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Headed to the top I’m a, do it I’m headed to the top imma, prove it and baby girl. I like what you do and your body’s out of sight when you move in you look just like my type. So let’s do you know I’ll treat you right. Let me prove it and make it go all right. I’m going to be something fine with every breath. Trust me imma, be the one we are getting ready to head out on another adventure tomorrow, and I am stoked to use this new backpack. It is legit it’s by everly stock. It’s the switchblade and I’m going to show you guys all these cups, as I am so excited to take it out tomorrow, but this is all the stuff that was in my backpack and I’ll go through it. So you can see what I usually hike with, but I really love this concealed. Carry it’s a magnetic compartment right here.

Okay, so it has this pocket back here that it has magnetic pieces in it. So it keeps it nice and dirty and closed slides, really actually good right in there. It seems secure and that’s tight closed, but that is meant to allow you to get to your weapon a little bit easier. I like that anyways, that’s telling you about that pocket! On the side that you can put your gun in this is the gun that I pack right now, but I know I really need to up the ante now that were in Idaho, okay now this is all the stuff. I have that I had in my old backpack that I literally just took out so you’re getting the honest-to-god mess. It’s got an array of goodies and, as you can tell, I don’t want to starve to death, so I always have sunscreen. This is so important. I go nowhere without that we’ve got my bench made a knife, of course, some Carmex. This is good stuff. This is old. Of course, I pack extra batteries for the radios they’re in here, just randomly, as I said, starve to death.

You know, what’s so funny. Is these are probably well past due and they’re like it’s so smash like this would be roots gang scenario? I don’t even know why I still have those got. A lighter, always have a lighter. I probably have a couple of those another battery flashlights. That’s always important. A hair type and then I just started needing those there allergy tablets. I got trail mix. I had these for the balls of my feet. They were like giving me such a hard time. It was so long ago and is actually before I am Berlin boots, but I don’t know why they’re still hanging out in the backpack, I got some dried mangos boaster cushions that I had just in case cuz. I never want to be out there and be screwed if, for some reason, if my getting blisters or whatever I there’s nothing worse than being focused on something rubbing on your foot when you’re trying to get out before dark or whatever in a hurry, I always have Gum this little guy just has been riding around for a little while in my backpack okay, we got these bags.

We got a bunch of these. These are super handy from canvas cutter, and this keeps all the little things organized for me, but with my new backpack, I’m probably going to . Do Oh something for it. Possibly so I’m going to show you what’s all in that bag, you’re going to be as surprised as me. I need to be better about my backpack, obviously, okay, these have come in super handy since we’ve been in Idaho. I used one of those just on our last hike. I got scissors another hair type. This is a whistle. Is that part of it? This seems as though that is okay. So a lot of good, that’s going to do me, so this little guys still does have a little bit of purpose, but I mean you can get them at Walmart for cheap, so I’ll probably just update it because the whistle it might come in handy I’ve never Used it, but I could that will hold matches waterproof matches a mirror to work for your fire and it was a whistle. It probably does other things too, and I don’t even know it um. This is another. It’s a fake rain. Oh hey! I got to Wessels yo, I’m good and another compass. I’ve never used it.

What else is on there? Oh I’ve never used that either a thermometer. Okay and I got some rope, some survival rope more stuff for blisters, which I haven’t even had a problem with. Since I got my new booze amberlynn boots like I was saying so it’s just been chilling in this death. I literally don’t have another whistle. Oh my gosh. I got two whistles over wall, three, almost okay carabiner. What else is on here? My goodness? More of fire start more batteries. Oh here’s, a rock I found that I must have thought was cool for a minute. I bring home, so many rocks jurors are g2 or whatever just strikes our fancy that day, and these are salonpas. These actually have come in really handy like with Charlie horses and stuff. Sometimes I get those and yeah comes in handy, so that is everything in my personally after going through all of this and actually seen it all hoarded out on my floor, I’m feeling like I have way too much crap in my backpack. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I don’t have enough, maybe I’m really under doing it, but I kind of feel like I’ve got some redundancy going on and it is time to narrow it. Oh I’m curious to know what am I missing? What do you take with you that you did not see here I trying to make the most out of my backpack, so give me

Hey guys what’s up we’re after elk, we are in completely different country than we have been well we’ve pretty much pasta. Trips have been all different, just learning, it lots to learn, lots and lots and lots to learn overwhelming amounts to learn yeah. So we are going to just pretty much. We’ve got all day today, it’s somewhat early in the morning and we’ve got blue skies yeah. It looks nice and clear supposed to be mid seventies today here. Well, I just heard in generalprobably liking the high 50s – maybe here but oh hi, King weather yeah, alright guys seen a bit alright.

What’s up guys, we are sitting your glass in and I just glossed up a shed. It looks like a mule deer shed. We hiked we hiked back up into this Canyon, and I’m sitting here got the 15 set up just got those back. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, man, aye aye, those 10 by 42s are super nice. I love loop holds new 10 by 42 bx5 great great glass, but there’s no replacement for displacement, and I love the 15th. I can’t I can’t live without my 15s and these new bx5 Santiam 15 by 56, their money brits over here to my right, she’s running the new spotting scope, Santiam spotting scope, loop will just put out she’s picking country apart. I got the scope camp set up on my 15 by 56 s, and I’m going to show you guys the real, quick there. It is right there in the screen, nice little deer shed we’re going to call it little just because every time I find them in the glass they always look bigger than they are like. I said: there’s tines ups phone, cam, adapter, Universal love. That thing it makes videoing super super super nice. It fits on my by nose that fits on. My 15-2 fits my 10 by 40 twos. It fits on the new spotter and on top of it I can I can video sideways.

So I get the full HD video, not just for Instagram stories. Up and down, quality is everything and loopholed, and the phone cam really helped the quality out a lot. So we’ll see you guys in a bit we’re going to continue to glass and go from there. Make a plan on directions: we’re going to go later:taking skinny-dip it’s moving, I think, was a veteran for me. Alright guys walk you on down to the shed I found on the top. It is the first shed of the day and finally found a shed only 5:30. It seemed so good. You know what that is a good. I love to watch her.

Try to pick these ones up, bring what you get yay. You got a shed good job, , wait a spot one save the day, alright guys the day’s come to an end, and it was rather disappointing and don’t find, but one shed at like 5:30 yeah. It goes and we started at night this morning. It is a little bit discouraging, but it is what it is that know exactly what shed hunting is. So we know there are going to be times like that and yeah Bruce. We keep after it still it’s nice to be out and stretch your legs. I got to work at 4:00 in the morning tomorrow, so I’m glad that I was able to get out yeah for sure plus. We now are starting to zero in on our elevations yeah, like what elevations are it’s all different up here compared to what we’re used to so they are we’re , learning that, thanks for watching sorry, there wasn’t a more action for you a little bit, maybe next time. I have to double this one with another day. Yeah later guys, you



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