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Rifle Mule Deer Hunt

What’s up guys, so it’s the day before the opener of Arizona’s, 13p Arizona Strip, rifle hunt and we’ve enjoyed Europe in the camp. We’ve got our stuff set out, dropped off, we’re ready to go, and it’s the evening before the opener. So we’re set up on a point here, just class and sometimes good morning, guys here we go, it is day number two. The morning hunt has officially started. We we came close last night. We just needed what maybe 10 15 more minutes of light and we would have had yeah. We would have had him after some extremely impressive driving by yours. Truly, don’t ask him, I do what I got to do after we got after we flew down to where this deer was that and had to run over a couple of pink fingers. It was just we’re not on a light, so we’ve got the boys over trying to turn that deer up again today, we’re doing the exact same thing with Steve and Travis trying to kill another deer, and then I don’t know we might just continue to do this At least until tomorrow, or until he hits camera when he hits camera we’re going to go after him, we’re going to push in, but until we kind of know where he’s at there’s so many people around, we don’t want to bump him. So we’re still optimistic.

It’s it’s day, two we’re getting. You know deep into the hunt, but we’re optimistic here we go got the lucky charm with us. Today went, hunt, went into town and picked her up last night me and Joann and Brett are getting ready to we’re going to go in where this Bucks been hanging out and hopefully we’re going to get him up and get a shot. But we are competing with another outfitter. We got another outfitter in here with a couple with two spotters and they’re trying to turn him up to you. So, oh all, right guys. We just we just knocked down a buck Joe here just hammered him hammered him hard. It’s Brit Brits found this bucks Goss this buck up last night and we come back in today.

Try to dig him up and we looked all morning couldn’t find him and we just found him and Joe coffee, maybe maybe a hundred yard shot if that I’ll, arrange it, but we’re getting ready to walk over to him right now. He’s laying right right in there. What do you think Joe there’s blood from his first shot? His first shot was money: oh yeah I’ll watch it spewing out of him. Here’s where he was running by here’s blood. Look at that! Hey! Look at all the blood right through here. Look at that son he’s getting bigger and closer. Oh yeah, Joe he’s got cheaters heck, yeah, yeah, oh way, bigger way way, bigger! Nothing is a tank heck, yeah heck, yeah yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh it broke tip a little bit. No, it’s dirty! Oh broke is g42 [, Music, ]. What’s up guys, alright, so Joe’s killed, I’m now helping Travis and we’re trying to turn up a buck. We’ve been hunting a specific buck since the start of the hunt, but he’s been a no-show. So after the morning hunt, I’m out and Ritchie’s out we’re all trying to turn up a another buck.

Hopefully a shooter bucks, so fingers crossed I’m in some of my favorite country and let’s see if we can turn something up over here, that’s Rutan. We finally started seeing some good rutting activity past three days, so there hasn’t been much on camera in here, but maybe something’s moving into rut. So we are stopping and we’re going to go on a little walkabout out here and see if we can blast off some of these hills and turn up a big buck for Clint huh we’re coming to change the SD card in the camera. There’s a little three-point at this water last day. This trip didn’t even stop moving and my camera just got turned on. I got him he’s down. I heard it. I heard it talking. You totally shocked him it’s right by the dead tree down there. We just kill it. It’s the last day of the 13 beers ona trip, huh huh and we just knocked a freaking big one down did first shot done, didn’t even have to do another shot as of right now, driving closer the Sun, just barelyfreaking crested over behind us we’re going to get some killer ass pictures and I am stoked beyond belief, man. What are we doing? We got a dead, we got Travis Terry he’s. Actually he was walking too.

He might be down to it right now, so we were all just praying and trying to keep our spirits up for Terry and he hammered this deer where’s Terry at Oh, is he in your bed? You got it yeah. Do you want to take this side and work my way down this just stay high right. There babe just keep going side hill. If you can oh yeah big ol frame on him, oh yeah he’s way bigger. That’s what I’m talking about bro! You got ta! Think that start up dome to us. What do you think he’s a stud? He is a stud. Did I say, 16 on the g2. I was a 16 on the g2 s. I was incorrect more, like 18 cheater basis basis. Are you kidding me the last freaking day we going to shot that buck on the first day I mean, I don’t know that big t Brett whatzero guide feed member Terry getting drawn in the second year as a zgf member getting out on the strip With Arizona Strip guides assisted by Josh, Corbin and Brett carbon and T Mac – oh I got ta tell you if you don’t sign up for 0 guide fees, that’s crazy! You just crazy! Zero bad fees is legit. Look at the results: okay $ 350 for two years. Dang dude, Oh oh, my gosh did I say, 200 inches. I was incorrect. Oh my gosh 200 brother yep. Look at those threes. Look how long this g3 is. I’m thinking 10 inches and you just dropped in one shot.

Man hey! Is that a good box for your collection, yeah we’re on my spot? This is my spot, so we we were desperate because we turned our looking into something else and we’re looking for a specific book. We never could see him. We were taking the trail cameras down yesterday, we’re going around taking all the trail cameras down, we’ve been in this area, freaking, Queen three or four days, yeah and all of a sudden. This buck showed up on the trail camera. Yesterday, I grabbed the pictures I fell over. I saw him last night. Thank you. Thank you. Thank ya. They laugh. This is the last day of the hunt and we’re like we got to go back and look for that buck. I don’t care. Where is that we’re going to walk over here lunch? We brought our stuff, we had Britt and Josh with us and we’re like we’re going to walk everyfreaking Hill out here till we turn this buck up, because we knew he was in here. Britt and Josh went out on the point in the first five minutes got out of the truck said. We got them get over here over here.

Terry made one of the best shots 375 yards in the wind, the buck that he stopped moving to home James waylaid him he’s got an awesome shirt. That’s right! So Terry is a zero guy team member, which is basically the only company in the United States that you pay one year, membership a three or $ 50, and when you get drawn, they will pay for your hunt. This is awesome if this works. This is really awesome: okay, so hum top I’m just killing that buck. We’re now dropping down right here to pick up a shed that was glossed up. I’ve decided, I just run over here real, quick and grab it. So we can get back to camp with Travis he’s on his way to camp now, get the deer all taken care of. So I elected to run down here and grab this shed. Brit is right up on that point right. There maxime up giggle tickle. This actually might be his bug got the same front same looking vase.

Oh, that would be cool good for yes, sir. Thank you mommy. I want to see it before. You say. Don’t say it baby, no score 218 dead on that to 11 and 1/8, and then I told you I was going to do not say that thing’s going to be high to teens, that’s going to surprise them typical frame was 86 and 90. What is that? That’s 176 plus 13 is 187, 97, 200 yeah, that’s right at 202 and 3/8, and just this screenshot it. Oh you don’t have an iPhone. I can read. I can record screw video, that’s playing on my phone like, so you can video YouTube now, alright, guys we just finished. What’s the date. 19Th 2007. We just finished the Arizona Strip, 13 B, deer hunt and eating dust, and, oh guys, you can see the dust just coming out of his window. We have it caked everywhere, so bad.

Every single thing that is in this vehicle is going to have to be hand, cleaned everything is going to need to be blown out like there’s, no just stickiness and putting it in the shed and calling it good. When we get home, we have a major job. It’s going to be actually used to wiping stuff down. I was going to show because it was just like off. It was just totally killing like you could literally get it everywhere. So anyhow, that was my second 13 B hunt that I was able to be on and man the memories that you’ll make from this are just. There is not a dollar in the world that can pay the price of this memory, and I think it gets seared in your mind, like every step of the way how it went down what you said. You know like what you saw just and then you just keep on talking to each other, about it and reminiscing the whole experience yeah, and then I was doing this trying to figure about well yeah. I was talking about like after the fact after he killed you guys, reliving it yeah, which is kind of what the point of I feel like this video pose right now is I’m just wanting to put it out there, while it’s fresh, my experience with it?

How much fun it was, how how I remember it going down. I’m just glowing son yeah. I know it’s kind of hard to get. I know you’re , like you, have an angel behind you, but anyways um, but we got it all loaded up and we’re headed home. It was a good day. Oh, and you found some sheds right. I did Hey four five total. Well still, any is good, especially when you’re out here on the strip. You know oh yeah, we’re going to stop to go. Look at you,



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