Arizona Strip Shed Hunting with Family Antler Trader

Arizona Strip Shed Hunting

And with us, oh yeah, bingo fighter jet and Shadid featuring Brittany Corbett. So anyway, it should be a fun day, and I like, when all the families together is a good time for me too. What’s going on guys here, we go it’s Saturday before Easter and we decide come out just make a quick day trip slip in a little bit and had some breakfast we’re on it’s not a far Drive, so we decided no rush. We got . Lobster butter, so there we go hey guys. So me and my mom we’re just hiking this right here and we literally stepped no joke. That’s on. I got a fake wish. You can hear right away. he’s right there by the caches, yoram rattling. I can wrap my legs yeah, something then I’ll. Do there? That’s a good. I know she literally pushed me. I went like I see yeah well yeah, but I went sliding down this and running and we went clear down there too right there and we’re like freaking out.

Didn’t we literally no joke stuck on it. Like my foot right here, the snake was like her right here: yeah shout-out to him for you to figure our mofo she’s scared to stinks, and I’m not scared of snakes yeah. I’m scared of snakes, there’s ones that could kill me and ones that I’m like there. You are dude doc. It was actually really cool on how I like coiled up, though no great thing you can hear it’s like. Thank you, God for thank you for putting rattles on the sucker she’s, not like right here friend. This is where I snowball like no, I go. She jumped off right here and I turned around and went through the trees. I go that way like turn you back around, because I could see where it was – and I was just like done so he’s over here. So [, Music ] all right. We just spotted a shed right there, who’s going to pick it up go ahead bill. What do we got? Got some edgers all heck yeah, look at those tripods on the bag. Sweetie. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

No Chuck Chuck sorcerer choc donkey super cool extras, nice, that’s a good start match it up and hope we walk around to find a few more a horny toad. I call it all over so sad here, walk-in flippin, first heads: this is long. I’m really good at spreading lizards and snakes. , oh my gosh he’s so cute, just Joe in Hornet, was of my favorite blue. So, like real, I’m not sure how this will turn out, but I thought it’s kind of cool because it’s dark darker than BAM. It’s like a chunk of light coming through the dark fog. It’s 9:15 at night, plus we got cloud cover, was in there sound pretty crazy,




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