Brins First Buck! 2018 Hunting Season Part 2 Mule Deer, Elk! Antler Trader

2018 Hunting Season Part 2 Mule Deer, Elk! Antler Trader

Okay, here we are we’re in a hotel room tonight, our town is having a big ole marathon, the st. George marathon. It’s actually one of the biggest marathons in the world and they close down all the roads that lead up to where we need to get for l-cut. So we’re staying in a hotel room tonight and getting everything prepared you ready to go, kill an elk yeah. You know super pumped, yeah, very good, so this all stuff – that’s going in your Packer – is this just I haven’t got to look at them yet, and so what’s that not four of them, even though we’ve still got the old ones and they’ll work great yeah we’re Getting the new ones to go kind of dirt. What is your, what is your like? If you had to pick only four things put in your pack? What are your four top choices? Can I do an interview? Can I get an interview? Mr. Corbyn? No answers. Yeah. That’s right, great yeah. It’s actually pretty that’s the kid that killed 350 Bowl when he was 12 years old. 380. 390. 400. I don’t know, I know I forget. I forget the inches exactly anyway, so he killed his first Bowl when he was 12 and then was it the next year or there was a year in between. I think they ran out of tags. That year yeah we weren’t able to yeah. We weren’t able to hunt. This is just an over-the-counter help tag here in Utah and then the next year he killed. Another bo Hobbit was on 330, so he’s pretty good at this um.

So yes anyways it’s his hunt. He didn’t draw a tag this year, so we decided to do an over-the-counter for him so that he could still be able to hunt and we also like to eat out so the ins he didn’t have any other tags. He seemed like the logical choice: yeah yeah, his latest, so ultra bright. That is, I have like spots image. There’s like two dim white. The room is very dark, so it was getting ready to you ahead up beast he’ll country, [, Applause, ], okay and Utah. It’s just an over-the-counter general tag. He’s always had really good luck with it, so fingers crossed. We could get one on the ground today. My stuff is sopping wet. I beat the boys back to the truck the rain just started. Freaking pouring down was just a nice little sprinkle when I first checked in man took us like 45 minutes to climb a sucker, and it took me, maybe maybe nine minutes to bail off it. I was just sliding down on my. I had a stick that I was getting my traction with and just sliding with my foots down the side of it, and I ran up the last part. I guess, when you’re cold and what you could do anything I’m still waiting on the boys to get back. They would some place else, so I don’t know how far out they are. Oh they’re there they’re walking up the hill arena. There is imagine they’re pretty wet yeah where’s Jay there’s. No. I ran up that donut. No, I ran up it yeah the whole Lane. I’m proud of myself can’t tell hey yeah, wonder what this is going to do for the plans today. Snow is coming, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to last, a couple days that we’ve had a freaking straight rain.

So thank goodness, we had my goldfish bag. , we’re out here on cheese, felt haunted today, just been an awfully cold, but the Sun is peaked out and we were doing some glossing and I found a shed across the canyon, so I had to come, get it. I couldn’t leave it well. I’ll admit, as always, he looks a lot bigger in the glass, but thank you. Thank you. Thank you. God shedhI guys we made it back to the truck three cows and a whole bunch deer and one really nice buck. Maybe I can get Brinn on that bad boy Saturday, I don’t know we’ll see it’s about 1:30, who made back truck we’re going to drive around comment this from a different angle and see, if maybe we can’t see some country we couldn’t see this morning for the Evening, hunt and so right now we’re having a little lunch, got them smoked oysters. That’s a must when you’re , all counting some cheese crackers and this little kit right here. I’m Brit bought this pretty interested in trying it house good stuff in it. So don’t give her help, but yeah talk to you guys in a bit. Let you know what’s going on where we’re at keep informed, it’s been a tough year or just can’t keep pounding through it, though something happen, I don’t know what their bomb and to make that noise. Pretty intense, alright later hey good late morning, guys so me and Shay decided to sneak out this morning and come look for ELQ for him.

We got a few days left in the elk season, so we decided what the hell let’s go see if we can get a bowl. We’ve seen three cows this morning. No bowls and we’ve seen a few deer. That’s about it! It’s cold! It started to rain this morning when in the dark, when we were hiking up and then it kind of blew over, but it’s been cold super cold. We got us a little fire going and we’re just sitting here, just picking the country apart. Looking for an elk a lot of time spent behind glass, what we do so see you guys in a bit, don’t you enough? Hey guys, you went behind a ridge, there’s some people across the canyon that are literally talking just full volume. I can hear them over here. Thousands if you heard the way. How do you honestly think you’re going to kill it dear just conversation open here a gunshot brought my husband. I want these Jews to go away. Hopefully they give up fast cuz. The fun is going to be in their eyes. I wonder if you guys can hear that

HI what’s up guys, so we wouldn’t, but that’s the started our stock. This morning we got about three-quarters of the way there and before I could get to where I wanted to be to see. If I can see him, we had some guys louder than hell. Just come walking up over the hill above us talking, I’m not saying anything. I mean just completely being noisier in hell, so I backed out because I didn’t want to bump him. We sat over here watched him a little bit longer and that Britt Britt has embedded.

So we went down to the truck got some lunch. Just got done eatin. It’s a little after 1:00 o’clock and I’m back up here. Britt had to take care of a couple things workwise, so she’ll be up here in a minute, but we’re just going to sit here and wait him out waiting for him to stand up. Wait for him to give us an opportunity, something that hopefully he does it before it’s too late. I might even go press the hand a little bit we’ll see. I really liked getting killed the day before somebody else stumbles on this deer has consumed me since the second to last day of archery season. When we finally turned him up, we knew about him from trail cam pics, but we we finally turned him up. Second. Last day of archery hunting him every day of the muzzleloader seen him once and then we turned him up this morning. It’s opening day that early rifle hunt right now, so I got ta get. I got ta get this deer. My stress level can’t take it anymore. He said he’s just consumed me all right guys, a little bit later in the evening now we’re sitting about 5:30 and we’re just sitting tearing it apart. I got three does that have popped up here within the last 20 minutes, they’re gone out of sight now but running the spotter, I’m behind the 15. If he pops his head out, we’ll find him we’re going to get him killed tonight.

So, what’s the guys in a bit, Oh being that you will move a little bit closer to us, just make it that much easier all right good morning, guys! Okay! Here we go day two of the southern Utah general rifle hunt, and it’s raining and it’s supposed to rain like this all day long. It’s actually just starting to hit me right now. I’ve been watching it come in good thing. We got good equipment, Midland’s are waterproof, got the cover for the marsupial got the first light rain gear on the only thing I don’t have is my rain flap or my backpack, which I must left it in the office, but last night Brit thinks she might have Seen this buck, it was so late and dark. It was really hard to tell, but what she saw was wide, which is it like him and he looked heavy.

So I got her going back on to the same point that we’ve been going to and I’m going to loop around the back side. There’s a little pocket over here where she thought she seen him in, because we could both cloths from different spots last night and I’m going to loop around. Where he’s at. If he’s in there, I’m hoping he is because I can shoot anywhere in there and and get in there without him, knowing so, but in case I do bump him or push him or he’s not in there. I still got Brit. I put brute back over where we have been Glasson, so she can see if anything runs that way.

So here we go [ Applause ]. I haven’t seen any beer at all yet which isn’t surprising as hard just a minute. I probably got it down somewhere. We got a really good writer, so we’re just going to pick apart the beds and see if we can’t find him nothing else to do, enjoy the rain Dinah’s booth he can get really far. If he’s not that wounded, you hit him with your first shot: that’s lung blood, beautiful awesome, durable color is beautiful too. It’s a good size, typical man, yeah very awesome. Welcome now a traders daughter killed the deer. You ain’t first you’re , last Ricky Bobby this picture. Doesn’t just do one good one. It kind of looks like it’s like only facing you guys. It’s got us. Everyone get a serious one. I want a serious, no smiling serious one. The camera going, the wrong way. All right guys, we got everything packed up cut up, we’re heading back to the truck. I pretty much got all of Brittany’s beer in the pack in my pack, friendlies got her cape manners, heart liver tongue. What else? Oh, that’s fun, meat, yeah, all the quarters and most of the other states up neck back straps. All that good stuff. I do it’s just by Nature. Just do it anyways my backpack broke my wife’s up there talking about inappropriate things, but she’s got all my gear and stuff in her pack, but I almost fell on camera. I see how you hold this load up with my hands. I good morning guys all right.

So yesterday we killed booze buck and today is day three of the blade Utah rifle general Utah, rifle deer hunt. I’m still hunting the same buck. I haven’t seen him since the early hunt seen a couple cool bucks, but haven’t haven’t been able to find turn this buck up again. I know he’s in here. Well, we’ve seen him on the early hunt, so I know he’s in here. It’s just super super thick and he’s living in a hole, but I got a buck down here. Bed it down three canyons over it’s a long ways away, and I can’t quite tell what he is because of the brush that he’s bedded in the tree. But he looks like an older buck. Big white face on him. Super super gray color. So I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to pack up it’s a little early to be leaving without knowing exactly what he is, but I haven’t seen any other deer. Nothing up, feeding, just nothing. So we’re going to pack up and sneak down and see if we can’t get a little bit better look at this deer and if it is him, maybe get a shot off, get him on the ground.


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