Arizona Strip Shed Hunting Trip With The Insta Fam! Antler Trader

Arizona Strip Shed Hunting Trip

It was, it was worth it. I got that on video. That was all for the story right, alright guys! What’s going on here, we go today, we are with hairdresser, hush, live, we got Bridget, we got Brit and we got mister scheck, crazy Ben himself. We’re going to come out and get together and hopefully you know, find some sheds, but if not, we should at least get some good footage and kill it today. What’s your goal, I want to find at least one giant: mule deer, just one giant that’ll work gold to 300 sheds for the day. I want to break 200 between two hour to ten deadhead. Today, oh he’s dead, head yeah. Why not? Everybody else wants , that’s like me and Britt are I’m the same. I’m shooting low today, one deer shed Michael, and did I mention it’s Monday, so yeah.

So we should have good footage. A lot of fun today, so so stay tuned guys. Today we are out here on a hunt with Eric Chesser, Bridgette and crazy, and it is so fricking nice out today, like I literally brought like 30 layers thinking, it is going to be so cold and I do not like to be cold. I like to be prepared prepared, and it is really so nice, it’s probably 50, like I’m thinking about just going t-shirt, it’s that nice and what day? Is it? It’s like the 1st of February getting close to that anyways? But we are ready for all this snow that we’re not used to as southerners are not used to all the snow that we’ve got this year, but we were able to find a place today.

That was dry and I just got to the top of this mountain and I’m really hoping that I can turn something up today. I’ve had to sort of dry trips, I mean I found little ones, but I really could use one of those pick me up her self-esteem. Boosters today would be great. So wish me luck. Ok, so I have this. I have two theories that I haven’t quite determined, which theory I believe in more so maybe I don’t know if you guys think about this stuff or not, but um. What do you think about sunglasses or in your shed hunting? Do you wear them? What kind do you where’d? You wear special winds. I had some oakley’s that I loved they’re kind of like a yellowy kind of lens and I really feel hi. There’s my mouth um. I really feel like they made the antlers kind of stand out.

Those got broke so I just have like little cheapos that I wear, and I kind of I can’t decide like I feel like wearing the sunglasses, helps me because I’m not squinting so much so my thought processes more Idol is available to see, or I feel Like sometimes they actually might hamper my vision and the clarity, because you know you got dust blown up everywhere out here and they get dirty easy. If I don’t know, what’s your opinion I like to have them cuz, they don’t like to squint, because I just don’t make sure you get a headache after you’ve been doing it all day and you’re walking into the Sun. But – and I put my sunglasses on my chest – cuz – it’s not like they’re , not helping me today, we’ll see I’ll test, both theories. This is what we’re walking in today lava rock and it makes for a very interesting hike. You do have to kind of keep your eyes a little bit more on the ground if you don’t want to roll your ankle, but the bucks like it up in this black lava rock a lot of the grass that they’ll eat in the winter. Oh, my goodness that was about ridiculous. I ain’t need a new phone. I just had to delete like so happy going. I just had to delete like frickin 400 pictures just so I could video this Jackie should I just spend, but it’s a shed. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Here’s it so like. I was telling you we’re all up in this mama rock today, and here is Asia. It is an old old one. Crispy real crispy he’s been waiting for somebody to come, find him for 15 or 20 years 30 years. I don’t know, but we got one. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We got there. I found an ancient dinosaur, no, no good job, babe, hey I’m on the board. I found one, and that was my ultimate goal, but now I’m raising my goals. Cuz. I hit that goal and now I’m going to go find some big one cool little oasis right here, that’s water being car. I saw runoff snowmelt. Oh this will water quite a few animals yeah, there’s deer track everywhere.

So that’s kind of cool. You don’t usually see water like that out here. That’s why, when it catches like that these animals know all those spots all those little holes that will hold water, like that, oh yeah, the slick rocks just yeah, so we’re going to head back to the truck. We have time to meet everybody, and it’s about that time. Actually look at this jump in and change locations, one deer,\. I don’t know what anybody else has I could actually. I could actually glass, Bridget and Ben cut across the valley. Here they went up the other side and Eric. I couldn’t see anything on their back, but that doesn’t mean anything soon, but right now, as it sits, Brits got one old, dear old shocker, so we’re going to move just like the elk sheds we’re kind of looking for country out of the snow, and we found It now we just got fun with the duet, so just up here sitting on this I’d point and been his right below me, he’s messing with him.

Tell him I’m going to glass, all the sheds in front of him. He walked right up on one. I can’t see so he’s picking one up right now, right in front of me, well we’re down first couple hours of the day so going to head back to the truck I haven’t, found anything nothing at all. I know Ben found that one right in front of me, I’m not sure what he’s found since, but after hiking around where I have, if I’m going to find a shed it’s going to be from here to the truck, because so far this last little piece of Country I’m going through has the most deer tracks in it so where I’ve been is just basically really open, and this has got more brush more trees, better cover for beds and stuff.

So fingers crossed that from now to the truck the last 15 minutes. I come across something if not well saw a lot of cool stuff up here and let’s carry on to the next [ Music ] we’re doing Tokyo Drift on this muddy road, big Shetty, picking him up. Is it really? How is that there? That’s, not brown! Okay, I’ll give it to you, you know me: I cannot believe that so we’re driving down the road. I’M battling the mud kind of wondering if I shouldn’t have taken the other way around, but oh well, it’s a good thing. We didn’t Ben’s back there tell them stories and picking up horns out the window. All distracted traffic is on this [ Laughter, ], [, Music ]. Thank you bro. I almost didn’t believe him. I thought he was messing around dude, so many people this year too, because she’s awesome we’ll take that right there, the Benz on it again, [ Music, ], even excited everybody back up just shut honey, no yeah! I just wanted to look what no after you take.

One out like everything for, like you, don’t think one out for like six hours to get one then you’re like run you’re thinking, okay, well, there’s going to be hi, what’s up guys, so I remember just sitting up over here. She went up one side of the gang and then we come up. I want to be out there. Eric and Bridget went up one side, the hill up another and we’re sitting right over here. Glass in all this open, south-facing slope, everything on the north, still pretty covered in snow east, face and stuff, but British glass and over to the south west, face and stuff and right here in the bottom, along the fence line. I got something shed looks like a pretty good one, how old it is or really how big it is yet we’re kind of working down there right now. So stop get down. This see what we got. it’s kind of hard to see. Let me see if I can get focus Lydia, it’s right right. There tipping my finger. He’s got an inline [ Music, ], heck yeah, add to ride horn right there, I’m hiding up here. That might be not a hundred percent, but I think I know don’t have you pick it up I’ll. Take pictures hey! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Look at that. Do that is, do you mm-hmm dad been sitting out here? That’s just freaking rad. So what are the chances of matching them up? Do you think? Probably not you know someone has it if it’s the deer, I’m thinking. Yes, the other side has picked up. [, Music ]. Well, maybe there’s a fresher years right on. We love it. We love it. We love it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, might walk up this draw and back down it real, quick and see what else we can find yep, but so to go, look at the clock and see we were only given.

We didn’t even take our backpacks with this, because we’re only going to get a quick hour hour walk before we moved. That’s alright, we’ll take it and pay back the drug, [ Applause, ] how’d! You guys do hi! What’s up guys, never fails when you’re out here. Having fun something’s got a break, so we tried to rig it up with some electrical tape, but the the radiator there decided to split on me the tape job yeah did so well. We broke down guys school for the second time on the trip, but Josh says he can MacGyver it up and by the by the time it’s dark. We should come back and he’ll be done so good luck, Josh and he just wants us to go shed.

So all right, we’re going to go shet, hunt and hope that by the time we make it back he’s got it fixed, try to fix it once with electrical tape and didn’t work so off to shed country we go at least I am see you guys. Moe didn’t round up any sheds on that hike, but look at how this ended up. Looking it’s hard to walk in yeah got the crispy boots, trying to wash them off, but I hope we can get out of this dang thing. If not, we burn this tree. All night long, but a good day, I was just thinking earlier just being up here in the sunshine: women beets beet and salt. It’s been good.



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