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Mule Deer

To the top I’ma, do it I’m headed to the top I’m aprove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do it. You know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and let it go all now. I I’m sick of being nothing all right, I’m going to be some and all fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one. You can’t touch , no guys we are on day three of our 13b rifle hunt and our number one buck got killed yesterday, the one that we spent a lot of time worked really hard for this kind of stuff, but we found A new one and hope, then we get to deal them today or that we’re on the evening hunt.

So this evening, , [, Music, ] yeah just stay tight, I’m watching where he goes right now. Actually, you see how there’s a big triangle of trees across there he’s just up to the left of those , we’re back from making dinner grab a pork chop, one an applesauce, but I feel like that. Personally, I feel like they should have like potatoes or rice or noodles, or something just missing a carb. I guess , You are doorfreaking air, all day, long, [, Music, ] Makenna. Next to the porkchop I could morning guys, so you can sit down here on this point class and this morning is the sun’s been coming up, which seen some doze a little buck. Rutting, a doe, but we haven’t seen anything big and we still haven’t technically seen anything big about two three minutes ago Brits like you hear that it sounds like antlers smacking together and we all stopped out still unsure . We got some bucks fighting down below us, but there’s just enough trees. We can’t see so Kelly and I are going to walk around we’re . going to leave Joey. I’m Brit up here with a radio to kinda, keep an eye out on the world and we’re going to walk down around here and try to drop into this Canyon and see what’s causing all this commotion, hopefully finding the buck, we’re looking for and get a shot.

So see you guys in a bit well guys we just sold the tag. All right Kelly here, just put the wall up on a stud buck dropped him in his tracks. We’ve been sitting here for about 15 minutes kind of letting a sink in and making sure he doesn’t move landing in and his hunter coming up over the top right. Now they actually shot at this buck and missed and pushed him over to us. So we didn’t waste any time, nope drilled, him just drilled him. This is stud all right! We’re going to go over and take a look. We got across this Canyon here check out that moon, so pretty right up here should be right here.Kelly, telling me well . Does that light can help try put a flashlight I’m like doing it? Has the awesome did ya yeah sit down right there. Next to them, maybe bring your knee down toward you and then tilt him this way more. There you go and you come in this way, just a little bit right. There come out in this cheek actually the case, not bad, no yeah, yeah, there’s a whole bunch right there boy, that’s like shooting a zebra. They say you want to try to put it in the blacks right, so it doesn’t show up in the Cape. But if you’re really good, you can get it to exit in a black stripe, [, Music, ]! Well, anytime, Congrats, hey guys! I got both behind one’s good and I brought you baby wipes that you didn’t ask for and a flashlight that you also didn’t ask for got a nice. Warm fire this morning started out at four whole degrees, yeah, and actually it was. It got a little bit better through the day. It wasn’t too hard to bear, but it is cold. Then it keeps getting colder day by day. The rut is coming in to full swing, so hopefully we can get the rest of our hunters tagged out soon.

Working did you guys start shooting in the middle of the day, in between hunts, shooting class? That’s a much prettier side that says: go check it out, pull it out, yeah sure she dropped him, one shot yeah, and then we got to get lots of pictures tomorrow before yep awesome. So we don’t have any pictures with Joey’s beautiful. Well, there’s a buck over. There for you, kill tomorrow colder, you guys saw him earlier and didn’t know it. He knew he was. Yours. Remember awesome to those. He was right in that Oaks. It’s cool a sign, a release because we’re bellies doing my bellies up like this inside and then this one’s outside that goes out like that, it’s probably an extra 15 inches. Just in those two in this, almost full moon, [, Music ] – get that ball stack up in that video. Try not let slip is slipping.

Slipping put my feet plus 2/4 was slipping yeah. I was just glad to be need a light there yeah and then You’ll be missing half I know I had that yeah protection for the taxidermist put that on your Instagram pop. What was it a big old fat tick? Oh I’m, taking some serious smoking. I need to get his back cut up so can we maybe clip them yeah? Let me grab this two years and I was done BFFs forever, helping each other with their dealer. Oh stupid cameras, bloody in there. It’s really having a hard time focusing good. Let that be a lesson to you. What’s that on your back boy show us the good side doing so. We just killed after your snack yeah, some nacho cheese. Rennet, then hey. Can I get one of those? No oh yeah fibre, huh yeah. That’s an extra brush! I’m going to kill here good good, come on right there. Oh, there you go. How does it taste? Is it better all right, Chuck just attending?

We got some Ronnie Dario nice work, guys, I’m so proud of us, especially you two how’s your morning going pretty awesome. Good thing, you’re handy blue tire, and it’s not fixable this time on another rock in people. Let me explain something to you. I have like 17 years Tire experience. I ran a tire store, I know tires. These are not cheap tires. These are temp lighters, but when you’re dealing with stuff like this on a consistent basis, yeah sharp rock it don’t matter what tires you have, and these tires aren’t that old they’re really not once I got the tire fixed, we got down the road. A couple hundred yards and we broke a leaf spring – the other leaf spring first bare.

Well, I don’t know why I say how in the Sam hell, because I dunno in the Sam Hill house, if I said that yep our clients have killed they’ve, been gone for a day, so we’re just helping everybody else. I’m going to show you this beautiful, beautiful country. Let’s go, it looks bigger than I thought it was, but that’s usually how it goes all right. So while josh is working on the truck, I am getting everything cleaned up with, so we have less to take back and getting everything organized [, Music, ] how’s. It going good deal yeah whatever out about time. The new leaf spring gets here. I think they should be here pretty quick they’ve been here actually, but nobody drives like dropps, so can’t ever judge that way just assert glassing down in there. Now that you find the share it here last night on the strip, we have fix a flat tire and we’ll actually, we couldn’t fix the flat this in destroyed it, but we spent a lot of our day and now, like I said, we’re on our last night. We’re just trying to see if we can find some deer for the rest of the hunters camp. I think [, Music, ] and only Shaw, yeah and miss we’ve got em in front of dear that’s over it. I know that I do a lot of sunset videos, but I feel like these sunsets are much better than most rumi. Are you excited to see your dad? Yes, thank God so long she just keeps walking up to him and hug. You, oh thank you for all the love they love.



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