Awesome Trip with Eric Chesser from Hushin after Elk Sheds Antler Trader

Hushin after Elk Sheds

I hit the hills for 3 days with Eric Chesser From Hush after elk sheds! We explore all new country in hopes of filling packs with Big Browns!

Alright, here we go again: it’s been four days since last ray and in between this this trip and that trip we ended up matching up Brits, other giant side to that buck. Man. That thing is just unreal. Unreal big! You really can’t grasp it until you hold it, but anyways. We just arrived here in penguin suit. Ah we’re meeting a good buddy, mr

Eric Chesser with the hushing crew and we’re going to go up to hell for three days, so it should be fun, Eric’s, just talking about 30 minutes out and as soon as he gets here, we’ll be on the road. So stay tuned. Alright, so we met up with Eric. There is ahead of us with the Honda and the jumping jack and we’re off off after the big browns. You might get a little bit of rain too, so you should be fun what’s happening, alright, so found Eric. We got Matt up and we’re in the mountains we’re getting ready to start right now, heading up this steep steep hill, try to get up on this backbone and just shoot it as far as we can and hopefully build the glass off it looks like it opens Up quite a bit, this is all new country for both of us. Neither one of us have hit it got ta. You know he just made some calls I made some calls got a few tips from some friends but other than that I mean we are winging it. People always ask me: how do you find shed zones and honestly you just have to go out and scout if we would have gone out and scouted early in the year. This would probably be more effective, but since we don’t have that option, it’s just lay down boot tracks, absolutely lots of them. This is my favorite way. Personally, I it’s kind of that. I know in the mystery of wondering like what absolutely I’d. Rather, I like the anticipation, as opposed to you, know, hitting an area being frustrated because you’re not finding what you think you should it’s it’s a lot more fun, especially when you do it with guys like Eric that are just as passionate and dedicated to getting back In as far as we can and getting as many minI antlers as we can on our pack so stay tuned here we go alright. So I’ve been running up. This super steep st

Finger, I mean it’s been, it’s been really really steep coming up to about this point and right here, it’s just kind of starting to roll and we got the first shot of the trip first show of the day. It’s like 6:30. In the afternoon we started got a late start because we got up here and everything hit a bunch of stuff me and Eric did first part of the afternoon and just didn’t find anything so we jumped in the trucks and we went, we moved we’re actually moving In completely different spot and hitting some stuff here, a buddy Eric knows, buddy of Eric was telling us might be good he’s actually out here with us, and lo and behold looks like a brownie. Hopefully you can see that bad boy get up too much.

I also going to herd of bulls just over the hill right. There see them all bulls. Keep going up this I get this brownie little guy will take you. I don’t make a video. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Brownie, for there should be a bunch in here so alright, now we’re talking been skirting the same hill, the same straight up and down steep hillside here, south-facing and just watch. Some Bulls work all the way up top of this trough. So I come around the edge here and we got another shed. I can just barely see tines spin it around here, for you see him right there just past the tree and you thank you. Thank you. Why is your Wyatt Wow our light on the young ball? Well, there should be a lot more in here then keep circling around and grid in this as much as we can, even though it’s steep I’m just busting down the draw now heading back down to the wheeler lion, kill poor little guy never stood a chance. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hey, so zigzag this hill to top looped around now came down the other side of the canyon. I just crossed the canyon just right back over here and working back up go over the top drop down to where everybody should be out waiting, butGod, your shed. I need to film more bloopers here, fall down, this oldie chalk city cool dog, come back in blades. Thank you. Thank you.

I was going on sodidn’t. Do an intro this morning decided to just take off and get up to this high stuff me and Erica have been looking at it’s the spot. I’ve been really eyeballing on Google Earth for quite some time and come to find out Eric’s kind of been in the same boat with it. But when we started talking about it this morning it was like dude, let’s go so here we are. It was one heck of a hike to get up in here, pretty wild. I wish I could show it, but it shows too much country and you know how shed hunters are a little secretive but finally got to the top soon as we get to the top. Thank God, it didn’t do it on the way up, but get to the top, and it just opened up it started dumping on us. I mean you can tell we’re . Soaked took a little shelter here under this pine tree here, trying to dry out a little bit, but absolutely no yeah. Take it from Levi’s make sure you got a lighter. It makes things a lot nicer, so especially if we do get stuck up here tonight, there’s no worries. I’M not worried one bit if we end up staying up here, because we’ve got too many sheds to pack out that’s the plan, so yeah absolutely there’s plenty of things around here to burn pretty sure we could find a cave to get up underneath to or a Ledge and we’re set, I mean, make sure you got a lighter, no matter what I mean quick trip, fast trip. Doesn’T matter been in there a hundred times you could get hurt you sprained your ankle. Something can happen, make sure you have lighter so just like that.

I got two: oh no, we’ve matched the carry matches, carry a light or two matches are all right and you put them in a bag, but if they get wet they’re , probably not yeah, I don’t even mess with matches. I’ve had way too many of them not work, don’t work so well Eric busted, but to get up over the top of this really nasty slick Rock country here and down into this big flat and haven’t found anything. Yet I mean, as far as out goes a lot of sign here and there it’s condensed in certain areas and rubs and stuff, but no sheds yet, but we’re finding a lot of old old super old deer. I mean I don’t know if you can see them, but a couple of chokers on my back and then got a little set right here. It’s just older than dirt, and thank you thank you. Thank you, oh, is that his skull right over there a shed buck that died, yeah easier sure it is drop. My phone another blooper reel it’s super old, but that is definitely a shed bucks cool and turned around right direction here, I’m being under that tree. It’s probably this bug bad boy right here.

Man wish I could have found out on a better day. Thank you think, thank you and thank you. HI here we are we’re . Hiking out later in the day should be getting dark here in a couple hours. Okay, go all the way back to the top and the drop off the back side really haven’t found anything he’s seen just small chalk stuff, but walking out right here on the slick rock. We got a cool deer shed, not big. We got split G for old chalky step here. Yeah really, probably White’s flaky is what you know only only chance it has of surviving chalk city. Oh mom, make you think. Thank you literally, like right. There yeah yeah, no kidding looking for L, can find in chalk. Deer hI guys what’s going on so here we are day three on our trip with Eric. I hear looking for elk sheds and the sheds have been pretty slow. I ain’t going to lie: they’ve we’ve hiked our butts off. We’ve done done something crazy, some crazy vertical stuff and in rock and everything all new country for both of us but yeah they’ve been slow.

We were in a new spot, again kind of moved around the mountain, a little bit and Eric’s running up this big finger on the other side of this canyon. For me, and I’m running up this one behind me here and we’re going to get up top, it’s got a big, pretty bass and pretty Bowl to it looks like a lot feed with the mix a little bit of mix of Bern, so we’re hoping getting back Up in there far enough I mean it’s pretty steep. It’s going to take us a bit, but hopefully that’s what deters most guys so we’re going to haul haul butt up here and hopefully get into some sheds today on the last day. But even if we don’t – you know honest to god, this has been, there’s been an amazing trip. I’ve got I’ve got to become even better friends with a friend that I’ve known as a friend for quite a while, but we’ve never really got out. You guys got going. This is it’s truly unreal. I mean the fact that they’re willing to to help and and help other companies and other guys and and people like, I don’t like me – grow with a minute helping us and teaching us the ropes with some of this social media stuff. I mean dude, honest to god.

I don’t think, there’s a person out there. They wouldn’t help but great guys, really really great guys great company, great people to surround yourself with and it’s been fun. You know I’m it’s it’s nice seeing the way he does things compared to the way I do things. It’s been fun, Eric’s, Eric’s, good, dude knife. I value I value his friendship and getting to spend time with them and get out here in the hills and God’s country and pick up sheds. I mean it’s what it’s about right here so stay tuned. Hopefully we can start stacking. Some elk sheds on these puppies traveling along this really steep hillside here and I just had a rock roll up from underneath me and I went down. I spilled, I eat crap and lucky for me. I landed on that they’re nice guys thanks bear. Take five minutes.

Start pulling out those brownies take care, it got into him and him a couple cool, bull yeah. What’s that yeah, no kidding hI guys days over Eric, ended up stumbling on a couple zero today, which goes like their butts off. It’s a cool country got to see a lot of amazing amazing, sights that I wouldn’t ever seen. It’s come to an end. Now Eric’s got the shed here to sell old Brown I found, and what we’re doing is he’s going to we’re going to . Do a giveaway up with it on his on his channel. So if you guys don’t fall hushing on YouTube, you need to and I’ll have her I’ll get Eric to show me how to put the link on there for their channel. So we keep guys over there, butyeah, follow them and follow the rules to the video here of what he’s got going so yeah all the rules and everything for their channel. So try to get this one thanks for watching and see you next week, you



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