Breaking In The New Ford F150 Shed Hunting for Deer Antlers “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Shed Hunting for Deer Antlers

Okay, this is our first trip in our new truck and I’m excited, but I’m also kind of sad so bringing sheets because we don’t have a seat cover shed and the strip is wild on cars. Excuse the messy garage forget some things when I’m doing this video, like my sunglasses, don’t break the bat though there’s the door just going to have to edit that out. Oh my gosh, I just love it every time I get in, I forget and it’s like a whole new thing which could be a problem, but it’s so fun. It’s like a new gift, all the time. I love it and let’s go don’t shake your head. Remy you’re seriously the most needy,freaking dog. I know you say I love my dad. I want to be part of him. He is just like my everything I am fed up at me all the time all we touching me she’s, like climbing up under his arm. She’s, basically right in his lap, if she would let in hey bro, can you hold down the truck? Why we run in the grocery store real fast yeah, be good? Okay, we’ll be right back hi, what’s up guys we’re going shed hunting?

Finally, this weather has been a little bit of a pain in the butt. It’s kept us home, so we get something but maiden voyage, of the new pickup on the strip. My wife has been like: no don’t drive it hard. Don’t do any face off, I’m fine. It’s a Ford, they can handle it. So you don’t know, did you go bathroom, so we’re letting Roo take a potty break real, quick, hey you get in the back. That’s your spot! Yeah! I had all the seats folded up and there’s so much room in the back like comics, I’m so stoked about being able to sleep back here like I could literally sleep back here comfortably nothing like old trucks, but I had all seats, folded up and she’s being A diva because she couldn’t look out the window, so Britt grabs, Britt grab sheets. Thank God hold it down and put the sheet on it. You should see.

Did you guys know if any good seat covers that are like built? Well, let us know here is: if I get canvas cutter to make me some awesome canvas cut a sheet seat covers, they would do that. That would be the most yeah, absolutely sure all set. Please I’m beggin beggin, please , those ones how so yeah got mud all over his shoes. What’s up guys? Alright, it is one what’s up guys we’re shutting. So I’m pretty stoked to be out here a little windy but 47 degrees and it’s windy and it’s Monday. But that’s a good thing about the wind is it’ll dry, this mud out, so it shouldn’t it shouldn’t be as bad as it was coming in man. It was fine, the weather’s I hate the win, the most yeah me too. We got the we’re breaking the think. We got the wrong tires on this pickup right man. We’ve got to do a tire change ASAP. It makes me so sad cuz. It was so detailed and beautiful – and I know she’s broken she’s going to be a little mud, ball. Guess what I found. I found it dead. It excuse the head, but it’s windy and cold out here and my ears ache, really easy. Let’s go get it dude.

I was feeling mighty fine about over here. I knew something was going to turn up, and actually I found a balloon that I didn’t record um. It was a birthday balloon, that’s pretty fresh too. What are these real neato? What you think real! Can I strap that to you, we write on balloons yeah, so that’s that’s sweet telling somebody in heaven you love them. Hopefully it’s good, I’m right here. My nose is great. Wide open, chitter Josh found one who’s in pretty good shape, but they’re always like. Like look up under the trees and the pine needles and stuff where they’ve been kept safe, there looks like a chipping uh-oh when I start finding arrowheads I get screwed for sheds. Don’t say that? No, I don’t I get even more luck for sheds all right. That’s all you need to looking at the ground. That’s really hard. Well, there’s the there’s the first shot of the day for me think thank you. Thank you. I’m not I’m not sure.

What’s going on, it’s been rough today, super super windy, Brit found a little dead head or not. This country is awesome, I don’t know, I don’t know what we haven’t figured it out yet. Surely we if we would have found something in some of this country, but nothing so hopefully it’s the sign we’re getting into where some gear used to be at least see. Then oh yeah dude, I lost my radio. It can’t be that far I lost the radio.

What’s up, Oh Josh save the day you found my radio. We were just about ready to just say: yeah can’t find it. Thank goodness have my volume all the way up and you can’t alert it BAM right there. Oh. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Would you you found radio, okay, let’s get back to business, kill all right. Well, the day the day has come to an end. Yes, I am, after all of the research we did last night. The country that we’re in today was phenomenal. I mean absolutely all the feed you could ask for. I can’t believe I mean we’re looking for a specific deer, but your deer sign. Oh, I cannot believe we didn’t find at least the shed I mean well. I found a little chalky chalky chalky 80 years old yeah, it’s prehistoric and I just found that dead doesn’t do anything for us as far sheds go look. We got some country eliminated, that’s a good thing, and it’s country that was the obvious country. You know stuff that I felt like we had to hit him first, because there’s I mean really: there’s not any country ever see everything yeah, so oh yeah, I mean even the country we hit today. We still didn’t hit all of it. Even when you hit it good. I mean dude.

We’ve crossed four-wheeler tracks all today, which totally pisses me off, but they were, they were pretty old yeah. I don’t even know how long it’s been since they’ve been out here, but they didn’t find anything either. You can tell cuz they’re not like just quick yeah, no grading whatsoever, just a quick buzz through this one’s going to be a tough one, we’re going to get it done. I was hoping so much that we’d try to get it on our first trip. It’s not our first. Try, though, because think about all it’s our first try a new country, because we’ve already hammered a whole crapload of country for the same dear. This isn’t nothing new. It just looks so good on Google Earth, so it was very promising even being in it today all day long. I had that like in two step, yeah like any second now any second. Now, I’m going to see them white tips. I’m going to see me do. Oh tell goes, you said we eliminated some countries, so we’re going to get on the map and cross some stuff out and just keep going until we find something yep pretty much.

So thanks for watching guys, we appreciate it very much sorry this wasn’t that action-packed an exciting episode. It is you know, we’re out here all day long. So it was a hunt, it was us getting down the hills and it was us eliminating some country. So I’ll see you guys next time, please like subscribe and comment, and thank you for everything. Thank you. That means he sheds are in. Actually we have the potential of getting six sheds. It’s so cute. It’s like large, medium small sunset on the strip. Never ever isn’t. Thankfully yeah, so it’s like it’s like a light show with the night , yes, yeah nice, when you get some damn mud tires on top yeah. These street tires too just worthless. We just barely bought brand-new and some for the lamb burgers.




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