Arizona Archery Mule Deer OTC Vlog Day 4 (The Guide Life) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer

HI good morning guys well here we are doing what we do we’re sitting up on a point and glossa Suns coming up enough now I can see quite a ways away. I got Matt over around the bend on me on this hill here glass. In the other side, I’m sitting here bossing, hopefully we can turn up a buck that we’ve seen and get a little bit better. Look at him and Matt can decide if he wants to go after him or not he’s a little intrigued, but we didn’t get a very good look at him last night, so it’s been a little slow then also hunts like this make it so tough to stay Motivated to video, I try, I just I don’t know what the video when you’re sitting here, I just want to see video I mean just sit in here.

Nice thing is at least we’re getting deer to video, but I’m going to get behind the glass, and hopefully here in a little bit I’ll, be making a move on something and get more video I’ll see you guys a little bit, that’s in between the dead tree And the big bushy ones – okay, you can see movement going on through the branches atler here he comes second see part of his head yeah and it’s always been side looks there isyou what’s up guys?

What’s up guys, try to trim this over here so much showing too much background a good thing. We threw the rain jackets in today. I didn’t think we’d get any rain. Has it rained very hard, but we got some clouds coming so we might get wet well. We’re all rain geared up so bring it. We got a buck and a bunch of dose way waiting up the flights. I mean way on the fly. If I wanted a video, you could probably couldn’t even tell they were deer, and we got some deer over B. Hit to my right here to just no big bucks, yet oh we got explosions. What was that I don’t know if you could hear that on the speaker knob, but okay, alright, guys we’re going to sit here and hopefully turn it. Big deer fingers crossed just keep grinding, so when it’s raining and you put your rain gear on, it stops raining thinking. I need to start washing my car in my rain gear.



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