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Buck Closing In Fast

HI good morning guys so the deer we found yesterday or put a game plan together, because we know where they’re bedding and this morning before the boys were even in position. The bigger buck, we’re trying to kill, was already ahead of them, pushing the dough into the trees and the other two smaller bucks had we’re with the rest of the dough’s, and they just decided. They decided to make a hard right down in the flats and come up the hill about 30 yards next to me and just run over the top of the hill.

So we’re going to go, get them and we’ll hike back to the truck go pick the boys up and move plants around. Thank God it’s still super early, so we can hopefully change things up. Maybe not they just said they could. They can see the box so I’ll be right back what kind of duck is that all right?

What’s up guys, so I’m pretty much just chilling here I got it made. I got Dan and Matt down in the flats set up there about 100 yards apart. They both got big shooting lanes and I’m sitting up here pretty much this glass in the hillside that this buck has been going in over with all his dough’s in bed nom. We drove all the way around earlier today in class, the long ways back and turned him up they’re , just in there chilling so they’ve been coming off this and down in these flats to feed at night.

So, instead of trying to cut him off or do a spot and stalk on moving animals that just we’re trying to just set up ahead of him, well guys that happened fast, Matt just hit a buck. I didn’t even see it come in where he came through. In through the trees that I couldn’t see, and I was looking down. I was just glass and all sudden I seen a deer step out right by Matt and I hit him on the rheostat Matt. You got deer deer too, left not very far, and a couple seconds later, I’m looking through the by nose in this buck just come. Boulton like on fire back into the trees. I could actually hear him crash up here, so I hit my head on the radio. I was like: did she shoot the buck? He was like yeah. I just I just drilled him. I don’t know where it hit, but I drilled him so hell yeah, we’re going to sit up here for a minute and wait for the Sun to set a little more when I pack up and head back over and meet those guys down there, we’re going to Get this buck a little while, since we’re unsure of where he had mm, see you guys a bit guys.

I just got down here or the walk out here. The work there sit and go find blood, get mark it since we’re unsure of the executive, the best shop we’re going to , probably let it let him just say good night and be back here in the morning to find it. Oh yeah, let’s go check things out. Alright, so we got about out there still in him, there’s some good blood. You broke it off. It was a solid hit. We got we’re going to leave the chair here. We got his tracks. Matt said he heard a whack and that broken arrow makes us think that front shoulder broke. It hasn’t plugged up a little bit. We’ve only gone what maybe seventy yards total from where he was standing before you hit him to where we stopped. We went about 70 yards, we haven’t seen blood, but we got his tracks, he’s digging in the dirt.

He’s hauling ass, so we’re going to back out we’re going to . Let him go lay down and the morning work come back and once we get out of this grass I’m I know we can keep tracking him, but we get we’ll get up here. Little ways, I’m pretty sure we’re going to find blood. We got good penetration with that arrow and it’s still in himself first thing in the morning I’ll tell you like that happened so fast. I just will talk more about to here in a bit we’re going to get out of here so back to the ranch.good day, then no, you didn’t see a rabbit. No, have you seen javelinas yeah, okay, wait a minute. Have you seen a gold, a bald eagle? We saw those there are well. We did see hound dogs, lying dogs running like what there’s darling. Oh yeah, with collars and all that so yeah we trail the wounded, go steer the dude the same one. Oh, that still trips me out. Bro. I know that’s weird: do you tell you about that that blood trail it? I didn’t tell these guys like circle back on itself twice and then just the track. Just here. The blood disappear like a helicopter can’t pick a dog rose, the lion hunter stole us Paula said: there’s a bloody deer trail back there.

So we thought why don’t we try to follow it four ways, so we follow it up, while the ravine up a canyon back the other side of the road and found out where it started, and then it’s just looked, I just catch them, nothing! Nothing! We had a couple of shooters we’re after today, but ricotta gluten-free pizza for dinner yeah. I know I can smell it. Did you watch it yeah with that one we’ve been watching? Oh did you know it’s like this? We had them this morning to set up we’re . going to go down and like see where they were at first light there. The thing stands right where we’re going to sit like sting now. What we going to do those over that is asleep right, go around the back, is everybody dough our whole day is basically shot right, so we tell him we’re going to have that sit where they’ve been coming out? He gets set up about 100 yards from me. Right makes a little fast. I make like a little boy, I’m eating crow tonight dude. We ran air for like maybe an hour. He texted me. Do I like that. Comes up right. You see one yeah and then I heard I heard a branch break like behind me. Like 50, I don’t know 50 60 yards or like it was dead quiet.

Oh, I knew it was it dear, and so I’m like looking through the freaking bush and I’m like. I don’t see anything for like five minutes and almost sudden I just see like white ass and, like huh, looks a good dough, also legacy horns, I’m like red he’s only like 60 yards like if that like, but I got this giant juniper like Right here, I’m like tucked in it he’s pointed like this way, he’s going to just come right out in front of him like holy I’m going to shoot this thing in like 30 yards. Am I getting ready? Well, I’m watching. Well, he was just looking for. Does he like just came out of a bunch of thick stuff, but he was just like scanning all Sun he’s just like sorts walking the other way. I’m like Texas, Heart shop. I had to get around the Juniper. I snuck around that hit him with the Ranger and I don’t he just turned one straight away. He was cruising for those, then he Texas me and then I was like I was sitting in the lawn chair, I’m on my phone and what god it’s the sweet. Sunbae that right lungers bill, you know like like where’d, he goes like kind of like behind us and I was like I’ll. Never just stand up and get this together right, I’m standing there standing and they’re standing there. Then he Texas, or he calls us on the radio. He says bad news, guys our buck just came out. He’s gone. It’s already past this, so we’re sitting there.

It’s just prime prime time dead quiet. Then I see legs coming through the trees. Walking right up to me like this, I pick up grab my bike pick up the binocular big rack, like this big dark rack comes walking now I now it’s like the sun’s kind of like in my face like this, so I grab my rangefinder That he’s, I know, he’s like between me and sixty, and he now he turns he’s walking right at him to get my release hooked up and he’s walking all of a sudden, the radio clicks on a deer right in front. I, with this thing as soon as he says that the deer just goes stops, then my heart just about sank, I’m like maybe he heard it. He turned on ear, but you know he’s sitting there. He goes like this. He starts walking now he’s coming he’s like not like 69 ft, like he’s like at 40, then I swear. I just like start hyperventilating my breath too long hey and he stops again and he just kind of like takes like a quarter torn turned towards me. I pulled my bow back and I had that ear bug which I’m not used to it’s in my ear, but though the radio is kind of like here so when I went to pull back it’s kind of like pulling on my ear, I don’t happen so fast.

It just kind of like put the pin on and the Sun was in my face, so the deer was like kind of like black and I could see my pins real good. I just hit the trigger and just like a two-by-four, just cracked right. He buckles down. He gets low to the ground and just takes off running just as lose head down as fast as he could run like as hard as you can hear any animal run, and then it was just like somebody took the needle off the record player nothing. He tells a good story. I heard him like I mean I heard him all I heard was run it like a hundred miles an hour, and it also just what like do love just like nothing, and I’m waiting to hear like Rush, cracking or yeah like something again comes down, and I didn’t even move out of the BLA. I was like ten more minutes less. He he sat and then came over and I didn’t even move out in the blind.

We went up right, right, right, right, shot and the arrow laid there it was about. Maybe, like would be a 12 inch rise arrow so like maybe how about half the arrows there’s about 14 inches of arrow in a deer in the deer broke off, but with the length of those broad heads in half it’s about Bloomington, yeah, Colonel Reese yourself. I think I just bite all of your a shot shoot them like defend him like the top of the shoulder lucky it just cracked didn’t pop, like I hit like I had that he had had to go in them and had this year at the break. The arrow you know where he hit him, you know, I don’t know if it was here or whatever, but we followed his charge going to sleep tonight, but we run about 70 yards about 70 yards almost on a drop. We didn’t find a drop of blood, but we got his tracks mmm and it’s wet and muddy, so not one up and said, but the arrows damn that’s odd. The arrows still ain’t in the only thing I have a tie. The only problem is, if its high shoulder like that yeah you stood up you’re in that cavity, diaphragm yeah yeah, you know had to be low enough, where you still could shear it, though you know if it’s stuck in the other side, and if it’s stuck in His other shoulder whatever on the other side, obviously you want to mean he broke it. You punching it like back or you don’t you mean just by movies.



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