Arizona Strip 2020 Rifle 4 Big Mule Deer Down Hunting Antler Trader

Arizona Strip 2020 Rifle 4 Big Mule Deer Down Hunting Antler Trader

We are on the strip, we’re heading out for 13b rifle hunt right now, and I’m just going to show you this place is a freaking dust, a cloud of dust and josh just backed off quite a bit, but man horrible. It is it’s like on everything. Huh. We’ve been debating on whether oh yeah, it’s like in my throat we’ve been debating on whether this dust is worse or what we were dealing with on the kaibab with the like the blacks. I still think this is better. I don’t know. I think this is worse. This just coats everything I know against the dash it really does. You cannot be worried about being dirty on this hunt. You just got ta get that out of your head right away. Yeah, we just got our. We just got a shower, so we’re clean. That’s actually pretty awesome that we got ta come out here like we did, because usually it’s just we’re here the day before for the hunt.

So we had a few days that we got to just do some scouting and hanging out got to go back to town and shower, so we can be ready for the hunt and our hunter is uh. We’re meeting him at camp today we’re driving out back out and there’s people everywhere to be expected and there’s people that are do not know how to navigate these roads properly either Music , it’s kind of scary. Now I was thinking about that as we were driving in how many more people are out here and don’t really realize Music how crazy these roads are windy. I think there’s like a cross in the road. Have we passed it yetsomeone died. Is it that guy that died that came out here?

Oh there was, I don’t remember if somebody died on that, but yeah there’s been a few right right. Here’s battle section just because it’s like washboardy super narrow, like you just tight, turns and people go fast. We’ve had a close encounter on that bird, oh yeah, I remember it. I actually think about it. When we come around that corner all the time, there’s been a couple of closings, always the other guy they’re . Just they don’t realize what road they’re on they don’t know it like a lot of the guys that are coming out that come out. , Music, , yeah, there’s not no the roads, that’s the thing. We know the roads there’s a lot. I know where I can go fast. I know where I need to slow it down a little bit. This morning, though yeah I could tell, I could tell if it’s it wasn’t that bad. It surprised her the honest to god. It wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t worried one single bit and she was like yeah, because everything that was on that side of the truck shifted onto my side. It was a little violent yeah. The cattle guard had a little bit of a hoop in it, and then we turned into a little tokyo grip, but it wasn’t and throttle out that’s right, you handled it. I will give you that it wasn’t bad.

It really wasn’t so how’s the deer situation, but we’re going to make the best of it just one of them years. The strip can’t produce giants every year. Yeah, it’s going to have its ups and downs and there’s still going to be some big old bucks that get killed. There are a few out there, but it’s not like it has been years past. Definitely, in our opinion,bankers can’t be choosers on this one. Yeah, the this tag needs to becut back a lot yeah. It does it’d be awesome if they could just like they need to do this so that it could just kind of get a little jump start will rebound yeah, because it’s it is, it’s dwindled. The kybab kicks thirteen, so I’m actually like super stoked that we got to actually do that. Instead, because I was initially bummed, I was like. Oh, we don’t get to do 13 beef for archery, which reminds me if you have a whole bunch of points and you’re putting in for arizona, and you want to do a fun hunt with a guide hit me up. I got a deal for you, yeah archery, on the coyote andI’ll cover guide costs, depending on what you have for points.

What are you talking about going in with somebody yeah? So that’s what we’re doing we’re heading back to camp we’re going to go meet ourhunters and unload all this crap that we just had to pick up from tam. What all did we get? We filled up all the gas. How much did we spend in gas? We got about 100 gallons, okay, we’re transporting 100 gallons of gas right now, yeah we’ll jump once in the pick them up: okay, oh yeah, and then we got the meat for the dinners and we got some locked eyes. We went and got the hose for the gas thanks, Music , and we got all of our clothes. So I just wore the same thing these last two days and then I wore it into town. I washed it now, so I don’t have a whole. I didn’t have a whole bunch of laundry attacks too. All right it was low, , Music . I don’t know if you could see that, but yeah, it’s warm. It feels actually warmer than 74 to me, as you can see, I’m on the tank top and it’s it’s toast, Music, yeah November six. No, it’s not Music, anyways, we’ll see you, then hi, hey , Music, , heck yeah. Look at that! Oh yeah, you guys, I have been waiting to find giant like this for a minute. Oh hell, yeah, look at that bean. You wow some spiders made its home nice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you picture of him like that

What’s up guys kind of taking a littlevacay from videoing? Often so I’m forcing it oh right now. I think I didn’t turn the camera, we’re having a pee break right now, anywho. It is day two we have had tons and tons of action. Trying to tell the audience what we’re doing we’re peeing before we get in the truck and go. I wasn’t trying to tell muchwe’re getting ready to go hunting. We are we’re going to go hunt, you guys, we’ve had tons and tons of action. It’s been a fun time: yep, no lack ofmike’s going to opportunity break down. Yes, mike are you hanging in there? It has uh, it’s been fun, we’ve had a few misses, but that’s just how it goes. We’re hoping that we got those uh. Those moments out andwe’re going to go, kill a deer. That’s what we’re headed to it’s cold winter’s here, bundled up we’re heading out after this deer, hopefully he’s right where we’re where we’re hoping. He is because there’s nobody there to see in here. This is the only one today and the temperature is dropping fast. Hopefully we can get it done. Oh the snow is it. We got some cat tracks, yep I’ll post pause, that’s pretty freaking cool, so this fresh lion track right through here. We must have scared him when we pulled in came running. They were bedded right up under this tree right here, they’re laying right up under there, and then they came flying out of here, because we probably scared them and just take off big tracks. So, let’s see if anything’s on water – oh here’s another set going this way, pretty big cats.

What’s up guys, I want to see something really awesome. It’s pretty freaking cool looks right off the edge we’re out on the strip. It’s colder than heck up here. Check this out all right, we’re heading out what is today day, three yeah, something like that, and we got a nice blizzard in alaska coming at us, , Music . It is freezing we’re in arizona and we’re going to go, kill something all the deer are going to be hiding in canada. It feels like we’re in north country. Hopefully we’ll see a deer moving around along out there or a lion or a lion. We have seen a lot of that stuff. Well, even a jackrabbit, I’m ready to shoot something. Hopefully we have some over actions: Music . So you got ta. Do when you don’t have windshield wipers. You steal the broom from camp, it’s very handy, very rednecky, but it works sorta. It helps to get some of the ice off look. How much snow is on the back. This is just from when we left a hour and a half ago, Music . It is a winter wonderland. Coming back, can’t really see very good. Oh all, right we’re making omelets for breakfast today steak eggs. You can pretty much put anything in these, but we’re doing steak and egg cheese, jalapenos onions, some other stuff, that other people put in you get to make your own bag and actually we’re not using the right bags, they’re supposed to bethe court side, and They need to have that zipper ready and what you do is you boil water, and then you stick it in how long 10 minutes 15 minutes something like that yeah, something like that! Just watch them. So it’s done. Let them boil all right. We’re going to ! Do a little check here see how we’re doing oh, that one looks pretty good there, yeah cool all right, let’s pull them out and see. We can always put them back in if we need to all right so, like I said we’re supposed to be using a smaller bag, but that’s what we got just open up. Your bag boom got a magnet, perfect omelette, just like that. Here. Look at that and it has leftover yummy yep thanks mike for that idea, man.

What do you think? I got no problem with waiting if you think we should he’s 180, it’s up to you, bud. Okay, it’s a nice buck, dude he’s probably better than the one. We were trying to shoot and he’s not as wide but he’s probably better yeah we’ll go ahead. Take him! Okay put another one in. If you can until he’s down. Oh he’s going down dude, he just went down there, brother , . That was a nice buck. It was a damn nice buck, big, pretty frame. I kept looking at him and then he’s a nice bugger yep , hey dude congrats. Well, we just punched the tag got it done, got it done man. It’s been a rough rough hunt. We have seen barely any beer in the past 160 this morning, yeah we got a shot at that 2. 30.

We did, we got two shots at the 230 and then we had another typical a little bit wider than this one, but I think this one’s a way better scoring deer than that one yeah. He looks good, he does. He had a grundle with does with him. We were just so it’s like, probably one o’clock uh. Last time I looked, I was about 120 120.. That was before we came up the hill yeah. We got a whole bunch of snow last night, so I decided nobody’s been down this road, so we drove down this canyon just looking for tracks andone track, and it was early early this morning and I pondered it we drove looking for more tracks. I was like you know what let’s go, look yeah and then right as we started going up the hill, he was going one way I was going the other and I saw the tracks. I tried calling you and then I’m like you know what let’s just go up here, maybe they’re up here, because he was headed and then I’m glad you whistled because he’s I know he was down here, but these they’re right in front of us Yeah right here we just jumped them.

How far is that 150? It wasn’t far enough that we needed to range 185 185, not that far at all nope, and then he was, I feel like. If we waited. They were going to come right back up here because they just started turning around and yeah. They were milling around in the bottom. Well, it’s done it’s done. Let’s go get everybody and we’ll go. Look at him together, cool I’m about all right. Brother yeah congrats thanks man all right now we’re getting blood he’s laying right there, but I’m tracking him back came up here. He got sick and went sliding. Look at that deer dude! Oh yeah, bud he’s got good mass, oh yeah, yeah big, pretty typical dude. He is too perfect. He’s wide he’s got some mass on him. Thank you. Good job best buck best buy right on best out here that I’ve taken three bucks heck yeah.

Oh, look at that color is that shooting so far in the truck , yeah for sure you have to edit. That out, I guess, is that all you got oh, I can brag , yeah backstraps for dinner, boys, , , we’ll just go down from the cape, okay and then we’ll separate it right here. Okay, hold them back. Take quarters. Take cape off take press cord back, strap, tenderloins, we’ll be out there. Okay, . You got ta, take the inside ones: yeah tenders, okay, how about the heart? If you want it, we can get it. You want the tongue, no lingual, no tongs! No lingua! You never had you never had tongue. Well done. Okay, there’s not much tongue to it. The elk yes, yeah come on, get that damn liver off. Now we got ta take the bite.

Nobody said anything we’re just smiling you’re trying to get me to quit. Hunting. Aren’t you yeah, just like your sons? Oh, oh, very proud of you guys, you guys worked hard, did a good job, yeah cause when you, you said you’re going to walk up this hill yeah! Well, that’s because the way the the tracks were going from the roads looked like they went right up into the the older king. All right that is a nice deal, we’re back pretty typical to the truck everything’s in loaded and we’re ready to go. That’s about half as wide as my sister-in-law’s ass, so come on.

Dude where’s papa pretty little bug there. He is oh yeah and then he had a actually. He was standing out there, 288 yards, look at those bases, came back behind him and they were doing a scare off ridiculous, but he had scar, he had scars and cuts and all over the place, yeah giant giant frame dude. Those bases are awesome. I, like all those little trash heck yeah that is awesome, congrats bud. Well, hey thanks! No, it was. It was uh. It was cool. I just. I had decided when I left here this morning. If I saw him you’re going to , I was going to . Do it this time yeah so good choice, especially after yesterday, after trying to follow these guys, honest to god, I thought I was going to drop to the ground. Yeah he’s not going to have a heart attack. You know I mean really. I was like it’s a lot yeah good job guys. Is he still right about in the same spot there yeah yep? Is that the little one I’m looking in the video camera just as soon as I get his damn ass in the camera? Oh you’re here where’d you come from, but he keeps looking back. Do you notice that yeah there’s another doe back there? Another doe yeah, oh he’s coming down, he’s coming down, he’s right behind the other one he’s coming down here: oh , , yeah, oh yeah, right behind those two oh come on come on yeah he was there. It is , oh oh, my god holy , . That was incredible, he’s still standing.

No, that going down. Look, look, look he’s walking, no well hold the other buck as well; yeah! No, that , just took a knee all right. Now the work begins. We got to put that up. We need to get the packs and get over there. No, the road is right. On top, is it yeah, , , , yeah, oh, never mind, hey ride, drive right the up to him. Oh, this is where we’re at. I told you. I didn’t know that he just walks right down from the trees. So you want us. Do you know how to get there if we were to drive over there? I don’t you just got ta follow this rid. I can I’m just trying to get some more video, real, quick. That little three points like what the did. He move guys hold on we’re trying to see if that gear moved. Yeah deer are still standing up. His back is down that red bush. Yeah he’s dead, he’s dead, okay, yeah, no talk to him all right that buck’s dead. We were just making sure um. So what about yesterday, you said there was a ridge, yeah , Music . Before we killed everybody.

Do you know how to get around? You made it back safely, yeah holy crap that had to have been a workout. It was fun that was wild, guess what I got it on video, oh yeah, not a girl. I love you yeah you’re , the bestest man. Nice work guys thanks for letting me stay at the truck too by the way absolutely, but we were sweating down there by my bonfire. Oh, I bet you were dev. You were kicking ass man. Look at that deer, good job! I have the heater pumping uh. Maybe you don’t need it, though you guys are coming up. That’s awesome, holy , . Did we just clean this out? Yeah yeah we’ve managed to accrue some more man, we weren’t sure. If we were on the right ridge or anything well, I ran up and found devon. I figured god they should be close by now I was yelling and whistling so are we and then I saw him and I’m like where’s youtube greg. Congratulations, that’s awesome! You guys heck yeah huh. Do you lock the doors, no unlock the doors right here? Oh thank god. The other door was locked, heck, yeah, , Music sure did I like all the stuff. On that one side, I don’t even know. Oh, that is such a beautiful buck. Man hey guys, so I left the boys at camp because I wanted to get out and stretch my legs. We’re done hunting we’re actually going to help um, tj’s client tonight our hunters killed last night and headed out this morning. So I decided to go out for a little walkabout and there he is freaking love fighting him tiny little giant to be. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What up we have completed the 13b 2020 rifle hunts, yeah we’re done. It was fun so so fun. I probably one of my top rated times we had yeah. We had so many different adventures and things that we got to see. We missed the biggest deer on the strip twice and uh. We missed his buddy a couple times too, and we still killed some great bucks that they were just ecstatic to kill and which is the only their best bucks in their collection, and these guys hunt all over the place yeah all over the world. And they ranked this their number one hunt, so that was a very huge compliment.and we had such a great time. It’s always really fun. When uh, you click with the people that you’re hunting with and you really become friends, yep and so we’re going to go and heavily hunt with them. Um, hopefully this february, or did we do something? Oh I heard a noise. Should we stop and see?

This is just fun everybody I could just talk for hours and hours about each person and like how fun it was to meet everybody. You know good people, we had a ball. Wewe experienced probably the lowest of the lows on the strip from the highest of the highs. It was a rough hunt for this year. This unit is down. This is a rough year we’re up here to have a strip tag. Yep, a lot of people turn tags back this year, a lot of people they went, the deer were without water, it was justreally rough here and the lions are out of control. We need to get rid of them. Damn cats, I’ve seen more lying tracks the day after the snow that morning, the deer I kept more lion tracks that day than I cut deer drugs, yeah that’s not acceptable and then the tags need to be reduced yeah. We need to have sad one 13, a and the kayak and the kayak both look better than 13 feet, yeah i’d rather, and I’m really actually glad that it worked out. I was kind of bumped at first when I found out, we were going to be on the kayab during 13b and then I found out otherwise like the kaiabab was the place to be so I’m really glad that it worked out that way, but um, that’s not. Generally, how it is going to get ready, we have days and we’re going to come back up tomorrow, we’re going to help travis and those boys try to find some dirty children yeah, I’m just real excited about the shower party, but we get to go relax for Tonight and take a shower and put our feet up and watch this watch a movie right now, what day, what we’re going on day, eight, eight or nine! Something like that. I think the kaiabab was still longer, but we were in so many different, like dust and blood rain and snow.

What yeah it’s wet like it’s yeah. We got a hike. I think we counted like 13 newissues that we did to the truck all over. This trip we used it we’re still using it yeah. We definitely use our stuff. The windshield is completely busted across we broke a beer, we broke the beer, the backside off. This mirror um. Oh, the windshield wiper uh, oh uh, the rock that we slid into whenwe were brought up. I need to build rock sliders the mountain. It’s a must. I got ta quit procrastinating and just build some because then we could have got around that rock, but it just took longer. No, I seriously when we were going up that road. I was like I’m not comfortable doing this because it’s konk’s country – and it is scary and like steep, you you’re , not going to live. If you go off the edge and it was it’s, it was like if we were sliding that really on yeah. I think that was god’s thing turned around everything worked out for a reason, though it all was like so awesome, so fun super I’m super charged up about it. Yeah glad I was out there instead of dealing with what is down in town, we’re going to go start our own colony. I’ve already got plans, I’ve got drawings, we’re going to , be the latest tribe on the strip. Yeah we’re starting our own tribe out there we’re going to find stuff from us 100 years from now all right, thanks guys for watching. We appreciate you very much and we will see you again soon see you next time.


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