage taxidermy place back up. This is high-quality. Taxidermy work, people. What you like to see is you like to see this is just bondo put back in place, so his eyeball going to fall out, and if I actually took this off this whole antlers, you can see leans over. It would come right out, but I don’t want to take it off, but I won’t be able to get back in.

Oh my my grandpa shot that yeah. I can tell that old texador is my first buck, it’s kind of cool. You know yeah for sure this is my first archery buck thousand four on this trip. 13A. That was when you could just go on. You didn’t need to. I got to hunt that a couple years. I didn’t kill anything but no job, no mmm I mean for around here. That’s they don’t have the mass room. It’s got great lengths on the g3s and the g-force. It was cool, really cool shed. Oh my screw that and see that side. Yeah I’ma have to score that.

That’s uh, that’s an interesting kid! Yeah! Look at that thing, palmated all the way out! Well, that’s a cool holy crap. That thing feels like it’s made out of concrete grab that that looks like a giant cube here. Wow cool dense that isn’t super dense. What that is the stubby little mule deer’ dude. Let me baby coos. Let me see the got Tamila coos whitetail will have a lot of beading and they don’t have. They have a different bird just with the tight beam like this. I know that’s a deer right there that could piss you off yeah, because you look at him and he looks small and young, so you might pass yeah he’s going to squirrel. A really awesome! Look at those eye guards how about this giant yeah, the pole nation on the things you , hey guys we’re at our zero guide for you ranch Josh and I are guiding some over-the-counter archery mule deer hunt.

So you guys come out and do this in a year. You want we’ll stay at the ranch house, so it’s really cool it’s fun. As members, we give our 0 guy team members a pretty big discount to come out and huh yeah. So we stay at the ranch we hunt, we eat in town and yep just got done having a good dinner yeah. So there you have it guys, that’s the ranch house, so gay ones done. Hopefully I can have this posted tomorrow and then I’ll be filming tomorrow too. So we’ll see how this goes thanks for watching. Please subscribe and leave this comment. Let’s know what you think later:



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