Attacked At The Gym! “Off The Mountain Vlog” Antler Trader

Attacked At The Gym

Good morning guys today, like every morning, I’m going to shoot the bow for a little bit brits, getting ready to go to the gym right now and as soon as she’s, all ready to go. We’re going to take out to the gym get the day going. She got up a little earlier today. That’s a good thing and I always get up early. So we got Remy out here. Lizard hunting, huh we got lizards everywhere and Remy loves him once she loves to try to get him. I don’t think she’s ever got one yeah, I’m real! Are you getting you get a lizard, get it hi, I’m grab my buzz. I can chew. yeah dang. It hate. When that happens.

HI guys just got done shooting around. I think I’m going to end on this note. This was a really good, really good session feeling really good about it. Out of all my shots, I only have one miss and I got to go, get it in the backyard here, but look at that groupie. Nothing is missing, except for one that’s over there somewhere, I got ta find it, but out of all those arrows that ain’t bad I’ll, take that look at that one yeah, so strong, it’s going through a titanium, galvanized titanium can’t stop my bow. This rock tried to stop it and it’s still penetrated that’s a lethal shot right. There that’s good penetration. That’s got to be at least half an inch yeah about an inch inch and a half of penetration. What more do you need this one baton, I’m showing you guys this one cuz, I’m still perfecting it. This is my over the tree over the bush over something shot. What I do is, I shoot it way up in the air at the right angle, and they drop in just like that. Bam bam. Bam, not bad, only shot three like that, and all three of them hit just everywhere Remmy. She wants to throw her tennis ball in the mix. Man, that’s good, shot placement, you’re , going to be on YouTube now, nowadays yeah. This is my. This is my little buddy Texas, Walker, Texas, Ranger right here. This kid is at the gym.

Every day. Look at them, pythons he’s a stud. How long we known each other long time, huh yeah in this kiddy all he does works out all the time he doesn’t do anything else. He’s a gym rat aren’t ya, starting the workmen out working here. Are you working? No, I am talking about Bo screams. I need new bowstrings. Yes, I need arrows to be bring out there. Well, let me test some arrows he’s a really good product, tester parama with sham and animals. So if you’re , confident in your product, that’s the guy to see boom garlic chicken, where you got it, that bag open – I just opened it. Oh you hoping my strawberry shortcake. One taste test: what’s the other one, so we have okay, we found though tonight and then what’s the other kind, we’re the Maryland man, you know jam it up. We went to make a target run and ended up with extra stuff, always we’re just going to the mob, but then we made it game at Target. Now we’re going to Ross, yeah throw it all in. We got the dog it’s food. Finally, this is horrible. We’re ! Finally, being raw well they’ve obviously been said, but okay, this is a strawberry shortcake one. I have gum in my mouth. I love strawberry, shortcake, everything I’d say if you were eating a strawberry shortcake doll, it would taste like that. This tastes, like a strawberry, shortcake doll. I remember from when I was a kid lemon meringue. I always wanted to eat her. I wasn’t the blueberry one huckleberry sooner, we’re know these are weird. They have like a weird crunch time. That’s the pop rock! Oh right! That cake is the best Oreo. Do you not me is actually are pretty good?

Okay, let’s go, I’m pleasantly surprised. Okay, I got ta go get some socks, it’s closed, 9:40 and putting swatches in my eyes. I can’t see fast, in-and-out Brinley fast in and out. I need my purse. Alright. Are you prepared we’re going to add another to our compilation of don’t video me vibrantly, ready with all the sparkles we work Fila, you guys are such copycats there’s nothing original about your generation, because you know it’s true hey. We should do virtual shopping YouTube. You guys want to buy those yeah, you could do a live and walk through the store and have people buy stuff. I dumped at least $ 1000. So I’m close a month yeah you do cuz, I’m stupid dumb, like I never even see where the same stuff. I think it’s cuz. She don’t know how to work. The little washing machine literally have never seen her actually working. I have it, I’m not like you forcing this a little bit. Yeah they’re 19 bucks, dude Wow. I want them. Nobody wants to see the side of your head fYI. What do you mean I’m trying to get my shoes on in your video? When are those real crooks really? Are they real crooks best when you insert the vine that I just said? If you know what I’m sayin, though they’re not real crooks, those are huge. All right, let’s go buy her son, no bye, wait all right! Jaden just got home tomorrow, we’re going to try to scare you’re slower than a turtle. First off you’re like this, you see how fast he was running into the car into the house. He was like booking it, yeah damn and I just put new light bulbs in that one in that one that was the only one to Birkin staring and you’re in our bed to you. So where you go to bed next and just like huh, you




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