Arizona Strip Shed Hunting The Land Of Giants 220″ Class Mule Deer! Shed Hunting Antler Trader

Arizona Strip Shed Hunting

What’s up guys here, we go another day in paradise, on the mountain, we’re going to look for some shed antlers off of mule deer and it’s a day trip and contrary to popular belief. It is okay to pick antlers up at the animals. Do not only survive on antlers? Yes, that was a question we got and keep them real ovary about that. Yes, they were but anyways. We are Gavin again this week, hey we got Jayden aka, my name.

What’s that game again, crater with your own video, I ruin the video so anyways. Let’s go find some sheds everybody’s smiling and laughing what we want. There’s a lot of this video that will be come out that you guys don’t hear like that part haha a break . It is 3:45 and Josh just took up on our warm-up hike. Today we haven’t even got started yet so hyung. Are you guys ready for that? Did you know that’s what we were doing. You know that we didn’t actually start anything we actually were in on it. We knew that that’s what everyday we always do, a two-mile hike. We did, it was seven and a half mile yeah seven half miles we’re just warming them up. You know a little favor ready for some canoe josh better in homeroom and boom we’re doing your best yeah. That’s all we’ll figure! Something now we’re on the trip, though you never know Chad, it’s a foaming 60p when you’re hiking like that and that’s hot, like 90 degrees, when you’re hiking, all right so we’re on to our next location and we’ll mark that one on the map as a never Again, good country I’ve always wanted to get into, though, for a long time good.

You know we just don’t screw around with that. I’m hurtin and I wish it was a little bit easier to come to that conclusion than how we just did it, but you live and you learn again all right. Next time you see my face, I better be holding the nailer. We are moving to our second location and I spotted this home shed blue right on brother and it’s like literally right by the road. Thank you all right.

So me and Kev right here, chase my back over here behind us working this way, Brits sitting up on top glass in and we’re kind of working over to her right now. So we can set up and make a game plan for this. Last evening, John and I just walked up on a stud, it looks like oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, it’s old, too dang. It oh well feel awesome. Look at that thing! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you that buck is rad. Oh my god. It’s wicked take some time. I’m Jay pick it up BAM, heck, yeah, right-hander myself, a little bit huh through that thing, nice going to have to match that up. Alright guys, I might have matched it up just now. I let me change hands here. Just wait and drop down the hill right here. We got a big hole. I’m this might be a different deer. Oh no! That’s him right! There matched it up and we’ll positive. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. All I just got to base. Did I all right click it up for me bud there is right there you lost my card, you lose it or break it totally. I think what it’s done. Yeah awesome awesome awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Here’s your something old ink, oh yeah, you’re shorter in the job boy hI here take this for me. I want to hold my take picture of them. I want duty now I know we just did like. I, like yeah, absolutely happening just to come over here and to find one full of tear over the hill Josh frigate bound bomber set, and so of course we’re all like super excited. You got your on high alert because you’re , like you, know that there’s something big living over here. We know for sure that there’s there’s got to be more years off of it.

So, of course, it’s like just waiting waiting and you have such a great feeling that there’s got to be something around here and there is hold on just a cute, pretty cool over there, and here is so cool hug beam. Curls like that yeah yeah. I can’t put them in the video: that’s a cool horn, nice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and that doesn’t count my roaches in my partner-in-crime right here him being out here with me, made it a good day. I don’t get him out here. Enough, hopefully starts wanting to come out a lot more hI guys. We finally made it back to the over over here yeah. It was a long day. We started out the day in a pretty rough, pretty rough country on a pretty rough hike.

It’s kind of one two hit for a long time, a long long time never have with the temperatures today and everything I figure. Why not? Let’s go hit it. I was hoping for the best, but it really was a bust. So we punted it was late in the afternoon and I decided, let’s just go, find somewhere new and we got back over. We jumped in and hauled, but can you spot and it paid off it saved us today? Thank God. Did it made the day perfect in on the strip? This is a killer day right here. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you one more. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh yeah get. Your should get one more down to the car. Thank you. Thank thank you. Hey we take it all, you love them all. So brick on that gnarly deadhead. We found that big old gagger set right there. Yeah Eric and Kevin tag-team de nice typical set right there and Kevin picked up that stud three with squid eye guards


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