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Bikini Shed Hunting

I’ve been running the Xan Berlin urine urine urine its ye ar e in urine urine no Aaron. So that’s what I’ve been running. I’ve been liking them they’re they’re a little bit like a mix between a really light, hiker and a heavier duty. Hiker, the soul and the structure of the foot bed is pretty heavy-duty, pretty strong, where everything else is pretty light, so I’ve been really really liking it, but today I am going to start breaking in these bad boys, so they’re ready to go for the hunting season. Also late the late season – and these are the oh crap – these are the leopard GTX, the lower the the lower size. There’s three different heights in this boot there’s a high a mid to low. This is the low it has the least amount of insulation possible. For this boot, which I like even no matter what time of the year, I have really hot feet, that’s sweat all the time, my feet, sweat and flip-flops. So that’s what I’m going to start breaking in today. I don’t know how long I’m going to wear them today I’ll probably end up switching and going back to the urns, so yeah, so we’re going to get em put on Joshua said: have you seen his video of one of those packing off a Tarantula, which it’s a pretty cool one, do you have it? Is it like in a shed hunting video? You should actually cut it down. Oh, it is by itself.

Okay, I was going to say if it’s not, you should cut it down. Cuz, it’s pretty frickin cool linked it in this video, so they can see it scary. The best part about shut happen in the heat bikinI top yeah yeah, that’s a secret weapon. I have right now I haven’t been able to go like tanning and stuff. Usually I’m much more tan than cuz. They can wear, bikini, definitely swing in the other way, which is cool you I mean you want it. You want to go for dudes go for dudes, but that’s that’s not a straight man saying by the way, follow that and those same friends. I question their quality because I’m just saying you know about MIT. If you’re gay, you’re gay no summer shed hunting, do you want to do is so annoying really dragging this out. Alright, I got ta get. I got ta get busy. I got a quick video e, alright guys today, all right she’s going all right, we’re heading out. It is our anniversary day today is our anniversary, how many years the other babe 80 well, we’ve been married for 18, but we’ve been together for 21. There you go 21 years together, we’re off we’re , not close support. He is so so today. For our anniversary, sorry, we are shed hunting. It’s we’re hoping it’s not going to be too hot, but if it is, then we’re going to turn in to scouting and we’ll just get me our scare conditioner and drive around and look at country so, but we’re going to shed on as long as we can Before it gets hot and hopefully hopefully pick up a big set up above so hard that I’m looking for here, we go see, we are getting started on our anniversary day hike and it is already really warm we’re prepared for it lots of frozen bottles of water. You have to come out here prepared and aware. There are people that die out here over here, like tourists and stuff. They don’t really realize what they’re getting into and how harsh this trip is.

So we’re prepared got a watch for rattlesnake. There’s lizards everywhere got a watch for rattlesnakes over here, not too much camera time, so I can walk to the ground. I usually like to have my walking stick because I hit the ground with it put out some vibration. Hopefully, but that’s my way of thinking about it, so I usually have a walking stick to hit the ground, but I forgot it so my eyes are peeled for a natural walking stick. So far. No luck but guys it is a hot beast out here, I’m starting to fill it in the bugs are being a total pain in the ass like zoom around your head. They totally think they mess with you so taking a little break in the shade. All of this stuff looks really good. I mean some Buck brush. I got deer sign, so hopefully we can turn something up because hiking in this kind of crap, you got to find stuff for this to be fun. Otherwise, it’s pretty much torture, I’m glad to be out here regardless. I am happy to be out here just taking a little chill for a sec. I even rolled my pants up. I need some shorts see. I had this little wrapper, that’s helping with it yeah huh. All right we’ll get back on the road. They don’t bother you as much if you’re moving. Oh, my gosh snack, break and cooling down a little bit. I don’t know if there’s a way that you can look at the weather and not have phone service. But if you know tell me what app that is, because it won’t find it on like the iPhone weather app. That’s like automatically on your phone and, of course, I’m going to pull up The Weather Channel. App that I have. I don’t know if there’s anything else that would work without service, so I don’t know how hot it is, but it is blistering hot. It’s it’s got, ta be when we left the truck. I think it like seventy three or four, which is not bad, but that was early early morning. I can eight o’clock. No, I don’t know what time it is now. I should have looked see what I brought for my snacks today. I brought some dried mangoes. These are stove anything good. I love those. I got goldfish and these are not the goldfish that had the ants in them fYI and then some cheese. These are good when you’re kind of falling and gogo squeeZ. These are awesome. I don’t know why they didn’t infinity. Sooner, it’s not that hard of a deal just put a lid on it and squeeze it 90.

Clym sitting in my bikini, tops and underwear like that’s how freaking hot I am. I was getting goose bumps. I felt like I was going to throw up. I have been there done that and that sucks hard it got hot bottled water down. My back now I got to come back down from that that the board has such awesome. Air conditioning just wanted to bring our old Ford that windows down, which has no air-conditioning yeah, I probably would have died. I don’t know man, he gets me the older I get. I never really. I’ve never really thought so negatively about the heat until until, like maybe the last year or two, and it was a big reason why I didn’t want to move to Idaho, because I was not into the winter but gosh. I feel like I’m starting to become more of a winter girl, I’d much rather hike infreaking snow than 92 degrees, actually today, now for sure that if we get up that high out here and we’ve seen higher temperatures than that out here in different places, we’ve Seen it as high as 118 out here, so you do not come out here ill-prepared. You make sure that you have lots and lots and lots of water and that you don’t go farther than your body is capable that and that’s exactly what just happened. Josh probably could have just kept on going, but I was like is her head back to the truck it’s three we’ve been gone since about 8:00. That’s a pretty good day. I don’t feel like I’ve that I spiked it all and a nice sunburn shed hunter sunburn.

Sup we’re going to go all right, so I just had this question: go through my head, cuz we’re talking about moving and like what that would mean for, like our shred, hunting and stuff cuz. I started well, you did too we. This is where it all originated. This is what we know so we’re talking about moving to Idaho, and I was wondering if any of you have moved from a place like make. It made a big move like from state to state and left your shed hunting behind, and did you like it more did you quit the hobby, because I’m kind of worried that I might not like it out of here and I have no idea how I could Not not like it, but it’s just one of those weird things in the back of my head. You know because I love it so much. I don’t want to not like it does that make sense laughing what, if I don’t like Idaho’s terrain and I’m like yeah, this is off. I can only. I can only go out three months a year like those still trouble. Are they big different states? I mean we travel drop like five hours to give show no money on a regular, .

This trip is right, it is a strip, but so that’s what I guess, I’m kind of hesitant I’m not. I didn’t start just show nothing like that. Mom after when she has her first kid she’s like oh, I love this kid so much. How could I ever love another kid the same? Well, I just answered my own question because it just happens. Your heart is spread, but [, Music ], so we’re just sitting. You’re glossing and looking for deer and sheds, and I’m sitting here, I look across the front of the truck here and right there in the center. You see it grab that just on the other side over there by the trees. That’s a good ya buddy. Thank you. Think you thing I’m going to take some pictures good base good thick base on it, not bad horn for glass them from the road either. So we, I think I’m going to walk around in these trees, like it’s just a little patch here, young bat where’d. You find we already have it yes dawned on me, while picking it hopefully you’ll get some good footage of it. We’re way far out here on the strip, and we can still see the Pine Valley fire so good. It had to have gotten with it hardcore today and if it was Wendy sucks, our little town is going to , be nothing but like a small going to smoke




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