Brit’s Storytime My worst nightmare happend! How changing my attitude changed everything

Changing My Attitude

Brit tells about her worst nightmares coming true while Josh is away guiding on the AZ strip, and how changing your attitude will change everything in your life. Powerful motivation and inspiration for any of you wanting to start really living the life you want to live. What it’s like being a hunting guides wife.


Hey guys so, a few weeks ago, while we were preparing for Josh to get ready to go out on his guided hunts, he guides in Arizona on the strip every year. Usually it’s a couple weeks in August a couple weeks in September. It just kind of it just depends on where he gets booked, but he’s gone a lot and it is really hard on me last year, I’ll start out by telling you a story about how last year when it was okay.

So I hopefully I’ll remember all the things that happened, but I was I was like in a survival mode like I was literally just surviving trying to get through a day to day we have two kids, as you guys know, 16 and 17. Now then, it would have been 15 and 16 and we are going through a lot of growing pains changing into this new world. We were full-time, doing this YouTube and guiding, and then I some stuff on the side too. But it’s been the big change. We don’t have somebody paying us a check guaranteed every two weeks like we are having excuse me having to hustle. So last year he headed out on his hunt and we have a Land Rover. It’s a little bit older, a good car love. My car, I’m always sad.

If we ever let it go it, josh is actually working on fixing it up so that it can be his strip bill that didn’t sound good. What I mean is the Arizona Strip so anyway,last year, I’m driving to get breakfast for the kids and this giant white cloud of smoke comes out the back of my car, and I don’t know what I don’t know anything about cars. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if I should stop right there. If I can limp it to a parking lot. I don’t know anything so I’m freaking out, I already have high anxiety when it comes to vehicles and then breaking down just cuz. I feel like I need to learn how to just take care of him, and that would probably kill that anxiety, but I didn’t know what to do a big white clouds coming out. I park it in the closest parking lot.

It was a church parking lot that I could get it to, and I was trying to call people that I knew it. Maybe I was just like in a hard spot. It was the weekend. Nobody was around so we parked it there and called my daughter if she came up. Luckily it was a very far away and comes gets me. She’s she’s just got a little beater car. It’s her first car we weren’t going to do anything super nice for a 16 year old books learning how to drive anyway. So it’s not super reliable, either and we’re down to one vehicle. I get usually one or two phone calls from Josh like every other day or so, because there’s really like no phone service out on the strip, there’s a couple places that you can find. Then you have to drive to them so and depending on where he’s hunting. He could be an hour away from that spot, so the calls are few and far between. I get a call from him and I’m like in panic mode. This is my only vehicle. It’s broke down. What do I do? I got to get it out of this parking lot.

Of course, like all the worst-case scenarios or like I totally take it over so that doesn’t help. I totally have to get a grip on a lot of stuff, because that really does like compact. If you are just thinking doom and gloom and you’re thinking, Oh worst case scenario, I promise you every freaking thing that can go wrong will so try to stay out of that mindset. Luckily I found Kevin. He was able to come and save my butt. Well, let me back up because I’m forgetting part of it. I came home. This is already we’re like late in the afternoon, so I’m like starting dinner at this point cooking I get a phone call and it is the st George PD and I’m like holy crap, are you kidding me like?

I literally just parked it in this little church parking lot, there’s actually a park like a public park connected to this church, I’m just parked there. I put it in the way back, so it wasn’t in anyone’s way. I wrote a note in the window. That said, if this is in the way, please call me and I’ll figure something else out so anyways. They called the police. The police are getting ready to tow. It he’s giving me like 10 minutes to get up there and figure something out. That’s where I was able to get kevin saved my butt that day can’t he got a tow trailer from one of his friends and came up there loaded the Land Rover on it and brought it down. I guess it was something with the gaskets like they thought it was like a head gasket, which is super, not good. It’s like a death sentence for your vehicle. I think so that’s the rubber was done. I didn’t have the rover to drive. My daughter was needing to go to the doctor to get blood drawn the next morning, so I’m just we’re using her little Ranger truck and go to her doctor’s appointment, she’s driving she’s a brand new driver.

She literally just got well. She didn’t even have her driver’s license, yet she had her permit and as long as an adult was in the car, she was good to be driving, but so we’re driving home and some da decided he was going to blow through a red light. Hits us she’s driving and I have like I told you – I have this thing with vehicles breaking down car wrecks like all of that, and so I totally like attracted that to myself. I know I did. He hits us. We spin through the intersection and I’m just like stunned. I am like what just happened because she was yielding on a light. She totally had the right-of-way. He just decided not to stop. She was out middle road. She had to get out and make her turn so. Anyways he hits us I’m just like in a daze we’re close to a maverick. I have her drive to a maverick. I really don’t know if the what is the deal with the car isn’t moving it. Are we good because I know you get in a wreck? Everybody hears a public service announcement, don’t just stay right where you’re at unless it’s like horrible and really bad move your vehicle out of the way.

So we got her truck out of the way and I get out and I’m looking and it’s like a miracle like really the her headlight was kind of dented in there was like no damage, so thank God, her angels were there. That happened. If I could think back like I, there were so many things that just kept happening, and I was all by myself which is like you know like if you’re doing it by yourself you’re afraid of all the bad things happening and they sure did so point of That story is, is it is hard to be a guides wife, it’s hard to be a hunters wife, even if they’re gone like on a two-week jaunt for a deer hunt and they don’t leave any other time of the year whatever those two weeks, if you have Kids and you’re on your own and you and like for us, we don’t have family that lives here. We are literally on our own. A lot of our friends. Don’t have kids yet so they don’t really understand that whole kind of dynamic. I really did feel super alone no family to help, so I’m just like kind of in crisis mode.

Luckily there was a few other things that happen. I can’t remember him, but luckily I survived, I got through it and I learned a lot of great lessons from that. I need to be more positive. I need to believe in myself more. I need to plan better just a whole bunch of things that I could do better. Obviously having a brand new vehicle would be ideal, but that isn’t where we’re at right now. We’ve had that life we’ve had the nice cars we’ve done all that and for us now our dreams are so much more important than driving a brand new car. If you guys have heard of the Total Money Makeover, that’s what we practiced. That’s what we’re doing! I highly suggest it get this book and read it it’s by Dave, Ramsey and you just kind of like helps.

You really get a grip on your money and understand how to spend it and not be stupid. Like we used to be so yeah. That would have been a great thing to have is a brand new vehicle, but that wasn’t the way it was for us. So anyhow, I’m getting off on a tangent a little bit, but I did a post on Instagram. It was a few days ago, Josh left August. I think 17th. He had his own hunt that he had to go on a deer hunt which is about two three hours away from here and we’ve got the two kids. So I am I to this house. I needed to get them to school. You know just keep keep the fort held down, so he left on his hands. He did his hunt. He had to come back in between his hunt to do one of his guides on the Kaibab, which was a 10-day hunt. So he came home for one day literally, that is always like afreaking tornado.

For me, he comes home. He’s like like after I’ve been home by myself for like two weeks. Whatever I get into like a really strict routine, the house is clean at night spotless, like I do things super like planned out. I plan everything I’m prepared for the next day. I know what’s coming and then he comes home and it’s like that all goes out. The window and we all just kind of lose track of how great we were like flowing, which is fine. We love it, but it’s kind of like we’re getting him restocked we’re getting his laundry done, we’re getting him re ready to go and I’m trying to remember everything I needed to say like the sprinkler head broke this broke, I need you to fix the dishwasher, whatever It is that happened while he’s gone, which there’s always things like that that happened, and I’ve learned how to fix some of them, but like the sprinkler head and stuff, I didn’t know how to fix that that broke.

So I’m trying to remember everything while he’s here for that 24 hours and is like a tornado and then he’s gone again and then I get us back into our routine we’re getting up getting breakfast I’m working all day. I am cranking stuff out. I, like I get so many orders out. I do custom children’s art and interior design and stuff as my source of income, and so I am super like I get stuff done when he’s not here, but I miss him like he’ll. It is so hard because we do a lot together like now that we’re both on the same team, I’m at home, he’s at home for his job, we’re together a lot and we do the gym every morning together, just all of that kind of stuff.

So it’s like it’s like two different lives. You can all still like slip back into each one as he’s coming and going, which makes it really hard because change I for everybody, change is hard, but for someone like me, change is really hard. I like to know what to expect. I like, like I told her, I like to plan ahead, so we get him back on the road and he’s gone, we’re back in our in our habits and stuff, but staying home alone at night. I don’t like to do that. I have a loaded gun by my bed. Did I sleep with? I know that I’m safe but my mind and ears play tricks on me and I hear stuff and so literally I’ll wake up like 15 times a night, because I heard something and I even sleep with earplugs, so I don’t get good sleep when he’s gone. It’s it’s hard and what I was talking about is the Instagram post. I posted about being help for 14 days alone and missing him, and how do you guys get through it like? What do you guys do and a lot of you said your kids, which is exactly for me, my kids since day one have always been what get me through it till I get something, because I’m distracted, keeping busy is key as long as I’m busy and I’m Doing stuff, which I’m a busybody anyways, it’s pretty pretty easy for me to say busy, I’m pretty good keeping busy a lot of people were like spend time with your kids keep busy with your kids.

My kids have always kept me busy that they’ve been the key, but now that they’re a little older. I find myself sitting in this house by myself and I’m like what is the point of me being here. I’m totally just sitting here not doing what I want to do. I want to be out hunting too. I want to be on the mountain. I want to be glassing. I want to be scouting. I want to be out doing all that stuff too, but I realized that my first job is being their mom, and I also know that I only have a short period of time left of that. So I’m not trying to like sell that down the road and cut that job off early at all, but, like I said sitting here in a house by herself and it’s quiet and there’s nobody around nothing to do everybody – that is your friends, are in the Hills. Doing what you want to do so it is very isolating. I can’t wait for the day that I can be out there, I’m not trying to rush my kids out the door, but I really I like to be going. I love to be out in the elements and shirring that is, it is what feeds my soul so, like I said, a lot of you guys said to keep yourself busy with kids crafts. I do that, and a lot of you could just relate that. It’s just hard, it is it’s sad to be without your best buddy and doing the day to day things that you do. He misses out on a lot of those activities of school games.

Last year he was guiding on uh-huh and we had an award ceremony for our son. That does ROTC, but he missed so that’s hard. All of that kind of stuff is hard and you want to know why we keep doing it is because it’s our dream. It is our dream to live this life and if you want to live your dreams, it’s hard, it’s really hard and you have to absolutely be 100 % committed to that dream. You have to be fully anchored to it and all the hard stuff that will come, because it will you have to be able to weather it. You have to be able to be a team. You have to be able to work through it. I pick up where he leaves off he’s out, making our family money I’m here, keeping our family going, I’m keeping the house going, I’m keeping the bills paid the lights on with the money that he’s making us.

So you definitely have to be a team to make this kind of life work and it’s not for everybody. So, like there’s a lot of other women, I totally understand they go a lot longer without their husbands than I do, and so, when I start complaining about the 2-3 weeks that I go or it’s been a it’s been like four weeks before. I feel bad because I know that there are a lot of women that have to go much longer than that and that’s a huge sacrifice for them, whether it be for their job or for their husbands that are serving our country. Thank you. It is hard to be a guides wife, but it’s worth it, it’s worth it because I know that it is leading us down the path that our life is just going to , be great, if you guys are wanting to start something like this start being your own Boss doing your own thing, whether it be guiding whatever it is, it doesn’t matter if you want to be an artist on your own time and not work for somebody, I say: go for it and be fully committed to it. If you’re going to do it, you need to go all-in and you need to love it first of all, because loving what you’re doing is key. If you aren’t in love and passionate with what you’re doing when the first storm comes, you’re done your boat, you’re , sunk, you’re done you’ll give up and you’ll go and you’ll go, find a job that you’re going to work at and hate. And if that’s how you want to live and that’s how you want to live, I think that the people that follow their dreams and make stuff happen, they they’re one-of-a-kind type of people, I’m off on, like a hundred different topics here, talking about a lot of different Things motivation staying positive is what helps me get through.

That’s basically what I’m trying to get a reading books that bring about positive thoughts. I only watch TV shows that are funny or that are positive, motivating type shows. I don’t watch the news. I don’t watch. I well, I have to admit, I used to watch my crime shows, but I don’t do that anymore. I let those go because I feel like whether you realize it or not. The negativity that you’re seeing in the show does affect you. It affects you, even if it’s in the tiniest amount, it does affect you, so we steer clear of like horror, shows and things like that. I read a lot of books. One of the first ones you should start out reading is the secret and then go to the magic and then go. I think it’s called the power. Those three books are total game. Changers. If you read them and you totally go all in and practice what they’re telling you to do, you can’t fail. You flat-out can’t what ain’t going to happen. You won’t fail, you have to do it every single day and when you feel yourself getting negative like what I was telling you earlier about just doom and gloom and knowing that all this bad stuff is going to happen, and it does so. Y

ou just need to know good stuff is supposed to happen to me. I have a little button on my phone, a reminder on my iPhone pops up every single day, and it says good things are supposed to happen to me. It totally recent errs me says: okay, if I was thinking about something negative or if something was bringing me down, because things do bring me down like especially when people say mean things to you on social media stuff like that, it does affect you and you have To develop a really thick shell to that, I’m still working on that I am people pleaser, and so I am always seeking that approval and I am teaching myself. I don’t need that approval, I don’t need anybody’s approval, but mine, and so you guys. I hope that if you guys struggle with that at all that, you remember that that, ultimately, it only matters how you feel what you think about you and what you’re doing – and it could take you days months years whatever. But that is a skill that you need to master in life, no matter what you’re doing that’s key is just being positive and putting yourself around people that are positive. That’s super important! You have to hang around people that are going to , be bringing light into your life.

If you’ve got somebody in your life, that is always talking about bad stuff and always like you know, sad or down, I would suggest trying to help them that you can only help them so much before it really starts to affect you and affects your progress and Affects you doing good things and having good things come into your life distance yourself from that surround yourself with good people that have the same kind of goals as you, because they will motivate you. We have quite a few friends that it’s a it’s a small circle.

So I guess I can’t say quite a few of people that are like-minded like us, that I know are 100 % committed to what they’re doing they love what they’re doing they’re positive people they get it and then the other friends we have they’re kind of on The outside of that circle they’re still our friends, we love them and we still spend time with them and everything else, but the ones that have goals like you are the ones that are going to help you get ahead, they’re , the ones that are going to motivate You you’re going to see them doing good and you’re going to want to do good, and it’s it’s not about competition. It’s it is about motivation, and I mean I think that competition like kind of gets a bad rap. Competition is good and in certain ways, but like we’ve had friends who we thought were like our best friends, we did all kinds of stuff together, barbecued on the weekends.

We really enjoyed the same things like shed hunting and those people. We didn’t realize it at the time, but they were really in bad places in their lives. Super negative, looked at everything really in a bad light, put a lot of people down and that’s not who Josh and I are, or whoever want to be, but just being around that we didn’t realize it at the time. But that’s basically who we were because that’s who we were surrounding ourselves with nothing good comes from that. I strongly recommend telling somebody that you don’t know every single day, just some random person, something nice that you genuinely think like. I really like your earrings, you thank you for helping me so fast it whatever to put that kind of stuff. Out only brings that back to you, kindness for kindness and so like what I’m saying is make sure that you’re around good people, I have like on Instagram the accounts that they make to drag the people that are busting their butts down. Man. That says a lot about you and your life. You really don’t have anything better to do than to make a meme and make fun of how somebody did their hunt. Who are you to decide, like literally none of us can judge each other. We all get a pic, how we want to do this, it’s not up to me to say you didn’t do that right.

You should do it this way. This way this way – and this way – and this is the only right way – there’s not only one right way to do be critical to somebody about that – I don’t need you in my life. I don’t need that you guys at home. You don’t need that. You have to learn to shut that stuff off. I feel like a lot of those trolls do that because they’re miserable they see somebody being successful and it is hard, like I told you, it’s super freaking hard and most people aren’t committed to working that hard. Most people aren’t committed to the sacrifice that that’s going to take like for Josh, and I we have sacrificed everything. We’ve actually lost family because of following our dreams and it’s it’s heartbreaking. But I feel like there’s certain points where you just have to you have to draw the line you have to cut that out of your life and certain people, just because of their family doesn’t mean that you have to have them in your everyday life. It doesn’t mean you have to talk to them. If they are bringing toxicity to your life, then you have to be strong enough to say I don’t need that. That’s not helping me get where I’m going and cut that out.

There are certain people in your life that are only meant to be there for a certain stretch of time to teach you something. If you look back in your life and think you kind of like cycle through people a little bit,you’re , still friends with them. There might be a point where, like you guys, were like doing everything together by yourself you’re your best friends whatever, and you just kind of grow apart, because you start doing something and they started doing something different. They move jobs, take them away whatever it is. Those people were in your life at that point, I believe for a very specific reason, and they May come back into your life later down the road, but don’t let people anchor you down like stay on your path, stay true to what you want write down your Goals like keep a list of goals. I have a bulletin board. It’s if you read the secret you’ll know all about what I’m talking about, but I have a vision board and you just put pictures of stuff that your goals, you write your goals. Whatever you want, you just put it on this board, see it every day, think about it, put it in your mind and you attract that stuff to yourself. I wholeheartedly believe that yesterday this is a funny one.

All right, there’s a peach pie, fresh peach pie. They make it for two weeks in our town, this little bakery and everybody in st George wants one, I think they make like 30 a day so like you have to be calling right when they open, and then you get your name on the list and 30 people goes by pretty quick. So yesterday Josh is out guiding and I was I had a lot going on. We were selling our truck the so I don’t have a vehicle to drive. I needed to go, get a rental. I was trying to orchestrate everything trying to get the kids to school. It was just a hectic morning and I was like I’m going to get my pie because I just remembered I’ve got to do that. I don’t even know if this is the right dates. I don’t know if I’ve missed it call them bones busy call the hung up, call back, hung up call back, I’m you have to call at 9 o’clock in the morning huh it just kept on me and busy.

So I tried it one more time and I got through and it’s like winning a contest, so anyways she’s, like I put my order in she’s like oh awesome, it’s the last day and you up the last pipe. I totally willed that to myself. I feel like by staying positive and being kind and bringing good things. Good things happen to you. So I’ve been off on a tangent here. I’ve bounced around. I don’t know how many episodes that I’ve produced now, but I’m just kind of talking. It’s actually therapeutic to just sit here and talk about what I’m doing, and it helps because kind of goes back to you’re a Wong a lot when your husband’s guiding and the kids are at school right now.

So basically, I’m talking to an audience of I don’t know how many I thought I’m picturing it. Hopefully some of you guys can relate to me, and I hope that this helps you guys. I hope that if you are trying to be a better person that you will do that and that you will stay with it and you will succeed, just keep at it, surround yourself with good people and good things will come to you if you, if you just Stay on track, thanks everybody for listening and tuning in, we appreciate it. We appreciate you following us: I’m happy to have been able to bring – hopefully somebody at least one of you some perspective and some motivation to start living better and getting on track and knowing that there is literally no cap, no cap to what you want in this Life, we are all able to achieve the same things. There is more than enough out there for all of us like. I don’t need to worry that you’re going to have YouTube subscribers than me.

Whatever it doesn’t matter, there is more than enough. There’s going to be people that, like what I’m doing more than what you might be doing and there’s going to be people that, like you more than me, totally fine, that’s great we’re all different! So put your stuff out there! If you, if this is something that you want to do, turn that camera on and do it video yourself doing it, I’ve come up with this thing in my head, where, if I ask myself, should I video that I should be videoing that for sure hands down? I struggled with turning the camera on forever because I was like. Oh maybe this isn’t that important. Maybe nobody will care just overthinking, it don’t overthink stuff and just do it. That’s it just like Nike says just do it thanks guys for watching. I appreciate it.



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