Burning Up! The Start Of Our 2020 Hunting Season Episode #1 Antler Trader

Hunting Season

We made it. Finally, it’smidnight it’s midnight, it was like 11. 49.. No cd is what my radio tells me. Oh, but we have a handy hair on the flip-flops. We have a cassette player in this fiat. I don’t understand why there’s a cassette player in this this truck’s new enough year, though the sets weren’t even around when they built it yeah. Somebody definitely has a special order, a cassetteand I don’t believe I have any left of my childhood.

So it’s going to go unused. Unfortunately, I might have an oldwarren g tape. Yeah you do or maybe actually dre the chronic. I would totally believe that he has a tape because he doesn’t throw anything away. You never know when you got to use a tape for something he’s likeI’ll, keep the packaging to the tape, just in case yeah. If you guys return it, you got the packaging. I save everything. I love you, but I reuse everything too. You do. I convert it african engineer it yeah and if you ever need anything to forget something that he’s your guy yeah he’ll always have it we’ll build it or make it let’s get camp set up. I’m thinking, I might actually sleep in my hammock, where it’s comfortable. It’s like record setting temperatures um, not necessarily here but just on earth um, and I know it’s like supposed to be 112 tomorrow. Yeah awesome, uh, boisestar, whatever has not seen those temperatures yet so I know that is one thing. I definitely love about where we live all right, it’s time to set up bed because we need to wake up in about four hours, yeah, all right. We are to camp. Finally, it’s like midnight – I don’t know 12 30

What time is it babe, she’s digging stuff out of the truck? Still all right, so there we go. We got the cam cutter set up caught in it, a couple lights hanging in the tree. We’re set up we’re going to bed. We got to get up here in like four and a half hours, four four and a half hours we’ll see all right see you guys tomorrow, right good night fellows. What are you digging out there? Babe? Oh, this is a revolutionary right here. I discovered this since we’ve lived in idaho. I’ve been dealing with mosquitoes like so bad and really trying anything that I possibly can to like. It did not know what to do what I’m hoth. Okay. Are you ready for bed?

What’s up guys all right? We just ran a bunch of errandswent grocery shopping. I actually got to see and got in seeing the chiropractor that we have down here in st george, that we loveyeah. What else do we do got something to eat? And oh, I got my tag picked up so now I can officially hunt so now we are going to get our packs put together, getour gear put together and then here in about an hour, we’re going to head up onto the mountain and sit behind Glass and hopefully find something that we can hunt, if not we’ll just keep doing it until we head to the kaibab brit, is in the truck looking for her flip-flops huh or your socks. So you can get your boots on. I . We’ve got a mess in here right now and so all there’s all the groceries and all our bags still and turn that down. Just because youtube will probably about it and say: oh, you can’t have somebody music playing in the background. You can’t have a radio so a lot of work. It is hot as . It is that’s why 112 in st george today is what they’re saying 112 112

We’re at 97 is what the temperature gauge told us here, thank god as we could be right, but it’s hot. Ladies. How frustrating are these [ Laughter, ], hey, I just got two freemasks face, masks right there, nice all right, so we’re going to get put together andwe’ll get on the mountain and we’ll get a hold of you guys. On the mountain, we’ll see you again we’ll get a hold of you yeah, you, don’t you don’t get a hold of us, we’ll get ahold of you all right, guys see in a bit. I literally leave a sparkle everywhere. I go that came clear from idaho, beautiful yours, you legit was melted.

Look at that! It’s just here. Can you lift it up a little bit more, so I can’t get the curve, that’s so crazy. How much you lost like half a size? That’s how hot it is. My cheap uh! Oh it’s like dang, my cheap camp shoes don’t fit yeah that totally shrunk. Look at your tongue, the left, one don’t fit the right. One fits great. I know, but like your toe is hanging over that one. Oh it’s on the slides too! Oh, my god! Look how right here! Let me get this one straight yeah! You could totally tell you legit cook, that shoe don’t leave his shoes in the back of the car way to go . What are you thinking? I do too this recorded the wrong way. All right. I am going to get these organized. This shade is kind of showing up over here, so I just seriously feel like taking my shorts off , okay, holy freaking crafted. It is hot! After being in idaho, for so long um, we’ve kind of declimatized from this ignorant heat. Oh it sucks. We were just talking, I’ve got heat stroke, one time, and it was terrible always make sure that you are completely loaded up on your water. It doesn’t matter, carry that weight because that just sucks,

what’s up guys, we aremaking our way up the mountain in this blistering heat. It’s it’s hot. It’s like 112. But you guys already know that everybody that’s already archery hunting. It’s nothing! You guys aren’t experiencing yourself, but you don’t need a forecast. No, like makeup she’s got her cup yeah. I never bring my. I got everything we need right here, two tripods spotter and about six waters. That’s all we need for the evening tomorrow, we’ll load up a little bit more, but since I had to run around town today, I didn’t get uh. We didn’t hunt this morning, so we’re going to go, give her another hell now. So we’ll see you guys in a bit good morning guys so I’ve been sitting here for about an hour now, glassing and all I’ve seen is one doe one little buck britt and I split up this morning. Well, I got the red hat on so she can see me um, she’s kind of in the same boat. Sorry about that. It’s just a doe stepped out. I’ve seen it clear across canyon. With my bare eyes, the sun was hitting her just right so sun’s starting to come up.

We haven’t had much movement, usually there’s quite a few deer in here, but right now, last night we didn’t see a single zit deer zero and this morning’s not that hot either one doe one little two point: we’re going to keep glassing and uh. We’Ll keep you guys posted how things are going see: all right, it’s hair washing day. I like this day. Is it cold? What do you think it does man as hot as it’s been? I can’t wait to get it. I’m going to wash my hair, I’m going to feel like a new girl yeah, it’s startling at first yeah yep nice throw where’s that cup going major. Hmm, my videos get on up there, buddy just checking in letting you guys know it’s still hot, just as hot as it’s been the whole time. So we spend the afternoon when the deer are all hunkered down anyway searching for refuge, whether it be in shade or water, which there’s very little of out here. It’s it’s tough to stay cool. Usually I have a squirt bottle and I totally forgot it.

So I’m going to have to go get one, because that helps a lot. If you have like wet clothes or something you can put on you, that will usually bring your body temperature down fairly quick, and I have got myself into some hairy situations not being prepared enough for the heat and we’re in the heat more often than we’re . Not so it’s very important to make sure you have lots of hydration, as everybody knows so we’re trying to pound the water and the gatorade as much as we can, but we also have uh. Oh, I have a pepsI fetish, so I have to fit that in somewhere, but we are just getting ready to gear up for the evening hunt we got to go swimming wash my hair get all clean and now we’re going to go. Look for some more deer. What are you doing? Facebook marketplace, I’m like coming here nice? This is actually a good time to be going through facebook marketplace. This car is sick. 93.

Upset 5.0 fox body mustang, my 5.0, with my rag top down so my hand, comes low, hold on one of my favorite cars right here. Folks, I want one yeah. I had one. I want another one and I wanted it not changing here. Just like oh hey, how’s it going. I can’t see it. Here’s my keyboard. What is going on? Oh there, it goesasked for more photos. I don’t know he clearly doesn’t know how to work. Facebook, the 93 ford mustang 5.0 box body, and this is 4500 for it yeah. That was like the car. You wanted, like your absolute dream car when we very first met like that was all he talked about, and then we got one that he was going to fix up, and I would you just run out of time what was the deal with that? I sold it. You’ve fixed so many things up like over your time, so I cannot wait for you guys to see the fire truck that he built like blows my mind what he was able to do. He totally discredits himself for his creativity and his capability because he is uh. Pretty top-notch when it comes to that self-taught yeah, I don’t like paying people to do something. I can do well yeah, that’s true! When you’re broke you have to you have to figure it. Well, no, I know I’m just saying like when you don’t even have the option to pay somebody yeah, you have to figure it out and thank god for youtube, because youtube has saved our butt many a time. Yes, it has. Doesn’t it love me some tube?

You yeah seriously, so you about ready to gear up here, brother yeah, it’s about that time. It is break fourth, the rhythm and the rhyme. All right, we got ta get uh. I don’t want to put more clothes on it’s two down. I know that’s what I was saying yesterday I was like I don’t want to put boots on. I want to put socks on yeah. I have to have boots and socks on. I cannot hike without. I did hike with shorts, which I don’t do that very much, because I like to just not really fully plug into what my legs are going to be hitting. I mean obviously I’m looking for cactus and stuff, but i’d rather keep my eyes up and on the horizon than having to like look down at my feet the whole time, but I had to wear shorts going up that mountain last night. There was zero way that I wanted to do it without and I had just a bikinI top. I went very minimal because I did not want to overheat because it was hot.

Yep still is hot. You’ve been hiking in your flip-flops. Oh no! Look at that tan! That’s my tan line fromworking on the truck, oh and the camper and the camper you guys you actually have missed out on a lot of stuff, we’ll have to update you. We have been super busy with all kinds of projects. Huh yep, I did um. I did a full-blown garden and from seed and it is in full bloom now and it’s so freaking awesome and beautiful, and I love it. I’ve never gardened before, but with the covet and all that . That was going on. I needed something that I could check out and really uh, not overthink stuff. So gardening was definitely my respite for that and um, of course, making the signs and doing my business and then josh he’s been learning a new trade, mm-hmm yeah and he’s working on a trailer, we’re uh, remodeling, a trailer and what else we always have. Five million projects going yeah, we do, we got so many people so right now. I don’t think we were do nothing. It does. I know, but I still have that little nagging voice in the back of my head. That says you should be doing something. There’s something you could be doing, but really there isn’t not in the middle of the day in the heated the desert, the deer are not moving, they filled us like we do like. Could you even imagine wearing a fur coat out here? That would be a nightmare, but we need to gear up buddy, let’s go

What’s up guys uh, we have been adventuring, haven’t, we’ve been yep driving around glass and we’re basically doing a scouting package for ourselves right now and then we’re going to come back and after We’re done guiding and handsome yeah, but it has been fairly quiet. We saw a mama and her babies. Today she had triplets huh yeah. There was four babies total, but I don’t know if they were all hers. Four there’s four: did you get all of them on video uh, not the first two that we’ve seen oh darn, they were so we got the second two they’re the little polka dots, but it has cooled off so much. We are actually starting to um. Enjoy the temperature outside it’s very uh: relaxing yes, anyways we’re going to startclass in here in a second and then we’re probably going to do a little spotlighting tonight just to kind of oh break it up. We got more deer hold on


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