Arizona Archery Mule Deer OTC Vlog Day 6 (The Guide Life) Antler Trader

Archery Mule Deer

He was, I got some great video of his just standing here and he didn’t know what to do. I mean occur all right. What’s up guys, so it’s it’s a little later in the day, and I didn’t do much recording this morning because I guys it’s a little heated to say the least.

So this morning we go to a different area and the point that I wanted to be on the knob that I wanted to be on the glass there’s somebody already there and so no worries we’ll just go to the next one and then they’re , pretty close in Proximity, but it is what it is, I mean it sucks, but it’s public land, and so we Matt gets out of the truck and he’s all ready to go before me this morning and he decides he’s just going to run out the truck we were talking about, Like a 50-yard climb up onto this point, so Matt runs up there as I’m getting my pack on and he gets up there – probably 5 10 minutes. Before I get up there turn I look up and there’s some guy standing up there and and he’s waving his arms in the air and that’s just conversation.

So I keep going and I get up there and the guy takes off and I guess he was. He was pissed off that we were glassing the same country. He was glassy and he told Matt that he needs to go, find somewhere else to class and that Matt better not go after his deer that he has found or he’s going to do something, and I was blown away I mean I was. I was absolutely blown away and if I didn’t have a client with me, there would have been more words exchanged because that’s . This is public land and there’s a lot of other ways to go about that. I I’m a pretty helpful kind. Caring type of person and if he would have come down and said, hey guys, we got a buck out here – we’re going to try to go after. I would have been like sweet.

What can we do to help? Do we need to move? You know I would have totally worked with him. That’s you can ask anybody. That’s ever run into me that that’s how I am I’m trying to give as much respect as possible. He has every right to be there as much as we do and the those deer can be. I mean they’re everybody’s deer, but I’m not going to screw a guy up on purpose and if he has something found before we have something found so be it go. Get it you know, what can what can we do to assist? No matter what that is, and on top of it, we end up glossing up the same it’s like a hundred thirty hundred forty inch for point I mean it had melk on its lip still, and this guy is acting like some 250 buck and He’s going to kill somebody or kick somebody’s ass if, if he doesn’t get a chance at it, and what really frustrated me about the whole ordeal was, I’m pretty sure he was a guy, that’s the shitty part and in douchebags like that, or what Give guides a bad name and it’s uncalled for and unacceptable and it’s kind of and it really chaps my ass. I mean really chaps my ass. You want to be a douche. Come talk to me about you know. Anyways. I took a picture of his pickup, we were west of Prescott and it was a pretty as a newer Tacoma and that was that desert tantor desert Burton brown or whatever it is desert tan color.

So if you know who you are you’re douche and you want about that completely the wrong way or if you know who it is, let me know I’d like to know because people shouldn’t treat other people, it’s uncalled for, there’s a you can be civil and we Can work things out so we can all enjoy this, this public land that we have together and there’s no animal worth it out there. In my book I mean I love big mule deer and I want to kill big Neil der as much as anybody and I want to kill the biggest deer on the unit or in the state every year. That’s always the goal, but it’s not worth you know. Having fire, you know, drop boxing match over basically so yeah. You need to learn how to act. If that was you, it was uncalled for brutal for real and it really chapped my ass and I would have been up there in your face and we would have had words about it. If my client wasn’t with me, so don’t be a dick, so anyways we’re seeing a class and finish out the day.

Hopefully I what’s up guys, so we are done. Unfortunately, we did not harvest. We could not turn anything up. That Matt was super excited about. To put a stock on our chase, we’ve seen lots of deer lots of lots of Bucks, just nothing, nothing great. It’s been a it’s been a really tough year on antler growth this year and that’s a lot of the reason we haven’t found anything as far as size, wise that he was hoping to go after seeing a few really mature deer deer that would probably have fit The bill, if they didn’t take a hit on antler this year, but it is what it is you can’t you can’t win them all. It’s public land, it’s archery and it’s over the counter.

So you could be a little bit picky every year, when the ruts going on, you tend to see a few better deer. The rut never really got going for us. We had a few doze kind of start to get warm get hot and they just I mean it was pre rut, 100 % pre-rut most of the younger bucks and the less dominant Bucks were the ones that were trying to get them a few days before the Big bucks rolled in so we’re going to go home. We’re going to drive straight to Idaho when we get home, spend Christmas and New Year’s up there with the family and then we’re going to drive right back down from Idaho to st George drop, the wife, kids off jump in the pickup and be right back here, chase more deer.

So these videos, I’m sure you you know – tell aren’t, aren’t edited like I normally edit most of my videos. A lot of that is because I’m doing a lot of this just daily stuff on the phone. I don’t have music, all the music. I don’t have the intro. I just there’s a lot. I don’t have and the programming doesn’t allow a lot. So these are pretty basic, just daily vlogs, basically daily hunt blogs on this OTC hunt. So thanks for watching guys, I appreciate it we’ll see you on the next one and here’s a pre Merry Christmas and have new year, even though, by the time you see this it’ll probably already be done so later, guys



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