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Archery Mule Deer

HI good morning guys here we go opening day OTC Arizona, Hartree, hot and we’ve been sitting up on this hill class and past couple hours and we’re going to work down now and go check out a couple other spots. It’s getting later in the morning, so everything’s starting to head and bed down, but opening day we got seven days of hunting, so we’re going to do a daily vlog on this and hopefully we’ll get some video of Mountaineer killing a buck.

So here we go two guys in bed all right. What’s up guys it’s about three o’clock! We just got up on this hill right here. We’re going to stay up here in glass for the rest of the evening or until we turn something up to go after, we can see a lot of country from up here. We have a lot of guys in here too, though, so that’s one downside, but it’s public land. They are free to go and do what they want to do. Just as we are a couple of them are setting up over here about 30 yards to my left. Two glass and I’m here I got Matt over over the hill right here from me, glass in another direction, so hopefully we can just outsmart them a little bit, maybe with knowledge of the country and Matt’s a pretty accomplished a bow hunter, which is pretty awesome. I don’t I don’t know if I’ve ever had somebody like him on these OTC hunts. I’ve had great hunters, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t know if I’ve actually had a Western big-game spot in stock kind of guy to do this most my clients, it’s all been first time ever for him coming from back east.

So it’s a a new, exciting part of this hunt. For me, the downside is, is it’s a tough year? Antler growth is way down mature deer, just they didn’t put it on this year. Blood with that drought issue we had first year, so we might not be able to be as picky as we were. We wouldn’t and other times, but we’re we’re definitely going for something mature and a little better than average. I just don’t know what that is what that is. Yeah well know. When we see it, I guess so. Anyways, I’m going to get the glass in and see if I can turn something up so see you guys in a bit thanks for watching, I saw like another point behind is what I thought was yeah, getting that yellow grass alright.

What’s up guys, we have made it back to the ranch house here or the lodge or the zgf chateau, whatever you want to call it and travis. Has it all decorated for Christmas, they’re actually going to spend he’s coming from CalI and other families coming they’re going to come hang out here for Christmas, but we get it the week before for the OTC hunts so find the light switch here come a long way Compared to the way you guys seen it last year, it’s all fixed up in Purdy. This is where we stay when we’re doing these OTC hunts, over-the-counter archery tags in January and August and December. So it’s pretty nice, pretty cofee. Pretty warm too beats the hell out of wall tents. All the time and I enjoy Mattson here cooking dinner: hey it’s burgers, put some chicken wings. This sounds pretty good to me.

So today was when a bad first day, opening day saw a lot of people saw. Quite a few deer saw the better the best deer, probably tonight, out of my video, you guys see sorry, it was a long ways out, butpicked up a little bit. Gore here in the evening, we actually see more deer this evening, total that we, I think we seen this morning, total on top of new bucks, so no signs of rut action quite yet. The bigger buck we’ve seen the night was pretty swole up, but he was hanging out with another buck. It was just the two of them and most the dough’s were running with dough’s. We saw one little three point kind of I don’t know thieves. He looked like he could have been trying to check out the dough, but it also looked like he could have just been a young deer doing dumb stuff.

So it was pretty hard to tell but anyways we we, I would say we had a pretty good, pretty good. First day I mean. Obviously, a really good first day would be finding the deer we want to hunt, but for the most part, with the amount of people pre-rut wake rewrite. I don’t think it was too bad, but we’re going to change things up in the morning. We’re going to go in a little bigger high, get up on a little bigger, Knoll or you know, swing Lots even more and hopefully find something worth pursuing and Matt here, she’s going to put an arrow in me. We’re going to get it done. So this is going to be my first OTC hunt. We don’t go full term, perfect, okay, so hopefully that’ll pants. It we’ll see whether you guys are watching a couple episodes or seven episodes, but I don’t know thanks for watching guys. I appreciate it. We will see you tomorrow



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