Brown Elk Shed Hunting In The Snow ! ” INQUEST 2018 ” Antler Trader

Brown Elk Shed Hunting

All right good morning, guys mmm we’re just getting up getting going. I get dressed starting to load. The pack make me a little breakfast shake here. These are these fears from safeguard and these things are awesome. Ah, I’ve been drinking these before I go out on every big hike for the day or anytime, I’ve just even at home. I’ve been drinking them just because they give me everything I need for the day. I don’t it literally one of these in the morning, and I’ve been going most of the day without having to snack all day.

So then I’ll have a big dinner and be done for the day, but yeah I slept in about an hour. I don’t even know if you’d call it sleeping in I got. I almost got four hours of sleep. I left late last night I had so much stuff to do. Yesterday. There was just there was no sense in trying to hurry and leave to get down here. In the dark there was no way I was going to be able to make anything happen yesterday.

So I decided to just finish out the day I hung out with the wife and kids at dinner. I think I left I left about 10 o’clock and then I sat in traffic because of a wreck on the freeway for pretty close to an hour and finally got down here and crawled in the back, got in bed and went to sleep this. This new pickup of Britt’s man, this thing is nice, you’re sleeping in the backseat. I never could have done this well, I did it in the old fort, but not very comfortably. It just didn’t. Have the room in the back and the floor wasn’t flat in that.

So I always had to build stuff up and I’d have soft spots on both sides and then that hump was always on my hip and the seat wasn’t wide enough. It was just miserable this thing man I can lay out. I got my new canvas cutter here. This is the smaller one. This is the first trip with it and I love it. It’s awesome by far guys, one of the top pieces of gear that I have hands down from no questions asked. These canvas cutters make my life easy and they’ve simplified everything slowly over the years, become working towards being a minimalist, and this right here is being a big cut in gear that I haul. Just this canvas cut it right here.

So it’s snowing, which I was worried about, but I also was hoping that I was on the edge of it not right in the heart of it. It’s not sticky and it’s still warm enough that it’s it’s melting when it hits the ground. But I don’t know how long I’m going to have to deal with it today supposed to be off and on tomorrow. Sunny blue skies no worries, so I figure if I could bear the cold and the snow and wet today tomorrow will be amazing. So I’m going to get up, get the pack on and hit the trail so see you guys in a bit alright and finally, I finally mellowed out and quit snowing it snowed a little longer. Then I was hoping and a lot more. As you can see, we got a bit of snow on the ground. Hopefully it’s it’s. I mean 10 15 minutes ago. It was still covering underneath the trees. It’s the Sun keeps coming out a little bit and then disappearing and the wind’s blowing. So it’s melting, hopefully it’ll melt off, so we can make something of the day, if not like. I said we got all day tomorrow, but we’re at it we’re going to be trying to pick them up in the snow today, all right guys, you’re on the board. Little Bowl so hard white. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for shed of the trip, oh yeah, hard, wet for sure.

Now, let’s keep it up. Hopefully we can hopefully we’re in a good spot and we can keep going the snow’s melting. Okay, we got another, it’s a deer, this time, oh yeah, I just took a little break under a tree, took cover. I should say, because big snow big snow floor just come through and dumped for about 15 minutes. Honestly thought it was done, but it ain’t done yet so I hate weather app. I hate the weather app more than anything. The thing is never right. It’s not even right when it’s happening at the moment in the present, what weather ups you guys use. I want to know I need one, that’s good one! That’s accurate hip. There is such a thing, so little deer shed all right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Nothing special see that another hard white. Yes, sir. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hiding in this deadfall, alright yeah, I still got some color on the backside, yeah man – I was worried about this snow today and today being productive, but it’s paying off it’s a nasty little Canyon that I’m in. I actually seen some of these elk on the late archery hunt hanging out in here. I class them up from a long ways away holy crap guys. I am I’m pumped right now. This is this. What I was hoping for. We got a brownie brownells baby right. There thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Yes, a little bit heck yeah boom I’ll set the tripod right. Quick, the snow is dying off. It was just dumping your second ago, HI guys we got another and I think I can see the match, I’m guessing. It’s the match, it might not be, but I got two out shades here and I’m assuming they’re match. I got one right here and then the other one see if I can get a zoomed in enough, so you guys can see it see. If I can find you right, there super shaky zoomed in like that that and then that I’m looking for the match to that, let’s go check it out.

Another hard white, hell, yeah, you right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you still good color on the backside. Actually might be the same. Bowl left, look believe those dick just run down a guide this one and get it up here with this see if it is the match, nope, not the match, some older horn two-year-old right there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh man. I thought I was going to get my butt kicked today, cuz, it’s weather and not being able to cover the country I wanted to cover, but found a little pocket go pocket like this always pays off. Hopefully we can keep going, keep picking them up. We got all day tomorrow, let’s go back up the other ones. Alright, we got another hard white leaned up on this tree, see that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you been about an hour since I found anything it was really starting to debate.

Turning around and heading back to where I found those Browns and seen if I could maybe pull the matches, but no luck yeah, but after that I think I’ll keep going along the same wine that those the Browns could be just been grid in this thick thick Stuff, oh man, we got about an hour and a half before it gets dark. So I’m doing the big loop that I had planned on the way back and we got another brownie, hey, brownie, heck yeah. Thank you good brownie good length on everything.

Oh, I think I see the other side right there baby. Hopefully, fingers crossed yeah, another brownie heck yeah whoo. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Man. Oh man. I put these bad boys together. He’s got the big ol brown set heck yeah. Finally, I was starting to wonder if the two canyons I’ve been in we’re doing what you can canyons with sheds in them. This is actually part of the same two canyons, I’m just on the backside just over. I just did a big loop around awesome. You snap. Some pictures really quick and then all right there is stud. Bull can be big one day short third on this side, but he’s got the extra short to little better third shorter beams, but a nice heavy heavy Bowl. So happy right now, man, I was praying and praying and praying for Browns and I was really worried this morning with all the snow, I’m glad it.

Finally, I mean it’s been snowing on and off all day long I’ve been bad on snow. My feet are covered in mind: I’ve just cold miserable windy, butman he’s heavy whoo heck yeah. That’s I think five Browns now that one I picked up, they can’t see in the frame. That’s actually a really light. Color brown there’s. I thought it was a hard white, but it’s not so turning here, for you guys he’s getting heavy man. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Let’s go find more men on the ground a couple days. Hmm well there’s two days back, who you know it’s heavy when you got to bend over to carry yeah, mostly Browns and hard White’s. I think I got two, maybe two three little chocks. Is it yeah three taking a little break? I still got about four miles to go to get back to their truck all right.

What’s up guys, we made back to the truck, so we got and we ended the day with 10 or 12. I think I found I found five Browns five hard whites. Last year’s sheds, and then I think I found two or three jogs, just little ones. You guys saw they were just hiding in places. They couldn’t have been seen, actually cut boot tracks on the way out the seat tonight and a little surprised, because I don’t know which way they would have gone. There was a couple of those sheds where I seen boot tracks that I think they probably should have found something unless it was last weekend and them bowls of shed sense, but yeah there’s a long pack out. It’s a heavy pack. You know it’s heavy when you got to bend over and walk out hunched over like a hunchback, but now it feels good to be back to the truck man. It was cold today that off and on snow temperature gauge right now is 33 and she’s boiling hungry. I’ve only been gone. I’ve gone all day on that Pierre loved. Those things like I probably have another one and get in bed then get a lot of sleep last night.

So I’m looking forward to getting some food in me and and getting to bed. I love about this safe guard. On top of my canvas cutter, making life easy, this safe guard makes life way easy, especially for packing and kickback turn on some podcasts and just listen chill eat some dinner and getting bad so I’ll see you guys in the morning. I got ta get my bed resituated back there. It’s all messed up later guys


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