Arizona Archery Mule Deer OTC Vlog Day 2 (The Guide Life) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer

HI good morning guys, so here we go we’re getting the packs, ready, ready to go right now we’re going to take off and get up on top of this high point and camp out and just class for deer this morning. Hopefully we can find something put something together, all right guys.

What’s going on, so we just got back from the morning hunt I saw some some deer saw. Some elk saw some javelina. I didn’t. I didn’t get to see. The elk in javelina. Matt saw those on the side of the hill he was sitting on. We saw a buck, I saw a buck. I couldn’t get a good look at him. The trees where he was out were so thick. It was. It was hard to get a good clean. Look at him, he did look like he had a decent frame, so there’s a pond really close to where he’s at so we’re going to I’m going to put Matt on the pond tonight and I’m going to get up above there and just glass all the country Around him, but I’ll be close enough that if I find something I can go get him and we can try to make a move on it. If it’s, if we have an update light that is but we’re back to the ranch going to eat, some lunch Matt had to run into town really quick, and I finally did something that I’ve been wanting to do for years. Every time I come down here, I look at the bowl. What’s up on the roof right there. I hope you can see it. I’ve wanted to take that thing down and score it ever since. It’s not, I don’t think he’s giant. I’m just curious because he’s got he does have a lot of long characteristics and he’s got extras.

So I’ve always had this thought in my mind, and I got ta say if if he wasn’t all broken and rotted away, I was I was only a couple: inches off and yeah, just he’s cool he’s so cool I mean he’s, got these extras in the back. You’re the way that name turns in like that, but he’s lost a lot of beam on both sides, he’s those have rotted and broke off, there’s actually antler fragments on the roof. He’she’s narrower than he was he’s collapsing in on himself and he’s splitting really bad Stas in velvet on him, but cool cool Bowl. I figured he was pushing about 360 and as he is right, there unbroken or rotted off and broken he’s 344.

So I figured if you give him just a couple inches on everything. That’s you know, on old, like did a couple inches on the beams and an inch on each tined he’s there that’s pretty close yeah, so I just got done scoring that and playing with that now, I’m going to go in there. Now I’m going to go in and cook some lunch spend some time on. Google Earth so see you guys in a little bit. It’s like he’ll, basically pops out in the middle here. I’m set up to start boss and we’re going to hang here all night. Oh oh evening, and hopefully something comes in the water for Matt. If not, hopefully I turn something up for tomorrow, but if not then we’re going to change it up again try something different, so we’ll see what happens English cost. I read a video recording stuff out. So if I do see something like a recording HI guys, we are back to the ranch house lodge and we’ve had dinner, had some shrimp and green beans fresh green beans and now we’re going to sit down and start editing some video that way we can stuff Post it and start the daily daily show, so I appreciate everything thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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