Arizona OTC Archery Deer Hunt Part 1 Antler Trader 2020

Archery Deer Hunt – Part 1

Arizona OTC deer hunts just getting started…

We have made it to say it. I have no idea feels like it’s. Like I looked at the clock, it was like. We still have how many what’s up guys we are on about a two and a half week. Arizona hunt here and I was going to show you where we’re staying – it’s pretty cute little cottage off of the highway. I don’t know how old you know how to turn the lights on kind of cool, though it’s very like farm house II, just this room, I’m going to flip the screen this room and it kind of walks out into this little space. Yeah, that’s cool! I don’t know if I’d want to walk by that and then the one night when I was going to the bathroom, but it’s cool. This is Travis’s little hunting retreat complete with cable. We got an awesome, yes exactly. This is where our hunters are staying. I haven’t met them yet cuz. I was asleep when they got here and then they went out for the day cuz. The hunt doesn’t turn till tomorrow. So yeah it does. That’s just a nice room, their bed. It’s like a total mess, but actually I have it really organized and stuff in there a bathroom with the shower um. Yes, we get to take showers so cute. It’s like reminds me of like a playhouse or something like that yeah I do. I feel like I’m going to play house and then back. There is the laundry area, so we can have clean clothes. There’s a bit of our view. I’m stoked this is going to , be fun all right.

So now this is Chris Scott. Is that using poison we’re doing Chris window downs, like I’m writing with the windows down and the Windsor with video, though that’s why I got ta shut it off now, because I’m really into it here very long – and I like here, let’s do the place. One thing that is different, I know I love Idaho, don’t get me wrong. There’s been a few days like in a row where, like you, don’t even see the Sun, and I can definitely feel that so being outdoors and in the Sun is critical to my well-being. Very nice, the historic route – 66, Oh Matt – I remember. Actually you told me that you did all that I’m so jealous, because I love doing that. I love adventuring and taking you places I wish I could just go and go enough. That would ultimately be like my one of my top things. I’D want to do is like an actual travel blog, where it’s just you’re constantly on the move. Yes, that’s right, but I’ve decided that I want to move here. I’ve only been in this place for like 3045 minutes, but I really like it here: you’re wrong. I’m not abandoning Idaho, Idaho is still fully my summer location. I like this place. We decided on Phil’s grill headed Phil’s grill. You come highly recommended by Google, so I’ll give it aside are so stinking good get my burger where’d, you get a Reuben burger and french fries. We are on day one Oh Arizona, a bit of counter tag. This morning we saw tons of antelope and stuff, but no deer, some dozer to get the key all right. We’re headed out again on the evening hunts day to what sounds like a great plan.

Let’s go what’s up guys, we are on day two is the evening hunt on our Arizona, over-the-counter tag. It is January 7th, Tuesday, we’ve seen fair amount of doze cute little box, no mature deer lots of antelope it’s supposed to snow on Friday, so we’re hoping that that will get the right kind of kicked off they’re starting to show signs of it. But nothing want to thread the deer. It’s really nice this evening, though so there’s going to crash, although it’s really cold this morning, , oh nice,way to go yeah, I’m so Girl, it wasn’t too hard to find either. No, we didn’t go far. That’s awesome! God as much as you a spurt and know, and then he just kind of had yeah. Did you see em, or did you see blood yeah, nice jab picture time?


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