Arizona Archery Mule Deer OTC Vlog Day 5 (The Guide Life) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer

Pretty good glassing for right now you don’t have anything. No colors are perfect yeah he does yeah his friggin horns. Don’t do what I thought they could from from that one from head-on from certain angles, just garbage. Is it made me go straight up just like me. You know so he left at my big, like bigger yeah yeah, he’s what 26 inches well yeah. I figured about the 26 25, maybe 27 right in there. Yeah he’s got four points on his right answer. Oh, he does so that’s why it’s not as big as the other side. It kicked an extra kind yeah just in lines my eye, I hate three points that split on the g2s, so they got the back Forks and then and then main beam. But I, like, I said, I’m a sucker for a big inline three-point, yeah big in my right. There main frame three.

So what do you think make daddy? Unless he’s got himself? A group too, I mean they could be over in this next draw right here to our right. They could be over the next draw over here to our left he’s in this area, though yep wonder why that everybody he saw up on the ridge wasn’t gathering his hair. I’m sure that I’ll bet there’s only one doe over there. That’s starting to come on in we’re doing the same thing: we’re sitting on a hill, the licen. Until our eye sockets hurt. We got a couple bucks down below one of the, but two of the bucks are ones we’ve been seeing pretty consistently, but we got another one over here. We we haven’t been able to get a good look at him.

So we don’t really know what he is. You happen just sitting here, waiting for him to step out he’s behind some trees, but no luck so here we go we’re going to sit up here most the day and just cover country move around the top of this big mountain here, just trying to find something Something that gets him excited that he wants to go, pursue so stay tuned and see if this turns out for the best



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