Brits Gnarly Dead Head! “INQUEST 2018” Antler Trader

Gnarly Dead Head

Yeah sure here’s some background. What’s up guys here, we go, we are out on a Sunday moseying around can join the weather before it’s too hot. It’s going to be too hot yeah, it’s been 96 mmm. It’s not May yet ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. What happened to spring? I know some of you guys are probably still in snow, and here we are already ready to head to the lake yeah we’re going to hit this we’re not ready to give up yet yeah we do and then we don’t do good we’re going to move. Yeah we’re just kind of going to throw some darts at the map today and try some new areas. Yeah. We got a few deer that we’re going to , be looking for that we’ve seen during the hunts before the hunts and on trail cameras. So, let’s see if we can get lucky and turn one up, we are well. I beat Josh back to the truck. I was not filling this place. Not only was there a crap ton of snake holes, there were badger holes and I could not see where my feet were landing, which makes me nervous, cuz, there’s so much, yellow grass and sagebrush, and just the so makes me nervous cuz. The rattlesnakes are out by now, probably well, not probably, they are for sure and those scared the ever living hell out of me. So I’m not filling this place and there really was like hardly any deer sign. Just along the fence. We saw a little bit of deer poop, but that was it further. We pushed up. There was nothing so we’re going to move go to a better spot. Did that guy run him over? How was it I don’t even know if I was video, I do not like this next clip bringing it by me.

Okay, I’m going to come close yeah. My birthday is actually this next month, so hopefully that’s a good here. We go part two of today. Yes, we hit a little spot real quick this morning about our didn’t, find anything and then we jumped in the truck and we drove for about an hour and a half to the point that we are now and we’re loaded up and hopefully we’re in go. Spend a couple hours here and pick up some antler fingers crossed yeah, it’s actually nice. We got some overcast nice breeze. It feels good, so I should be able to pound out some miles. Yes, sir, so here we go part two, I’m going to get you. You can act all strong, all you want, but you ain’t, see I pretty one too pretty bullsnake. Let me take him over here and let him go. I just had to touch him play with him for a minute right there. Now, where are the sheds? All of this death looks so good. I can only see that one side – oh he’s cool, [, Music ], oh yay, it was my turn huh good job yeah. I think it’s like two years old, maybe max that might be the buck. I was looking for right there that might be the double hook: jitterbug I don’t know if it’s him or not, but yeah it’ll be even cooler.

If you guys were actually hunting him. He looks familiar. Look how he, like you know. He was going to kick extras on those look at all those little cheaters super cool block. My favorite shakin, pretty much everything you’re going to encounter, wants to stick to your pants. Stick to your shoes or go in your boots. Highly are super pokey. They hurt well one of them days where you just blog painlessly, find nothing luckily Brit found that stud dead head, but a big zero for me got ta love it it’s good day, though it’s good Sunday, the weather was actually pretty good. The wind felt really nice. Just not a lot of sheds, which it is what it is, that’s the strip my wife should be coming here soon. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just start heading to the truck, and so you drive back and get her feels good to get out and walk, and I can never see your country, but I wish it was a little bit more productive, she’s, always eating in him. She said it’s almost 8 o’clock and we’re done Brit saved today today, yeah with her stud deadhead. I think it’s so cool today, absolutely perfect, even though we hiked tonight anything else, I found a little itty-bitty chalky bass. Oh you did. I did so I’m not going home empty-handed. It’s in my the pocket that waist pocket of my backpack. T

hat’s how the first two days of shy fest was for me so bro, but Nevada opens on Tuesday. I know I’m so excited. I’m going to go pick up. Some arrow honest and it’s good yeah, and then after that, we’ll be back out here after more big deer and hopefully get a couple more trips in for elk before it’s too hot, and then we start scouting and ready for getting ready for archery we’re already back. So fast, so fast wait. Wait like the fastest year of my life, probably yeah, it’s crazy. We always have something yeah, it’s been pretty chaotic. It’s been good, though good way, good thanks to you guys. It’s not awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We appreciate you very much if you guys haven’t already please subscribe and give him some comments, guys, there’s something special you want to see us. Do we haven’t done very many off the mountain vlogs, I’m just or getting back into that again, just because I’ve got a bunch of things planned and some ideas, but we’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had time to do anything like that, and I guess I probably should be start recording to include some of that busy work but yeah, because we’re telling the story of how we’re making this be our living and it’s not easy, so we need to share more about yes, we do. I did I’m totally guilty. So, thank you guys. We appreciate you very much. You guys are the best and oh yeah. Thank you for these thousand. Thank you well, like I said we need to be been, but so first one to ten grand. Oh he does we don’t it’s it’s unspoken. Alright, you guys yeah, so let’s do it. Let’s beat him first, one to ten grand, alright. Okay, alright guys see you later



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